CSGV Deletes Evidence after Libeling Virginia Citizens Defense League

Per Lori Haas, when CSGV meets with legislators they’re “building a safer Virginia.” When VCDL does it, they’re “a domestic terror organization.” (Coalition to Stop Gun Violence/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “Virginia cannot afford to elect Glenn Youngkin* and his outdated and harmful stance on gun violence,” a June 8 press release statement by Lori Haas, Virginia State Director for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence announced. “His willingness to say anything for a vote is deeply troubling, as we’ve already seen him cozying up to those with deep ties to those at the forefront of the insurrectionist movement, like Senator Amanda Chase and the domestic terror organization, the Virginia Citizens Defense League.”

“Domestic terror organization”? VCDL? The “non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots organization dedicated to advancing the fundamental human right of all Virginians to keep and bear arms” that focuses on educating gun owners about pending legislation and involving them in lobbying their representatives?

“VCDL has never even been accused of being involved with or committing any kind of violence, much less a violent criminal act,” the League said in response, linking to the FBI’s “domestic terrorism” definition.  “In fact, VCDL had the single largest gun right rally in the nation last year and not a single act of violence or any other criminality arose from it.  We got accolades for leaving Richmond cleaner than it was before our event … Lori Haas and CSGV owe VCDL a public apology for, and a retraction of, the false, completely baseless, and legally libelous accusation that VCDL is a domestic terrorist organization.”

Instead, CSGV just changed its press release to delete the offending sentence and did so without a retraction notice informing readers that a significant revision had been made. I compared the release at the current link with the Internet Archive link to the original on my The War on Guns blog.

Issuing after-the-fact corrections and retractions can be a fact of life for anyone who puts their findings and thoughts out there for others to read, and while I know from personal experience doing so can be painful and humbling, those of us who have made honest mistakes understand our obligation to the readers and to the publishers that host our work to be forthright about it. It’s not only the ethical thing to do, our credibility should depend on it.

In this case, the defamatory lie was deliberate and considered, and put out to the world by an individual and group with many years of media experience. Sneaking a deletion into the release and not telling anyone shows they know they have crossed a legal line and are trying to cover their tracks to avoid liability. But without a retraction and apology, the damage cannot be undone. Everyone who saw the original went away with the accusation in mind and anyone seeing the “revise” version will not know that the “inconvenient” version has been “disappeared.”

That’s an old and time-tested tactic.

Such inflammatory smears are hardly new for CSGV. Speaking to the UK’s The Guardian, CSGV Executive Director Josh Horwitz said this about armed Americans who believe the Second Amendment to be a safeguard against tyranny:

“Number one: there needs to be a clear public response, that people who exercise this ‘right’ are not patriots, but traitors.”

That means you if you are a gun owner who believes that. It also, as CSGV has shown in the past, means me. Smearing gun owners as terrorists is a calculated narrative that demonizes them made by those demanding a “monopoly of violence.” And that’s really what CSGV, formed in 1974 as the National Coalition to Ban Handguns, demands.

That’s not their only goal. They would reportedly “require[e] licensing of gun owners, registering firearms, and banning private ownership of handguns [with] ‘Reasonable limited exceptions’ … allowed for ‘police, military, licensed security guards, antique dealers who have guns in unfireable condition, and licensed pistol clubs where firearms are kept on the premises.’”

To paraphrase Beto, hell yes, they want to take your guns. But even that won’t satisfy them if you think about it. Because if you are disarmed (assuming you survive the experience), according to CSGV, you’ll still be a “traitor.” You’ll still be a “domestic terrorist.”

And what happens to those?

Words have meaning. CSGV’s actions after being called out on their libelous press release show they understand that. They now need to be shown that those defaming others have accountability.

* For the record, Youngkin is no great shakes for gun owners but even he is portrayed as too “extreme.”

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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Mr. Codrea, Thank you for another fine and very well written informative article on an Anti Gun Group. They label the VCDL as a domestic terrorist organization? I’m not from Virginia, and live in New Jersey, another bastion of anti Second Amendment laws. The problem with any anti gun group is that they are making themselves out to be good and helping people with their cause. They aren’t just the opposite they are against any lawful ownership of firearms by lawful citizens of a state or in this country. All the anti gun groups are nothing but SUBVERSIVES who help… Read more »


Whenever meetings like this are announced, my gun group sends a bunch of us to sit in so we can control any Q&A periods. If anything, we cast doubt on the original agenda with facts and examples. I STRONGLY suggest you organize the same efforts in your town if you haven’t already. Never let opportunities to give a voice to our constitution pass by.


J – good tactic for as long as you can do so. I suspect that y’all will get identified and then prohibited from attending such gatherings. Enjoy your success while you can.


They’re all public meetings. You can’t get kicked out unless you behave inappropriately, which we obviously never do. Additionally, we have a lot of members and we go in shifts. It’s rarely the same people.


Good on ya for ‘sneaky’ 😉 tactics – keep doing it for as long as ya can since they will likely change the meetings to by invitation only or simply close off the Q&A portions. Remember that they really don’t care about the guns, they only want control and we know they will do whatever it takes to achieve it. Well, that and power…………….


There’s nothing sneaky about any of the public forum meetings. As long as elected officials are involved, they are open to anyone.


a defamation lawsuit needs to be filed naming the authors of the trash and as for the other those of us that hunt and fish love the outdoors and hate the filth brought by the day trippers and their green ideas (give them poweraid bottles with a 50 cent deposit bet they still throw it in bushes)


There WILL be a ‘day or reckoning’ for the likes of groups such as CSGV.


“Gun violence” seems to be the new catch phrase of the antis. For those of us who have been around for a while we have seen it many times before. “Second verse, same as the first.”


RoyD – I have been trying (to no avail so far) to find out who invented the nebulous term “gun violence” – maybe Dave can track it down. I suspect it was the same type of nefarious character who invented “assault weapon”. Regardless of who it was, it has served the purpose of deluding the masses into ‘believing’ that somehow, someway the evil guns are responsible for the mayhem that is caused by people.


OK, so you are expecting Godless Progressives to be honest? Really?


One final thought, what Haas wrote isn’t limited to VCDL.

Her malice extends to all the other Citizens Defense League Organizations as well.

You all out there who are members had better understand that.


I though I had informed David of this when I brought this whole atrocity to his attention when I emailed him, that CSGV is 501(c)(4) Organization, unlike VCDL which is 501(c)(3). IRS do apply here, if any understand the implications.

Trust me, VCDL does.


For those of you you who don’t know, Haas is a Malicious creature. Unrepentant to the End. All you have to do is scroll through here twitter feed.

Advocate for gun violence prevention


” … It’s not only the ethical thing to do, our credibility should depend on it..”

And this is why you are a Citizen Journalist, David.

The others at CSGV are Propagandists.

Maybe YOU should receive a Pulitzer Prize for Operation Gunwalker and the murder of Brian Terry.


The day is coming when these anti gunners, will, due to their own efforts, need a gun to survive. Oh well, they can’t count on mine, I will be busy protecting those who think like American patriots.


CSGV will continue this until it costs them, but they know this will not happen as VCDL will cry and complain but they won’t really do anything about it.


Your ignorance of the VCDL is appalling and sounds much like Lori Haas or the NRA’s contempt for gun rights organizations that don’t toe the NRA line.