Rep. Boebert Stands Against ANTIFA & Condemns Political Violence ~ VIDEO

Rep. Boebert Stands Against ANTIFA and Condemns Political Violence
Rep. Boebert Stands Against ANTIFA and Condemns Political Violence

Washington, D.C. – -( Friday Mach 26th, 2021, Representative Lauren Boebert (CO-03) introduced a resolution to designate ANTIFA as a domestic terrorist organization and unequivocally condemn its violent actions.

Representative Lauren Boebert stated: “When an organization targets the home of a sitting U.S. Senator, burns down cities across the country, and murders Americans because of their political beliefs, it would normally be designated a terrorist organization. Instead, Democrats like Kamala Harris fundraise to bail them out of prison. ANTIFA, and the Democrats who support it, are enemies of the American people.”

ANTIFA  Background:

Opposing violent extremists terrorist organizations used to be a bi-partisan issue, but now Democrats are putting their radical left supporters ahead of national security. Even the Obama administration classified ANTIFA efforts as “domestic terrorist violence.” Now, the Biden administration is pretending that ANTIFA is a myth.

America’s backbone is the Constitution, which includes the first amendment guarantees to the right of free speech. ANTIFA exists to shut down the free exchange of ideas and their political power is a fascist expression of force. Like the toxic cancel culture of the radical left, ANTIFA threatens to silence anyone who opposes them.

This past summer, ANTIFA laid siege for over 60 days on a U.S. federal courthouse, injuring over 250 federal law enforcement officers. This treasonous insurrection used violence and fear to advance their political agenda—the very definition of terrorism.

It is time to put the safety of the American people ahead of politics and designate ANTIFA as a terrorist organization and declare that ALL political violence has no place in our great Nation.

11 members of Congress co-sponsored Representative Boebert’s bill including Reps. Randy Weber (TX-14), Jeff Duncan (SC-03), Andy Biggs (AZ-05), Bob Good (VA-05), Barry Moore (AL-02), Louie Gohmert (TX-01), Mary Miller (IL-15), Chip Roy (TX-21), Paul Gosar (AZ-04), Greg Steube (FL-17), and Jody Hice (GA-10).

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Autsin Miller III

Unlikely to get that passed but at least somebody is standing up for the majority. Thanks Lauren!


The “majority” of what? Right winged crazies?


Majority of Americans, even democrats are getting tired of them

Autsin Miller III

No, Sir, the majority of Americans that pay their taxes, work hard, attempt to do the right thing and don’t spend their time cluttering up online conversations with inane juvenile remarks just to get attention.

Ansel Hazen

Just as telling are the names that AREN’T co-sponoring this resolution.


Representative Rich Dumbocrats.


And there are hundreds and hundreds of them! Thank God!


Ahhh so you’re ok with a fascist domestic terrorist organization running around rioting, looting, committing arson and murder?


Its almost comical how a few FASCIST pantifa pussies feel the need to chime into conversations on Ammoland with their completely insane and sophmorish propoganda. The same tired, slanderous, false talking points we hesr everyday on the Caliphate News Network. It’s very sad and always predictable.


They forgot to show pictures of antifags attacking the white house. They did that too and once they got the ball rolling they put on there MAGA hats so President Trump would get the blame.

Last edited 1 year ago by musicman44mag

Please, please show ANY EVIDENCE of this ridiculous claim perpetuated by you crazed Q-tards!


That’s easy. Just look at the way it pisses off twinkle-toed communist snowflakes like you!


@jj; You sir(?), are a perfect example of a RADICALIZED LEFT LEANING ‘antifa’, ‘blm’, ‘bamn’, ‘anarchist’ supporter. When all REASONABLE open conversation fails —- you revert to REDICULOUS CHILDISH NAME CALLING.

Deplorable Bill

There is no question as to wither or not antifa and blm and bamn are terrorist groups, they absolutely are. They are funded by wealthy elites, foreign billionaires, the democratic national committee and most of the demoncrapic party. I won’t name names but a few initials would be biden and harris. That is tyranny and treason, high treason. We had a few of the antifa/blm/bamn types show up both inside and outside one of the grocery stores in town. Funny thing is they didn’t try to burn it down or tear it up. Yes, one was outside and dressed up… Read more »


“Paranoia runs deep”…


Will, you are right about that, we need more like her!


The Democraps that have supported these criminals should also be tried for their crimes such as bailing out Antifa members from jail so they can join in the rioting again. Just like VP Harris has done and encouraged others to do, so there is a RICO crime there…. The Democraps are guilty of a multitude of crimes so they are a total RICO origination. As a total criminal enterprise, they should be disbanded and have all their assets taken away from them and when they get out of jail they are banned for life from being in politics.


Small Criticism, I didn’t know that people could be bailed out of PRISON.

Dave in Fairfax

Wild Bill,

You have chosen a handle that is already in use. Please edit your profile and change the name so that there isn’t any confusion over who is actually doing the posting.

Thank you.


I see the names of these Representatives of American Citizens. I am SOOOO —— PROUD of YOU!
I miss seeing the names of the “representatives” of the élite from the State of Maryland. I am SOOOOO DISAPOINTED in these SERVANTS of American Citizens.


Jut what we need… another crazed, paranoid, racist politician in Washington! An MGT clone!


She’ not a democrat soooo that wouldn’t describe her.

AZ Lefty

Well that is one way to detract from the Domestic Terrorist she Supports


Verifiable PROOF of your claim? I’m waiting….

Deplorable Bill


Tin Man

Sure there will. Just use the same criteria that will be used for the the leftwing antifa thugs.


Yea, Right Commrade!


“Domestic Terrorist she Supports” and who would that be?