NRA Board Election Endorsements for 2021 ~ Including Who NOT to Vote For


NRA Board Election Ballot Vote
NRA Board Election Endorsements for 2021 ~ Including Who NOT to Vote For

USA – -( If you are a Voting Member of the National Rifle Association, you should have received your ballot for this year’s NRA Director elections. The ballots are primarily distributed as an insert in your NRA magazine (the June/July edition), or for those who don’t receive a physical magazine, your ballot should be mailed as a stand-alone piece.

Only Life Members and Annual Member who have maintained their membership for 5 consecutive years, are eligible to vote.

Due to the pandemic, the schedule got twisted in a way that made it impossible for any petition candidates to qualify for the 2021 ballot. That’s likely to happen again next year. The Nominating Committee could have made accommodations for the unusual circumstances, but moved on in business-as-usual fashion, disregarding the Bylaws and the concerns of the members. I’m particularly disappointed in Bob Barr, who chaired the Nominating Committee last year, as once again, the most important factor in whether someone received a nomination, appears to have been whether they are likely to support Wayne LaPierre and the current leadership.

On your ballot, you have 28 candidates to fill 25 seats. Note that although you can vote for up to 25 names, you are not obligated to vote for that number. Voting for less than 25 amounts to a vote against the other candidates.

Most of the candidates offered are current members of the Board, and almost all of those will be reelected, just because the majority of Voting Members who bother to vote, routinely vote for incumbents first.

I am endorsing only two candidates whose names appear on the ballot:

  • Owen Buz Mills of Paulden, Arizona, and James Tomes of Wadesville, Indiana. Buz Mills is the owner of Gun Site Academy, and has long been active in Arizona politics, including a run for governor.
  • Jim Tomes is the founder of a solid 2A group in Indiana, and served several years in the Indiana Senate. I’ve known him for many years and know him to be a man of humility and integrity.

Those are the only names on the ballot I can endorse. I encourage you to mark your ballot for only those two and no one else, then turn the ballot over and write in the following three names:

  • Frank C. Tait of Wayne, PA
  • R.B. Rocky Marshall of Boerne, TX
  • Duane Liptak, Jr. of Austin, TX

As usual, the ballot includes a share of people whose policy positions have earned my direct opposition. At the top of the Don’t Vote For list is current Board President Carolyn Meadows of Marietta, Georgia who is one of Wayne LaPierre’s biggest enablers. Mrs. Meadows has the support of the American Conservative Union [a hot-bed of RINO Republicans] and historically has easily won her seat, coming in 4th or 5th in the balloting each time she runs. I have no illusions that I can block her reelection, but I want my opposition on the record.

Another American Conservative Union-associated candidate on the ballot is Past President David Keene of Fort Washington, Maryland. Mr. Keene has also been an outspoken supporter of LaPierre and company, and much of the financial chicanery that has put the NRA in such a precarious position happened during his presidency. Since his terms as President, Mr. Keene has been receiving some $50k per year to attend Friends of NRA Banquets. What dedication! By sheer coincidence, an article penned by Mr. Keene happens to be included in the magazines, just after the ballots. Between his support from the ACU and his name and picture being prominently placed next to the ballot in the magazines, it’s again, highly unlikely that we can block his reelection, but tell your friends, he doesn’t deserve your vote.

The final candidate I’m actively opposing is Scott Bach of Newfoundland, New Jersey. I have endorsed Mr. Bach in the past, but his dogged defense of LaPierre has earned my opposition. Mr. Bach was one of the first members of the Board to publicly come out in support of LaPierre after the revelations that were published in the New Yorker in early 2019. In an article in Ammoland Shooting Sports News, he explained that it was LaPierre who discovered the “problems” in the NRA, and made the necessary “course corrections” to “right the ship.” What Mr. Bach failed to explain is why it took LaPierre over 20 years to notice the exact “problems” that he went to war with Neal Knox to preserve in 1997, but has supposedly corrected now, and that well after the “course corrections,” LaPierre and others, including scandal-ridden former Treasurer Woody Phillips, and shameless self-promoter Marion Hammer, received massive “golden parachute” contracts promising them millions in future “consulting” payments. He also failed to explain why the NRA has continued to pay Democrat attorney William Brewer over $2 million per month, after LaPierre repeatedly declared that Brewer was “the only one who can keep me out of jail.”

NRA Board Election Ballot 2021
NRA Board Election Ballot 2021

There are several others on the ballot who I really don’t think belong on the NRA Board of Directors, but the truth is, the seats are going to be filled. For the sake of ease of sharing, I’ll leave the Don’t Vote For list at just these three: Meadows, Keene, and Bach.

The candidates elected in this election will be seated at the Members’ Meeting in Houston on September 4 2021. They will then join the other 50 Directors at a Board of Directors meeting in Houston on Monday September 6, at which time the President, 1st VP, 2nd VP, and Executive Vice President will all be elected. Historically, the Nominating Committee simply puts forward a slate of the incumbents, and no one else is nominated, so the slate is “elected by acclamation.” That’s what happened in Indianapolis in 2019, and in Tucson in 2020, and that’s what they want to happen in Houston in 2021.

This year, we intend to offer a full slate of alternative candidates to challenge the incumbents, but we need your help to make those efforts successful.

We need you to be actively lobbying every current and potential future member of the Board, demanding that they stop the lies and corruption, and return the Association to the members. There are only about 15 Directors who are completely in the tank for LaPierre and company, and about an equal number who are very troubled by the current regime and the situation they’ve created. The rest just sort of follow the path of least resistance, so it’s critical that you pressure them to stop spending the NRA’s resources on protection of LaPierre, and start focusing on protection of the NRA.

Here are some questions to ask current NRA Board Members:

  1. Do you believe Wayne LaPierre’s continued employment by NRA helps or hurts the organization and its mission?
  2. Do you believe Wayne LaPierre’s continued employment by NRA helps or hurts the NRA’s case in NY?
  3. Who do you think would make a reasonable candidate for Interim EVP, to realign the NRA, if LaPierre were to resign tomorrow? Give two options please.
  4. Can you suggest two names of current Directors who you could/would support for President of the Board?
  5. Can you suggest two names of Directors who you could/would support for 1st VP of the Board?
  6. Can you suggest two names of Directors who you could/would support for 2nd VP of the Board?

Don’t let them skirt around these simple questions – get answers.

Remind these Directors that their first loyalty is supposed to be to the Association and its members, not any one man or leadership team. If Wayne LaPierre really cared about the Association, he’d have resigned, just to avoid being any sort of obstacle to NRA’s future success, whether he had done anything wrong or not. If Directors were thinking about the good of the Association first, they’d have demanded LaPierre’s resignation, and elected someone to replace him in Indianapolis in 2019, rather than circling the wagons around him and spending tens of millions defending him over the best interests of the Association for the past two years.

The final lobbying effort comes in Houston at the Members’ Meeting, where we need to turn out in droves to demand that the Board do what they should have done over two years ago, and elect someone with an untarnished record to lead the Association’s defense in the New York case, and on to restoration of the Association.

It’s up to you. I’m just a gnat buzzing around the Board’s ears. You’re who they’re supposed to be working for. If you don’t push them between now and September to do what’s right, then show up in Houston on September 4, to demand that they take action, then the battle is lost – possibly forever, as Letitia James has said she intends to resume the case against NRA and LaPierre early next year.

Houston in September could very well be our last opportunity to right the ship and save the NRA, so now is the time to lobby your Directors and stand up for your Association.

Please share this article with all of your NRA member friends. We need everyone working together on this.

Jeff Knox

About Jeff Knox:

Jeff Knox is a second-generation political activist and director of The Firearms Coalition. His father Neal Knox led many of the early gun rights battles for your right to keep and bear arms. Read Neal Knox – The Gun Rights War.

The Firearms Coalition is a loose-knit coalition of individual Second Amendment activists, clubs and civil rights organizations. Founded by Neal Knox in 1984, the organization provides support to grassroots activists in the form of education, analysis of current issues, and with a historical perspective of the gun rights movement. The Firearms Coalition has offices in Buckeye, Arizona and Manassas, VA. Visit:


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One again the NRA is tone deaf to the members. I refuse to support till LaPirre is out- without more of our $$’s


Are Dominion voting machines being used in this election?

Phil in TX

Excellent question!

Phil in TX
Benefactor Life Member
And Opponent of Wayne


(And as far as I can tell, in our 2022 elections as well)


Why are you so down on Jeff Knox? Are you a troll?


Charles Nichols really likes that word. Sounds like wants to GO down on Jeff Knox.


Number one on your list of questions should be, “Do you stand by the NRA’s support of the NFA, GCA, Mulford Act, Hughes Amendment, import bans, NICS, red flag laws, bumpstock ban, and FixNICS?” Number two should be, “Do you believe any arms law on the books today is constitutional? Why or why not?” That’s it. That’s really all that matters. The answer to those two questions will tell you all you need to know about someone wanting a seat on the board. An organization that calls itself pro-2A and claims to fight for 2A rights shouldn’t be negotiating those… Read more »

Black cloud

Thanks for your comments about the up coming election. I know little to nothing about these people. I found your site by searching the NRA election.

APG member

When REPUBLICAN George Bush senior renounced his life membership, I got mine to take his place. Haven’t given a dime or voted since. I will check the boxes Jeff recommends and mail in my ballot. Duane Liptak: Former SF Ninja and good dude!

Last edited 1 year ago by APG member

It seems that many who aspire to be board members do so to enrich themselves with the added exposure and parlay that to other endeavors they’re involved in. Every member up for vote should provide a resume of completed actual accomplishments. Otherwise, I’m not voting for anyone.


As a long time Life Member, I appreciate the heads up.

Thank you
I’m saving this article for reference.


Yawn…NR who??


I did not vote for anyone. I wrote a note on the ballot and wasted 55 cents to mail it.


Thanks for the recommendations, Jeff. Sent it out today. As a life member, the NRA has not gotten a dime from me in 15 years, because of LaPierre and his toadies.


Spoken like the Wayne supporter anti gun troll that you are with no evidence.
Bloomburg needs to hire better troll then you.


Voting at the NRA is a farce. The Democrats took lessons from LaPierre on how to “put the fix in” on an election. LaPierre, if not personally, has sycophants count the votes and only count the ones he wants on the board. Voting at all within a corrupt organization is like playing poker at a table where everyone but you is cheating, and all it is doing is contributing to a crooked game that you cannot win.

APG member

Truly voting is an immoral act of aggression, but you seem to believe republicans are paragogns of honesty and virtu and hold honest elections…


Every time you do nothing you are handing your enemy a victory.

Dean Speir

Thanks for the recommendations, Jeff… appreciate the guidance.

Really miss your Dad in times like this. I know you do as well, but you carry the torch very well.

APG member

Dean Speir, gun writer, is that you?


Jeff, according the NRA board Duane Liptak, Jr., along with William H. Satterfield, were among the chosen few endorsed by the board but withdrew their names from consideration. True? Is Liptak running or not? How good can he be if the board nominated him? What can you tell us about Satterfield?


Thanks, Jeff. I’ll likely vote as you suggest but it is disappointing to hear that Liptak would only serve long enough to vote against LaPierre. 1) The membership needs board members who will attend all meetings and ask difficult questions. 2) If Liptak resigns he will be replaced by another LaPierre sycophant; not what we need. If you really want to put the “ex-” in Executive VP, you need to be heard on as many radio programs and podcasts as possible. We also need someone with the stature of an Alan West, the business experience of a large company CEO,… Read more »


Sigh now I get this after I already sent my ballot in.


Funny how Ammoland approves this vile spew but censors my reply to Weingarten’s article, in which I note that Texas & other state “Constitutional Carry” is NOT constitutional carry (infested with deadly “gun-free” zones and penalties).


Ammoland allowed some ass to delete his comment after it was replied to, making look like my comment was directed at the article instead of the vile comment.


There is no one that I would trust, advocating for my Second Amendment Rights, more than JOHN L CUSHMAN!

Dean Speir

I’ve known John Cushman for more than 35 years, and worked to get him elected back then. But he has been a HUGE disappointment and a total LaPierre sycophant from the moment he was first seated! I have no idea what your relationship with Cushman is, but I sincerely question your judgement if you put ANY trust in his commitment to the Second Amendment.


It is a cluster fiasco to vote for no one.