Dead Air Armament Unveils .46-Caliber Suppressor – The Primal ~ VIDEO

U.S.A. -( The industry leader in firearms sound suppressors, Dead Air Armament is pleased to announce the addition of the .46 caliber, magnum-rated Primal suppressor.

Dead Air Primal

Dead Air Primal lever action
The Primal even works on .45-70 Gov lever-action rifles! IMG Dead Air

The Primal is a multi-purpose .46 caliber “Rifle Centric” suppressor that is optimized for cartridges like the .458 Socom, 45-70, 450 Bushmaster, yet versatile enough to be effective on sub-caliber handguns. Rated to handle the extreme pressures produced by large magnums like the 338 Lapua, the Primal is tough and at 16.5 oz it’s not overly heavy. As a true multi-purpose suppressor, the Primal can accept the SD500 booster assembly making it usable as a handgun silencer and can be configured to mount with direct thread, KeyMo, Xeno, or 3-lug. The Primal is constructed with 17-4 Stainless Steel for a high strength to weight ratio, low maintenance, and stress-free experience. The Primal body is coated with a high heat Cerakote with a mount/endcap that has a Nitride treatment for lifelong durability.

Dead Air Primal
Dead Air Armament’s new Primal suppressor works with dozens of calibers including magnum ones. IMG Dead Air

“One challenge to creating a multi-purpose suppressor that does everything well is the balance of weight, strength, and sound suppression. We call the Primal “rifle centric” because the strength and weight balance is leaning towards rifle level performance but don’t hesitate to put this on your favorite pistol. This thing will eat up anything you throw at it” Said Mike Pappas, Founder Dead Air Silencers

Dead Air Primal Suppressor Features

Caliber: .46
Length: 7.9”
Diameter: 1.618
Weight: 16.5 oz
Material: 17-4 Stainless
Coating: High Temp Cerakote with Nitride mount and endcap

● LT302 5/8-24 thread insert
● SD502 HUB To P-SERIES thread adapter
● TL Pack wrenches
MSRP: $929

For more info visit:

About Dead Air Silencers:

Founded by familiar silencer industry names Mike Pappas and Todd Magee, Dead Air Armament aims to bring uncompromising quality in design and manufacturing to the suppressor market to produce the finest instruments of silence.

Attention to detail, aesthetics, and experience are not only in the name but in the design. Standards are high, “good isn’t good enough” and if any product comes off the line not up to par, the can gets canned—it’s that simple.

Dead Air products are manufactured and distributed by KGM Technologies.

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WI Patriot

I subscribe to the theory of, “if you heard the shot, it wasn’t meant for you”…


Just be happy they don’t build something like Automobile Mufflers or BCG’s. They would cost Fifty Thousand Dollars for one.

Dogma Factor

Now if I could only find a 46ACP I’d be set.