Shameful Media Bias Ignores Positive Self-Defense Stories Involving Guns

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Shameful Media Bias Ignores Positive Self-Defense Stories Involving Guns

BELLEVUE, WA – -( While the legacy media is quick to sensationalize every incident involving misuse of firearms, they just as quickly downplay or completely dismiss reports of lawful self-defense with firearms, and the Second Amendment Foundation is openly challenging the establishment press to explain why.

“Why are the gun prohibition lobby and their bought and paid for politicians and media mouth pieces ignoring stories like this,” wondered SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb, after learning of a 12-year-old Louisiana boy’s recent heroic defense of his mother by using a hunting rifle to fatally shoot an armed intruder who was attacking her.

Gottlieb, who co-authored “Good Guys with Guns,” “Right to Carry” and “America Fights Back,” said cases of armed self-defense seem to vanish from the headlines. However, let a tragedy involving a firearm occur, and it becomes the launchpad for on-air interviews with gun control proponents, lengthy newspaper articles about past incidents and editorials demanding additional restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms.

“We’ve seen the media celebrate the heroics of private citizens who pull people out of crashed cars or burning buildings,” Gottlieb observed, “but if an armed citizen stops a restaurant gunman or kills a dangerous home invader, or even saves the life of a law enforcement officer, that story vanishes from the headlines quicker than coherency from a Joe Biden speech.

“We know from experience the gun prohibition lobby suddenly develops lockjaw every time a private citizen successfully uses a gun to save a life,” he continued, “and anti-gun politicians invariably dismiss such cases as ‘isolated incidents.’ But as municipal police agencies see their budgets cut, their morale sinking and their officers leaving, private citizens will increasingly be taking care of themselves and others. Eventually the media and politicians will no longer be able to downplay, dismiss or simply ignore such cases.

“Armed private citizen heroes, regardless of age, may not fit the media narrative,” Gottlieb concluded, “but they fit the American mold. Instead of sweeping such stories under the nearest rug, we should celebrate that fact that such courage exists, along with the fundamental right to keep and bear arms that allows people to be victors rather than victims.”

The Second Amendment Foundation ( is the nation’s oldest and largest tax-exempt education, research, publishing and legal action group focusing on the Constitutional right and heritage to privately own and possess firearms. Founded in 1974, The Foundation has grown to more than 700,000 members and supporters and conducts many programs designed to better inform the public about the consequences of gun control.

Second Amendment Foundation

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Why do the media do this? Very simple. The media are overwhelmingly controlled by the Left, the Left are all totalitarian dictator wannabes, and the only way the Left can ever successfully establish a totalitarian dictatorship in this nation is if all the good citizens are disarmed. So everything they say and do is just another step in the effort toward achieving that goal. There, I said it in plain words.


It amazes me how clearly you just said the truth and there is one more vision in what you said that wasn’t mentioned and demonkkkrats don’t see.. The demonkkkratic party is the party for the little man, so they claim, but the republicans are only for the rich. I can’t begin to quote how many demonkkkrats have said that through the years and perpetuated this lie. So taken that your claim is true, which it is, the proof that the rich are the demonkkkrat party is that they own all the media! Yep, but idiot demonkkkrats can’t put two and… Read more »

Mike the Limey

The vast majority of the MSM are supporters of the left, big government & the suppression of individual freedoms. Why on earth would they report anything which demonstrates how individuals can protect themselves without relying on (ineffectual) state controlled “law enforcement”? The left are ruled by emotions rather than rational thought, project their own inadequacies & irrationality onto others & cannot imagine anyone might have better self control than themselves. That’s why they’re scared of guns: because they can only envisage gun owners as being LESS in control than themselves & they know they themselves are too unstable to possess… Read more »


How smart. “There is no left or right there is only up or down and the democratic party is the party of down”. There is another party that you didn’t mention and that is the party that must go on in your head 24-7-365. I have never heard mention of the up or down party except by you. You must be a troll always correcting people in argument with what they say and trying to correct them as if you are the only person with knowledge on the subject and no one can ever argue a point with you because… Read more »


I rather suspect the party’s in his pants.


they don’t think for themselves, and definitely are not investigative journalists any more. they just regurgitate the talking points they read off the teleprompter.
i call them the talking heads.


I thought demonkkkrats referred to themselves and our country as a democracy over and over again especially on the news by the DOWN party.

Again, your correction is in, error, error, error, error, error. Must sterilize.

From the druggie capital of the USA, OreGONEIA<


Very good information Lord Ann Schart. And your point is? or is this another valuable lesson that you are teaching us because we need to know what you know or is it you feel we need to know how much you know? funny you would think that is important to us.

What you did yesterday is not as important as what you do today or what you are doing now or in the future. by Musicman44mag. You can quote me..

from OreGONE< druggie capital of the USA