Wilson Combat Expands Its Facilities For 2021 ~ VIDEO

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- Wilson Combat is pleased to announce a major facility expansion for 2021 to meet the current and future needs of our valued customers.

This 10 million dollar 16,000 square foot expansion south of Berryville, Arkansas has increased our facility size from 77,200 sq ft to 93,200 sq ft and our team members from 161 to 242. This additional space houses new automated machining centers, EDMs, lasers, CMMs, and added barrel manufacturing equipment to increase production, enhance the overall quality, and substantially improve delivery times.

Construction is starting on an additional 3500 sq ft building that will house automated media blasting, tumbling, and component finishing equipment. Once completed our 300+ acre campus will have 96,700 sq ft under the roof to better serve our valued customers.

About Wilson Combat

Headquartered in Berryville, Arkansas since 1977, Wilson Combat is an industry leader in high-quality firearms for self-protection, law enforcement, military, and recreational use. Wilson Combat manufactures cutting-edge handguns, rifles, shotguns as well as firearm accessories, and ammunition. Visit www.wilsoncombat.com for more information.


Wilson Combat

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Ryben Flynn

Nice reference to The Matrix and John Wick.


Nice to hear this! They did some work on a 92FS and I couldn’t be happier!! Great company!