UPDATE: Illicit Deadly No-Knock Houston Raid of Innocent Couple ~ VIDEO

Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas were the victims.
Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas were the victims.

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg held a press conference on the 25th of January, 2021, to release details about new indictments from a grand jury in the ongoing investigation of the illicit no-knock raid which occurred on the 28th of January, 2019, in Houston, Texas, on Harding Street. A gunfight occurred when the plainclothes officers burst in and shot the couple’s dog.

See video below of press conference by Harris County DA Kim Ogg, 25 January 2021.

Dennis Tuttle and his wife, Rhogena Nicholas were killed in the raid.

The coverup of what happened to lead to the raid, and what happened in the raid fell apart partly because the lead instigator of the raid, officer Gerald Goines, was wounded in the neck and unable to talk.

The presentation by DA Ogg starts at about 05:09 into the video. Questions asked of DA Ogg are difficult to hear in the video.

The grand jury, on 25 January, indicted a 2nd officer for murder, and five more officers for organized criminal activity.

The investigation was led by the Harris County Prosecutor’s office.

The raid was executed by the squad-15 of the Houston Police Department Narcotics Division.

The six officers, all members of squad-15, have been charged with felonies for conduct that was discovered as part of the investigation into the raid.

The investigation found the officers in the squad were involved in a long-term scheme to steal overtime money.

  • Filipe Gallegos was charged with murder in the death of Dennis Tuttle. DA Ogg said the grand jury heard evidence they believed, where Gallegoes committed an intentional homicide against Dennis Tuttle.
  • Nadine Ashraf, Cedell Loving, and Oscar Pardo have been charged with organized criminal activity (aggregate theft by a public servant) and first-degree tampering with a governmental record
  • Frank Medina and Griff Maxwell have been charged with organized criminal activity (aggregate theft by a public servant) and second-degree tampering with a governmental record.

Officers, who were among the five previously charged, had additional charges added.

They were:

  • Sgt. Clemente Reyna and Sgt. Thomas Wood to whom charges of engaging in organized criminal activity and first-degree tampering with a governmental record were added to the previous charges of tampering with a governmental record and third-degree theft by a public servant.
  • Officer Hodgie Armstrong had charges of engaging in organized criminal activity and second-degree tampering with a government record to previous charges of tampering with a governmental record.

All of the officers charged, except for Officer Hodgie Armstrong, were members of squad 15 of the HPD Narcotics Division.

Officer Hodgie Armstrong was not a member of squad-15,  but was former officer Goines’ old partner.

The indictments according to DA Ogg, are the result of a:

“..Two year investigation, nearly to the day, of what we consider a game changer, in terms in how narcotics policing and prosecution will be handled in the future, not just here, but elsewhere.” 

These charges conclude the investigations with regard to the shootings on Harding Street.

DA Ogg said: “Our work continues with regard to the corruption.”

DA Ogg mentioned that warrants of phones lead to other phones, which lead to more warrants and possibly more charges. The “organized crime” charges have to do with the overtime. She said:

“It was a result of a raid that was part of their usual routine.”

Consider the implications.

The implication seems to be squad 15 routinely organized no-knock raids in order to inflate their overtime numbers, and as a result, two innocent people were killed.

The details of the charges will come out in court. Details of the grand jury investigation may not be made available to the public.

DA Ogg said the investigation of the evidence collected from the phones, witness testimony, and official records, will continue until each person who has been impacted by the officers has a chance to complain, and the DA’s office has a chance to investigate what happened.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.Dean Weingarten

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Here’s what pisses me off. In Texas if you are involved in the commission of a felony where someone dies then you are also charged with that murder. It doesn’t matter if you actually committed the murder yourself, stood by while it happened, or even if you left before your accomplice did the deed. You were involved in a major crime that led to the death of someone so the State of Texas says you’re complicit in that death. Why is every government thug that was there that day NOT being charged with the murder of these two innocent people?!… Read more »


exactly! this was a home invasion, and all persons connected with said home invasion should be tried for capital murder in the commission of a felony.
they are elite government officials and will never be held to the same standard as us serfs


If you are knowingly involved in a criminal act in which an innocent person is killed, you also share guilt in their death. If ALL of the “government thugs” were aware of the raid being illegal, then they should also all share guilt. If any of them understood this to be a valid and legal raid, then they were not knowingly involved in a criminal act and do not share the guilt in the deaths of the innocent victims.


@DonP – I guess maybe I’m a Butr. I agree with what you said, BUT as officers of the law they SHOULD consider legality of their orders at all times. If they have questions, they should pursue answers rather than following orders.
In direct opposition to supreme court rulings, I believe officers have to know the law and should be held to a higher standard than the rest of us. If only because we hire them to uphold the law and they cannot possibly do that if they do not understand the law.


I believe it is called “qualified immunity” that is normally given to police when they “discharge” their weapon.
This basically gives the police a “permission to shoot” because your “six” is covered by the establishment.


Wow!!! You see we all want the exact same thing. Let’s fight on the same page. Together they will listen!


They are all double O agents. License to kill. No recourse in many cases.


Does anybody wonder why cops are considered the enemy of the average person in this country.


So, if all cops are bad because of this incident, all firearms owners are bad because of the Atlanta shootings? Tarring any group because of the actions of a few is a bad call!



At least tens of thousands of LEOs are bad.

What orders do you think LEOs should not follow?

Roland T. Gunner

“Tens of thousands”? Only if you consider free coffee to be corruption.


You were in LA.

Every LEO who opened fire on the newspaper delivery ladies was bad. What percent of the LEOs present that morning opened fire?


Well…here is what a well respected Professor says…


All cops are bad because they all enforce unjust and/or unconstitutional laws and they stand by while their coworkers do the same.

Roland T. Gunner

There is the argument that will float.

Deplorable Bill

This man and woman were MURDERED. I do remember some of this case. The cops broke down the door at the WRONG address. There was some info about a neighbor who had a grudge against one or both of them. Mrs. was shot while trying to remove a shotgun from a man who had just killed her dog INSIDE their house. The husband engaged the man who killed his dog. The husband and wife were engaged also from outside the home through a window. This case smelled dirty from the beginning. Looks like they have been digging and found some… Read more »


It’s a natural reaction if someone brakes into a home that the owner of the home would grab his weapon to defend his self and family from harm…With so many stories of break ins and murders home owners have armed themselves against these acts of terrorism and home intrusions…When someone breaks into your house the least persons you would suspect as a villain would be the police…People have a right to defend themselves…No knock search warrants allow the police to shoot innocent people who are only trying to defend themselves and or their families from being attacked by home intruders… Read more »


Only reason these cops did not get away with THIS murder – was that the ringleader (Goines) was shot in the throat and unable to tamper with the scene. They have undoubtedly gotten away with it before.
While life is almost always preferable, at least Mr. Tuttle died a hero.


and speaking of justice.. the lead cop taht got his sorty self shot in the neck was hit by a round from one of his own officers who was inside the house, and fired through the front wall of the home, hitting Goines… of course he did not know his leader was there, as the wall was solid and he could not see through it.


I saw this starting in the late 70s, no more officer friendly, of serve and protect it became LAW ENFORCEMENT the goon squad had taken over,and there was no stopping it they were teaching it in the academies. the government is at fault the hire people who will do as they are told. No people who understand the constitution, or believe in rights we need to revisit ruby ridge and CHARGE all the agents there with capitol murder and take back wherever pension they have collected; no more free pass on murder.


My friend Randy Weaver when he lived in Arkansas and we had a number of good times together. And he said he DID cut that shotgun off right by the handguard along with “What difference should it make how long a shotgun barrel is”? The difference was they murdered his son and wife because of it.


the “fruit” of the VietNam war and racism protests, and the whole “hippie” thing…. People’s Park in Berserkeley was a crazy time not well run but the underlying cause WAS valid. It was during that era that gummit began to turn slowly in the direction it is still moving, excelt no longer slowly. Gummit as an entity feel threatened now by “we the people” and forget.. THEY work for US. (they seem to think its the other way round, mistakenly). Now they are all on about subjugating, ruling, tyrannically, telling US what to do how to do it and how… Read more »


And no riots? Why no riots? No media coverage? oh wait they were WHITE VICTIMS of police oppression! That’s why!


That’s not why! Smh. The why is why you don’t care enough to fight for justice for these individuals? Why you don’t care about justice for all? If it’s wrong it’s wrong right regardless of color right? Sometimes people who are wrong or robbed of their personal justice say very little about their oppression, sometimes such as women(it’s why I support the me too era), and other times others say “heck no we are not taking that sh!t” like “Karens”, BLM, and Trump insurgents into the capital. It’s more about individuals getting tired of their rights being violated. It’s been… Read more »


WTF? How is this a correct rational intelligent response to Tim? Trump “insurgents”? What planet are you writing from?


Planet racist demonrat.

Roland T. Gunner

“Dee nullification” is really a thing.


Heads should literally roll for this travesty. Hopefully, such will happen. No excuse for this.

Arizona Don

Plain clothes or uniform it anyone breaks into my home, and shoots my dog, they will not like the reception. Two people with at least a 12 gauge and a 357 (each) will welcome them.  Many criminals have gotten uniforms and falsely represented law enforcement in order to gain an edge on innocent victims and it has worked in the past so therefore being in uniform is not a cover. No knock warrants should be made illegal. As I personally (ex-law enforcement eight years) believe. This is America not gestapo country.   The people who carry out the orders have a responsibility of acting in a… Read more »


No knock raids are not necessary PERIOD. It is just to keep the sheeple frightened from our “friends” in blue. I know the BS excuse of flushing drugs down the toilet, and victimless crimes shouldn’t be treated like they are mass murderers.


if they have a small enough quantity of “illegal” drugs as to be able to flush them down the loo, then they are small timers and do not justify a no-knock raid. and the big boys” will be so well managed and armed and secured a no-knock raid will prove far more deadly to the coppers than theyd wish do some homework, find out where and when the kingpins move, and simply “pull them over” for some inane thing like a busted taillamp. When my little brother was forced by the court to go to “drug school” he was the… Read more »


All too often we see ‘trigger happy ‘ fools on the public payroll go above and beyond in emptying their magazine on total strangers. What some will do for a paycheck and pension is unforgiving. This is how it start fellow citizens it becomes acceptable procedure to enter and kill. It is being recognized by the public and sympathy will be in short supply.

Xaun Loc

The charges are lenient compared to what these officers could (and perhaps should) face under Texas Penal Code § 19.02(b)(3) Texas is one of the states that has a felony murder rule. Under Texas law, you are guilty of murder if you commit a felony (which they did) and in furtherance of that felony you “commit an act clearly dangerous to human life that causes the death of an individual.” In this case, the no-knock raid was not the felony but was the act committed in furtherance of the underlying felony (the fraudulent overtime scheme). The no-knock raid obviously qualifies… Read more »

The other Jim

Gerald Goines was hired in 1985. In 1978 the US Supreme Court ruled it was ok to incriminate against white people to make up for past discrimination ( Affirmative Action). Threw-out the 1980’s they really pressed it (some institutions 50 to 80% of all new hires had to be Black, and 30 to 50% Hispanic). I read an article Goines was hired under an Affirmative Action quote program. I remember this was prevalent throw-out the 1980’s. When they hit Score 65 for Black and Hispanic they ended the List, and started a new list from a subsequent test. I remember… Read more »


As a Detective I sat on some of the LAPD entry level hiring boards. I was junior to a Personnel Department employee, meaning I could be over-rules by her. At the time, a Paddy needed a 95 score to pass, a black or Hispanic needed 85 and a female, any persuasion, needed a 75. We turned away many who would have made good cops, only to hire others who because of their ethnicity passed. Very discouraging work. I would routinely go after a failed candidate whom I thought would be a good cop and advise him to apply elsewhere. There… Read more »

Roland T. Gunner



I think you meant discriminate rather then incriminate.




And Houston’s current Police Chief Art Acevedo recently announced that he will be leaving soon to assume the duties of Police Chief of Miami, FL. Check out this guys past history, he’s really bad news and is always leaving for a new job when a major event like these murders occurs in a police department under his control. Look out Miami, you’re getting ready to be ****** by this cowboy!!!

Roland T. Gunner

He’s just adding to his list of pensions.

American Patriot

If they were darker this news would be on every news outlet every night & riots in the streets!


No knock warrants are becoming as sinister as those who are the supposed targets of such actions. Criminal elements reside on both sides of the line, now we see how these types of warrants can be abused and how innocent people can be wrongly investigated, targeted or killed. Extreme oversight must be invoked or this will happen again.


Two signatures need to be added to the warrant:

  • One person who is responsible for the address being correct; and
  • One person who is responsible for getting the team to the address listed.

If the address is wrong or the team goes to an address not listed, the corresponding person loses his job, his pension, his savings, his vehicles, his house and everything else he owns.

You can’t just say “sorry.”


I agree. Obviously not nearly enough accountability if the people who sign off are crooked, incompetent or lazy. It appears that a judge had to sign off on this or any type of warrant for that matter.
Severe consequences for being wrong.


Ya know, if the judges who sign off on the warrants were held to account when he got fooled, I’ll bet a whole lot more judges would suddenly wake up and begin to more carefully examine the evidence presented, AND its sources. Like what we are learning about that sick joke of a FIDA warrant that court signed off to launch the ‘Russian Collusion” scheme, that cost us some $35Mn. That judge was lazy and incomeptent, perhaps even in collusion with the warrant’s inventors. Debenched and disbarred woult be a god start. They do NOT fear the People.. as they… Read more »


I bet it has and we don’t know about it because the lead cop didn’t get shot in the throat. I wonder if these crooked cops that go in and kill everyone just pick up other items like guns, money etc. and don’t pocket them and sell them to there little felon buddies like they have done in kommiefornia.

Mystic Wolf

We did have a case similar to this the officers involved are now sitting in pelican bay prison for life, yeah there are times that cali gets things right. There are times that cali gets things wrong but they do get things right now and then as well.
These no knock raids need to end how many more are going to get killed because of them? It was the Satan worshipping DEMON-CRATS that started them so let the Satan worshipping DEMON-CRATS pay the price for the lawsuits when they come up.

Roland T. Gunner

Actually, searches of private residences of all types needs to end. Other than honest-to-God probable cause (not reasonable suspicion) that someone is bleeding out inside your house, law enforcement should not be able to enter uninvited. The mandate to solve crimes should not supercede private property rights prohibiting search and siezure, especially regarding your residence.


they use them so “seed” future crime scenes, as was being planned in this raid util God intervened and let Gones get shot, and rendered dumb for a while Everyone ese then had to carefully examine the scene, which would not have happened. Goines would have been able to write one more chapter in his sick book’how I cheated and nurdered the people lf Houston”. Because I could. The firing sqo=uad would be too kind for this lout. No hood, facing the squad, eyes open. Let HIM ponder what HE inflicted onto to many others..Lives ruined and ended, bedcause he… Read more »


Tje way our Constitutionis written, together with all the subsequent laws “enacted persuant thereto” are meant to PROTECT we the people out here from government overreacha nd corruption of precisely this sort. The courts have been complicit in alowing this exactl sort of scenario to play out ocuntless times. “Officer” giones had a drop gun in the boot of his cruiser, together with a smallish carton of dime bags of heroin wiht whcih to “seed” any scene he desired to with “evidence” he would then “find”, suporting his “successful”drug bust. I say EVERY RAID in which he has been involved… Read more »

Roland T. Gunner

Every case and conviction Goines msde is in fact being reviewed with a fine toothed comb; many will be overturned. But don’t get too worked up, Kim Ogg is an abrasive, extreme Liberal lesbian.


The chief of police at that time just accepted a chiefs position in Miami.


Okay so why did they attack Tuttle and Nicholas? Was this a random hit or what? They obviously must have had a motive of some sort that took them there…

Last edited 1 year ago by Buck

It appears they had the wrong house.

Dave in Fairfax


It could be a bad memory, but it seems to me that it came out that they leaned on a scuzzy neighbor to give them cause for the warrant. I don’t remember if she had a hard-on for the couple or if she was dirty and they offered her a deal, but something like that sticks in my mind. I’m sure that you could find out with a minimal amount of searching.


The way I read it was that this is how they made extra overtime money. So all they needed to do is tell the judge that these were bad people and were selling drugs so we need a warrant. The judge believing them because he should have no reason not to, signed it and then the cops went to work making extra overtime money. I am really supprised that they didn’t have a pound of cocaine that they took off another drug dealer and didn’t report with them to plant at the scene. These guys were pure rookies.


the record shows, and I read it right here on Amoland, that officer Goines had a driop handgun, and a small cardboard craton og small bags of heroin (Ibelieve it was…… or meth) in the boot of his cruiser,to be applied as needed to provide a foundation for the “probable cause” they had asserted in the warrent. Dealing drugs, guns, etc. Seems he’d developed quite the routine to “salt” scenes of his schemes… always came away with some solid evidence to support felony busts and charges. Some insanely huge number of court cases in which he was deeply involved are… Read more »


they later claimed that some of their pet professional liars had “presented evidence” of guns and drugs in that house, but the reality is that the “informant” was a figment of Ossifer Goines’ sick mind. goines claimed his “informant” had made a drig buy from that house mulitple times and that he’d seen guns in there. I personally think the use of these “paid informants” (whether paid in cash or “leniency from the courts”) needs to end, and that EACH informant MUST be examined by the judge prior to his signing the warrant. Let the coppers present their story, together… Read more »

Get Out

NKW’s should be taken off of the table and should never happen anywhere again. This raid was covered up from the top down starting with the politicians who voted for it to be law.

Mystic Wolf

Those officers that are accused of murder 1 will be facing the death penalty, the others officers will be facing years in PRISON for their actions that fateful day. The true victims in this case well their family should file the mother of all lawsuits because of the actions of these thuggish officers and their actions that day, the officers had full approval for the warrants so not only should the city get sued but each of the officers should also get sued as well, I see the city of Huston paying out tens of millions over the next 10… Read more »

Roland T. Gunner

What about all the thousands of judges who routinely rubber stamp warrants that lack probable cause? They should be named in lawsuits as well.


What’s the problem? The cops only murdered two innocent people, and it’s going to get worse in the coming months under President Harris


In before the Superman defense.

Ansel Hazen

Updoot for your selfless dedication to helping keep a thumb on the spread of communist drivel by this wack job.


He’s something.

I hope he is an extreme minority in the LEO community, but recent events are disheartening.


Unfortunately, I believe he’s part of the majority. I’m sure he’ll be along shortly to reply to my comment on this article.


That’s possible for sure but unlikely. Consider the present position he is in. Aside from that he has no argument that would be anything but corrupt.




Many here weren’t alive when this happened long ago. I remember the case as it was a cause celeb in all the gun rags of the day. It’s the same today as yesterday.

Ken Ballew raid – Wikipedia


That was absolutely disgusting.


well, i expect sooner or later,we all, each and every one of us will experience this sort of thing. When Biden takes the gloves(with help)BATF will run rampant. My home has locked doors at night,easy to kick in. However,the next door into the house,proper, is barred and in line w/my bed. Alongside of which is ‘baby’. My 870 w/slug barrel, w/extended mag tube, loaded w/OOB. On receiver I have an ” Uncle Mikes SideSaddle” which holds 6 more. I really don`t wish to hurt anyone, so knock politely, please.


It is imprudent, and unwise, to publicly reveal your private home security situation. It is now a public record on the internet.




“imprudent, and unwise, to publicly reveal” Not necessarily. Like most of life, it’s situation dependent. The weighing of various factors, esp. risk vs benefit. A balancing act. In this case, what was revealed? Only that he has locked doors and a firearm. Who DOESN’T have those? If I were a home invader, I’d expect that everybody has those preparations, and if they then DIDN’T have any firearms, I’d wipe the sweat off my forehead and thank my lucky stars. And probably let out a big; “Phewwww”, as I breathed again, because I’d dodged a bullet that time! Now if he… Read more »

Moni Moni

Regi and Dennis were my friends. Regi saved me from my abusive ex husband. Her and Dennis would give the shirt off their backs! She was an avid dog lover! This is injustice at its finest! How these supposed officers of the law, could twist and use their badge to do evil instead of helping the public! They deserve to die the same way my friends were MURDERED! EYE FOR AN EYE! DENS Dennis was a vet of the united States of America…. And look what serving his country did for his wife and him! Smh this country has GONE… Read more »