The NRA-ILA Reports: Betrayal at the Louisiana Capitol

NRA Louisiana State Capitol
Yesterday, SB 118, Constitutional Carry, was defeated due to several Senators reversing their initial vote of support on the bill. IMG NRA-ILA

U.S.A. -( Yesterday, SB 118, Constitutional Carry, was defeated due to several Senators reversing their initial vote of support on the bill.  Two of the Senators who flip-flopped were Senators Patrick Connick (SD-8) and Louie Bernard (SD-31).  These two actually had the nerve to speak on the Senate floor to try to explain their reason for betraying the Second Amendment.  They admitted they did not do their “research” when they voted the first time in support of your right to carry.  Apparently, this “research” entailed meeting with rogue, anti-gun sheriffs in their districts and succumbing to their pressure.

The other two who don’t support expanding your self-defense options were Republican Senator Franklin Foil (SD-16) and Democrat Senator Gary Smith (SD-19).

Our freedom is dependent on preserving our Constitution and we now know these four Senators cannot be trusted.  We cannot, and will not, let others pick and choose which parts of the Bill of Rights they would like to follow, and we will continue our fight next legislative session to ensure we keep that freedom.

Thank you to the bill sponsor, Senator Jay Morris (SD-35), for his hard work, and to those Senators who stood up to the bullying and were resolute in their support of the right to self-defense.  Thank you, also, to those members and Second Amendment supporters who called, emailed, and attended the rally. Without you, we could not have gotten this far. 

About NRA-ILA:

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess, and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit:

National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

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As if NRA gives a crap about Constitutional Carry when it’s responsible for the “gun free” zones in the “carry” states.


You clowns at the NRA have absolutely zero credibility when it comes to calling someone out for betrayal. You betrayed every American when you advocated for and helped enact the NFA, GCA, Mulford Act, Hughes Amendment, import bans, NICS, red flag laws, bumpstock ban, and FixNICS.


And “gun free” zones.


Green Mtn. Boy & Russn8r, you both are right! I don’t know what idiots voted down on your comments, but they are traitors to us and the 2nd Amendment. I logged in just to give you guys a vote “UP”! Lock and load


Many thanks!

Green Mtn. Boy

Much like Negating Rights Aways betrayal of Americans and members 2 nd. amendment rights since 1934.


Irrespective of what bill passes there are so many gun free zones you really have to be careful. An email to the Louisiana State Police verified that If I try to go to the upcoming HAM Fest in a State Agricultural building I will be in violation because it is a meeting place for a State Agency.



Since there is no accountability to which open traitors are held, expect more of the same in the future. Most people mistakenly believe that being anti-rights is a viable political viewpoint. It isn’t. And most people believe is is the job of LEOs to hold these criminals to account. It isn’t; it’s the job of the People, and the cops and the government are not representative of the People, which is another error in reasoning most people make.

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The NRA has lost it’s political clout. Politicians could care less about your
NRA endorsement.


It comes down to what it always comes down to. Follow the money!


Is it me or is there a reason why we cannot see who votes “down” but we can see who votes up (agrees)


How do you see who up votes?


Exactly what I was thinking. I can’t see either one.