Rochester MAIG Mayor’s Husband Arrested for Drugs and ‘Illegal Gun’

A MAIG member’s husband is busted for drug trafficking and an “illegal gun”? Isn’t that just Lovely? (Mayor Lovely Warren/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -( “Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren’s husband has been charged as part of a seven-month narcotics ring investigation after police seized $60,000 worth of cocaine, $100,000 in cash, three unregistered handguns and a semi-automatic rifle in raids on the mayor’s home and six other properties,” the Daily Mail reported Thursday. “Timothy Granison, 42, was pulled over by police in his car Wednesday as part of the drugs trafficking probe and was found to be in possession of a large quantity of cocaine, authorities said.

“Investigators then carried out a raid on the home he shares with the mayor and seized two firearms – a semi-automatic rifle and a loaded handgun,” the report elaborates. “The couple’s 10-year-old daughter Taylor was home alone at the time.”

That’s interesting, considering Warren is a member of Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns. The very name is deceitful because they essentially want to make all guns illegal, including handguns and semi-automatic rifles.

Per NRA-ILA’s “New York Gun Laws,” permits, licensing, and registration are all required to “legally” own a handgun, and it is “unlawful to possess any ‘assault weapon’ or ‘large capacity ammunition feeding device’ except as permitted by the law. Residents of New York who lawfully owned an ‘assault weapon,’ as defined, prior to January 15, 2013 were required to either sell it or register it with the State Police before April 15, 2014.”

Per the Democrat and Chronicle, “Granison is accused of possessing 31 grams of cocaine and an unregistered gun.” It’s unclear if the guns taken from her residence, where her young daughter was home alone, were compliant with New York’s “safe storage” laws.

Warren’s citizen disarmament advocacy does not end with her MAIG membership.

Just last month she was getting on-air facetime blaming “illegal guns” and “pandemic stress” for “the recent spike in violence in Rochester over the last few months.” Pointing fingers is a time-proven way to distract the public from the failures of corrupt and incompetent leadership. Suffice it to say peaceable gun owners have been subjected to the same “stresses” and have not responded with such “spikes.”

Warren’s mugging for the camera in order to impose infringements has been going on for years. A 2015 article announcing her joining MAIG includes a photo of her with Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action, who, unsurprisingly, doesn’t seem to want to say anything about this story on her Twitter feed (I need to view it by opening an incognito window because she has blocked me).

Warren was also a featured speaker at a Rochester Marx… uh, March for Our Lives Rally, telling the crowd:

“I want you to know that your city believes in you; we believe in your mission to end gun violence in communities across the country and right here in the City of Rochester.”

She certainly won’t do that with her husband out there “allegedly” associating with armed drug traffickers, whose turf wars and cartel affiliations and the cultural rot they spread result in far more shootings and deaths than “pandemic stress.” Tellingly, such violence is then used by citizen disarmament zealots to impose more infringements on the “law-abiding” and render them more vulnerable to the sociopathic predators who count on such edicts to give them the advantage.

Who thinks Warren, someone who ostensibly runs a city, has been taken unaware by all this, and was oblivious to her husband’s guns, to his associations, and to his sources of income? Certainly not the investigators, who “would not rule out the possibility that Warren is ‘in trouble’” (and that would be something else for Watts to avoid mentioning).

If you think about it, and if you think about all the criminal activities Bloomberg’s mayors have been exposed in, her joining that “wretched hive of scum and villainy” makes a perverted kind of sense.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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Hmmmm.. seems ta ME they got summa them WORDS swapped around for their organisation.

Methinks it should be

Illegal Mayors Against Guns (especially if they are in anyone’s hands but our gang’s)

IMAG… I kinda like that.


Sweet!! I mean, not that these dirtbags were involved in such activities (not to mention the double standards, without which there would BE no standards) but that the dirtbags got CAUGHT and charged. Except for the mayor, and I hope she is dragged in. No way she could be married to that guy and be utterly ignorant of his “recreational activities” not to meniton his income stream.


Hey I got a brilliant idea. Let’s sell the world on defunding the police. Taking their occupation, livelihoods. I won’t expect any backlash from them. LMAO

Country Boy

I think a few felony firearm charges for the drugs and gun possession will come to somewhere near 70 yr prison sentence. Add in the coke and unregistered gun charges and life in prison sentence sounds about right to me.


Judging by the comment section, I think people will want an update on this one!


There is no chance in hell, that the mayor was unaware of her husbands criminal activity. Like so many anti-gun politicians they are hypocrites, corrupt and deeply involved in crime. Hubby coming up with $100,000 without gainful employment has to strike her as business as usual for a democrat mayor.


I think a drug test is in order for the Mayor




Like nearly all anti gun fanatics, she and her hubby are criminals. They even left their precious daughter alone with a loaded handgun. Criminal hypocrites.


Her husband should have the book thrown at him and she should be
charged with running a drug house, she knew it was going on.
She is basically dishonest, with a history.

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Dee, I see they removed your ignorant and repulsive comment to one of mine that was well written in opposition of one of your statements. So, not being crass or repulsive in my response because I don’t want them to delete it like they did yours, I will say this. I don’t do what you suggested like you do when I am frustrated with the opposition of someone that is obviously more intelligent than me. Instead I listen and learn. You might want to try it. Oh I forgot, demonkkrat no common sense. Sorry I wasted our readers time trying… Read more »


So you Ammoland morons don’t believe in liberty or the rule of law or the Constitution, either. There is no such thing as a lawful.gun law in the US, as the government is denied that power altogether. And drug laws are utterly anti-liberty. No, this evil bitch’s real crime is not being complicit with a scumbag husband. It is being complicit with a bunch of other treasonous tyrants who ignore the Constitution and steal our rights under some bullshit “public safety” narrative. This isn’t a matter of hypocrisy; it is a matter of repeated and vocal and public and ongoing… Read more »

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Heed the Call-up

I am not sure who you are directing your diatribe at, as most of the regular posters here do believe in our inalienable, Natural Rights, and do argue against bad laws, and laws that try to deny our Natural Rights, of which the RKBA is one. The point of most of the comments was the hypocrisy of “gun control”, as was, I believe, the writer of the story that we are commenting on. Yes, we agree that firearm laws are wholly unconstitutional. We agree that people have the right, though it is currently being regulated in many ways, to do… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Jimmy, your last post has not shown yet in this thread, but you stated “Don’t you morons get it???” It appears that it is you that does not “get it”, and were unable to comprehend my post. Re-read what I wrote for comprehension this time. It would appear, based on your ignorant posts, that this forum is not the appropriate place to try to explain our inalienable, and Natural Rights. I would suggest you start your education by reading what our Founding Fathers spoke and wrote about. If you can comprehend that, then you should be able to understand my… Read more »


it does indeed mentio “‘trade between the several states”, and as it does, it COMMANDS Congress to “make regular” such trade. Go and learn what “Make regular” meant in the language of the time and place. It does NOT mean draft millions of rules and “regulations” and laws and requirements and restrictioins. No, it simply means to make it happen unfettered or restricted, as it SHOULD between the several sovereign and equal states. The INTENT was that one state cannot pimose rules or restrictioins that would affect trade between other states and that one. You know, things like making special… Read more »


I am not wishy washy changing with the wind like you and all your demonkkkrat butt buddies like Obummer, obiden and I got my job on my back Kamalatoe Harris. I am smart enough to stick with something that works and America has proven that it’s system works. The strongest, smartest, wealthiest until Oclinton sold us out with NAFTA and the most caring, merciful and supporting country in the world. I can’t wait until all the news comes out about how crooked your regime really is and it is proven how the election was stolen. You wont see a demonkkkrat… Read more »

WI Patriot

And she knew what he was into…she’s the next liberal to fall on the axe…


Hope it doesn’t hit an artery. I want to watch her burn and go down in flames and hopefully jail for a long, long crime oh I mean time.


I think that ax is immune to “DemoKKKrats”.


Thank you for acknowledging that there is that problem and that demonkkkrats think they are impervious to penalty. I think that is about to change.

WI Patriot



So many on here are making comments about how she is not going to get busted for her husbands dealings and that law enforcement is treating her as if she didn’t know. Well, lets say that she didn’t and if that is the case, what does her husband do for a living besides sell drugs. So answer this. How does a mayor make so much money that she can afford so many homes. I say check her for drugs in her system and if she has drugs in her, it’s guilt by association just like it would be for any… Read more »


Folks involved in dealing drugs are, by their very nature, not smart. I


If those illegal guns and drugs were in her home, wouldn’t the Mayor be equally guilty??? There was presumably no “title” with only her husband’s name for the guns and drugs. She apparently didn’t heed the “influencer’s” (reference another TTAG comments) admonishment to toe the line.

The other Jim

The Police better be careful; Lovely Warren may get a call from the Co-conspirator Arsonist Anti-American Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey on how to get their BLM and Antifa Rioter Left-Anti-Constitution pals to burn down a police station. Or Lovely may reach out to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler to see if his Antifa pals can organize and hoist some Molotov Cocktails at police involved in her demise. Or since New York City Mayor DeBlasio is closer to Rochester, DeBlasio may dispense some of his BLM Rioter pals up to Rochester with Chemical Agents and Moltov Cocktails to deploy against the police… Read more »


Wait!! Were you on here some time ago talking about “Come and take it”…….

……I agree police better be careful.

Last edited 1 year ago by Dee
uncle dudley

Average Joe citizen and wife if they shared a house together both would be charged with the crime but not here, if she was aware of the guns and it’s illegal there why no charges on her?
Would also like to know were these guns bought in a FFL dealership or did they come from a street corner dealer?
The citizens of Rochester should proceed to have the mayor removed from office as she was a complicit in the illegal activities.
Is this a case of “Laws for thee but not me”, I say BS.


I guess Trump criminal case is the next biggest ball to drop.

Ms Pro 2nd Amendment

Democrats “Do as I Say, Not as I Do” Mantra at work again. NY State Mayor’s hubby arrested for get this..drug and illegal guns! After she pitched a fit about guns being bad since she is a paid for whore of Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns her own hubby gets arrested for having illegal guns per the NY Statutes. Yep the Do as I say crowd in motion…again!

Heed the Call-up

The issue of the firearms being “secured” is irrelevant as the felony charges for being in possession of illegal drugs while in possession of firearms is far more severe a charge. Of course she knew nothing about his occupation, even though drugs, money and firearms were found in homes owned by both of them. The bigger question is does she have any involvement in her husband’s business?

Ms Pro 2nd Amendment

The answer is Of Course she does! Since she is a paid for whore of Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns she knows what her hubby does and helped him in the past beat the charges and watch her do it again this time. Why do you think the Police were watching and created this sting to catch him, so she cant get him off this time. So to answer your question yes she was well aware of his “involvement” with drugs and having illegal guns per her Statutes.


Do you think she didn’t help him spend the money he made dealing drugs ?
Or maybe didn’t know any of the people he hung out with ?
OOOooooo NOoooooo ! She was completely innocent of his evil associations !
She was concentrating on being a “Lovely” little good Mayor and against all those scary old guns that the bad guys keep.
Yup,yup,yup !

Heed the Call-up

Yes, I am sure she is well-aware. I would be surprised if she was not also involved. By law she is an accomplice, even if she, unlikely, had no involvement, but only knowledge of, which she clearly had to have knowledge of, unless she has the intellect of a severely mentally-challenged moron.


You nailed it. She has the intellect of a severely mentally challenged moron and thereby she is unfit for office. Fire her ass.


your final question is moot. If it was HER home/residence, the unregisterd firearms, and the drugs, and the loaded handgun apparently accessible by the ten year old girl, are ALL her co-responsibiltuy. Unless perhspa they were all found in a separate locked suite that was HIS sole part of the home (I don’t theeeenk so…). SO.. methinks she’s a gonna dance. And sing. and perhaps cry when she hears the long visit she’ll be having at the nearby stte CrowBar Hotel. And it will look good on her I remember not long ago observing her antics as tnigns “went south”… Read more »

Dry gulched

They’ll be leftards aplenty that will line up behind her because she’s a black female. Her, whitmer, biden all think they’re the ruling class and laws don’t apply to them. It warms my heart when I read stories like this.


Righty line up behind Rittenhouse. You see how I did that?

Heed the Call-up

Yes, we know you play an ignorant fool on this site. What does Rittenhouse have to do with the Mayor’s husband being a drug dealer and her claim that she knows nothing about his occupation? An honest, law-abiding citizen would, at minimum, question why their spouse has unregistered firearms, large sums of cash and illegal drugs in their homes. I would certainly do more than that, and as she is sup[supposedly so vehemently against illegal drugs, she’d have had her husband arrested, rather than tarnish he image – that being if her image is pure.


Well this occurs all the time. The former Michigan St rapist got hundreds of years but his wife was not charged. You telling me she didn’t know her husband was the worst of the worst. She would be charge too right?


Man that falls under, stupid is as stupid does and you just proved how stupid you really are. I had no idea that you had a screw loose until today. I had my suspicion but now it has been confirmed tying Rittenhouse to this and especially your last statement about a husband rapist? You better watch what you say sister on this web site. You know the MAN reads all this stuff and if they think you have a screw loose, which now you have confirmed, they might come take your supposed gun you own away from your supposed highly… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Musician, I believe you discovered the occupation of the Mayor’s husband, a firearm owning chemist, just like Dee.


LOL I think by the response from the idiot below we may have struck a nerve. Made my day. Thanks.


Oh, DEE she was just exercising her demonrat, BLM, MAIG privilege. You see how I did that?


Partisanship aside… hell, even if you’re on the left, an honest and realistic look at the facts will show Rittenhouse is not guilty. The comparison here is not appropriate.


LOL, makes me sick and they think that we are the ones not to be trusted with guns. Look at her, guns, drugs, money houses all under the guise of I am a good guy and I know what is best for (YOU), do what I say not as I do.


same old same old, almost all the people in bloombergs last disarmament group were gang leaders or drug dealers ,now he has the mid level distributors next will be cartel leaders dea should investigate all the people in his group could clean up streets


My sentiments exactly and they can start with the Brown clown governor of OREGONE. Now we have to prove that we are vaccinated in order to not wear a mask. Wear are zee papier old man?


Fredrich Douglas’s Statue is not Happy.


Oh I suah my husben be zonerateds from dis very soon. He be a guud man and he don’t be involved in any such doings. ______Same as always. Some things never change.

Last edited 1 year ago by Choogie

Dat dare cukie jauh dun jumped up an tatched iself to ma ahm!

Ms Pro 2nd Amendment

I see some don’t get your sarcasm LOL.


I agree. Dude get a dictionary ASAP!!! Lol


You remind me of the egg frying in the pan. And this is your brain on drugs. You probably don’t get the correlation to the egg and you because you probably relate to the pan better.


Oh, you are right, all that stuff was planted on him by President Trump and the proud boys and the republicans as a group to discredit her through her husband. He is not guilty, it was a set up!!!!!

Ya RIGHT!!!!!!!


Typical liberal, the rules are for the lawbiding citizens and the liberal left are exempt as they are the criminal base accross America . Cocaine and illegal guns are only illegal if your a conservative. Liberals are the biggest hypocrites to breath air. Lie , cheat , steal and do illegal drugs and possess guns they deny lawbiding citizens this is the liberal way and strait out of the Democrats playbook . Good for me but not for thee ! Marxists and communists criminals is all Democrats are !


Please make this correction; DemoKKKrats — NOT Democrats!!!!
Believe-it-or-not, there are Democrats who DEMAND OUR American Constitution be FOLLOWED — AS IT WAS WRITTEN!! NOT as it is politically interpreted by MARXISTS.
Time for a COS to correct these SELF-SERVING “politicians” who are ABDICATION / IGNORING their SWORN OATH OF OFFICE.


Or “RepubliKKKans” but they all are garbage. Including the “RepubliKKKans” that runs Texas and the dickheads on Ammoland! More drugs comes across the southern boarder of Texas than the overall US. You gots to know them “RepubliKKKans” are greasing their pockets. The arm trading they do in Texas is just as corrupted. And I do agree with term limits.



Ms Pro 2nd Amendment

I agree with all you have stated. I know of Democrats who hate what their Party has become but they are of the mindset vote Party not Person. I also know for a fact many Democrats voted for President Trump but again would never leave their Party of Hate but won’t vote for their own till their own cleans up their act. To each their own. Republican’s are no better both Parties got too full of themselves and have forgotten who put them in their positions and why they were put there so remove both parties, restructure them and see… Read more »


Here it comes ! Sure as morning ! Wait for it !
“My Husbin dinn do Nuffin !
There ! Now aren’t you glad you waited ?


” Fo Real, dem cops planted dem guns and money…… He beez innocent. ”
HA HA HA Ha Ha ha ha……. time fo a couple of uppity criminals to ‘cash in‘ on sum o dem free meals in jail….. BEE-otch !!!
(You goin down, mammy)


will be waiting to find out if those recovered firearms in the home stored according to law? leaving firearms unsecured with a minor in the house is very dangerous and, if so, he should be held accountable. no concurrent sentences, consecutive.
leftists are such hypocrites, liars and immoral beasts.
will the mayor condemn her husband and demand the most severe punishment for him. he put many in their community at risk with these dangerous firearms and drugs.
these people are our enemies.


Sounds like California’s Senator Leland Yee.


I am glad I am not the only one who remembers and mentions that. Please keep repeating it for the rest of eternity so others might learn from something that happened before they were born.


I’m sure you will get your wish ! He will e found guilty and sentenced to consecutive sentences of 30 days of Community Service.
There by golly ! That’ll “learn him” not to be a nasty old crook, by golly !


NOT GUILTY, he be framed by the white man.


He be framed by the white man even if the whole task force was black!


Ohhhhhh……. dey luvs dey drugs. (often, dey kill fo dey drugs)


Part of the “rules for thee, but not for me” crowd. I’m sure the Mayor will say she had no idea her husband was a major drug distributor and had no idea where all that extra money came from.


Those who often protest the loudest are also the most Guilty. Especially those who have something to gain from it.


Lolol….yea this is bullish!t!!


No, YOU ARE, now go away!!!!!


There are very good reasons criminals and the people they know want to restrict firearms.


As a black man I know:)

Heed the Call-up

What does your race have to do with that? Hunter Biden is white.


NRA has systematically have fought to renege blacks of gun ownership for years.


No, demokkkrats have and it is called the Jim Crow era and obiden was a leader in it with his KKK buddy that he buried.

Heed the Call-up

Lol, you have not been paying attention, Negotiating our Rights Away does not discriminate, they negotiate away all firearm owners’ rights. Since the end of Jim Crow, which they fought for minority ownership of firearms, there has not been any laws written that directly discriminate against minority ownership of firearms. I will agree that “gun control” impacts minorities and women the most, which is why when someone like this mayor advocates for “gun control”, someone like you needs to step-up and be heard.

Last edited 1 year ago by Heed the Call-up

I do. I do. But I get censored by Ammoland. And the racist musician plays politics instead of trying to understand me. It becomes a never ending cycle. I’ve been advocating for minority gun rights but apparently the racial disharmony on this site is waaay too strong to understand one another. I think I’m done with Ammoland but I wish all you readers well including musicman44mag and Will. It’s been good. Pandemic is over. Time to get back to living guys. Take care. I may jump back in from time to time but I’m only on here for the innovative… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Advocating involves public statements, such as what this mayor did, talking and writing to your representatives, posting letters to the editor, talking to friends, family, whoever else will listen, joining rights organizations and being active in them, etc., etc. – being active in support of our rights.

Posting on Ammoland is not advocating for your rights. It is just a lazy and sedentary means of voicing your opinion. It is a good place to learn about what is happening legislatively, etc., to our rights, and learn ways one can advocate for our rights, such as the points I made above.


Of course I do that as well brutha. Why would you think that not taking place? It starts with people. ‘We the people’ you know. This is not my platform. I jump on these post while I read about new firearms technologies and innovations. Trust me, Abbott and Patrick have received my complaints. But thanks for the input.


Smartly said and they are both demokkkrat and what does that have to do with being drug addicts and having illegal weapons? Oh maybe privilege?