Legally Armed America’s Paul Glasco Authors How to Make a Monster

Legally Armed America's Paul Glasco Authors How to Make a Monster
Legally Armed America’s Paul Glasco Authors How to Make a Monster

U.S.A.-( Paul Glasco, President of Legally Armed America, has authored a new book titled How to Make a Monster pointing out how the anti-gun movement consistently slanders gun rights advocates while doing “absolutely nothing to promote gun safety.” The book exposes the lucrative anti-gun enterprise, its politicians, and the mainstream media for the “money-making machine they profit from after rampage killings.”

According to Glasco, “I became tired of hearing people repeat the question, ‘what can we do about all these mass shootings?’ and then watch them do nothing. So, I dedicated years of research, culminating in the book How to Make a Monster and Why No One Cares. It describes precisely why the anti’s do nothing to answer important questions about WHY rampage killers murder innocent people. And then illustrates how gun control advocates are not truly interested in stopping these horrible killings,” he added.

Each tragedy sees more media and political attention directed at rampage killings, said Glasco. “The talking heads scream for more gun control and openly discuss the outright ban of legal gun ownership. Meanwhile, millions of innocent, law-abiding Americans who choose to protect themselves and their families with firearms are ignored,” he said. “What about the Second Amendment and the constitutionally guaranteed right to self-defense?”

How to Make a Monster tackles root causes for why one human decides to take the life of another human. “As long as the desire to kill is there, the tool utilized to take that life has no bearing on the outcome or prevention of future murders,” Glasco said. “If we aren’t seeking out the true cause of rampage killings, are we really serious about solving and preventing them?”

Fredy Riehl, Editor-in-Chief of Ammoland News, had this to say about How to Make a Monster, “Is the problem the gun or the person behind the tool? If you care about saving human lives and getting to the truth behind so-called ‘gun violence,’ then Paul Glasco’s new book is a must-read.”

World Champion Shooter, Max Michel remarked, “All too often folks are quick to blame the gun or ‘tool’ used to commit a serious crime/murder when it’s truly deeper than that. Sure, it’s easy to say take away guns and we can reduce murders, but if you believe that, then you haven’t done your research. Paul puts this on full display in his new book.”

“I’m like most American gun owners,” said Glasco, “I care about the safety of all people and work tirelessly alongside fellow gun rights advocates to promote safe gun handling and the sanctity of the Second Amendment.”

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About Paul Glasco and Legally Armed America:

Paul Glasco is a staunch Second Amendment rights advocate and the creator and host of the long-running television show, Legally Armed America on the FOX Network.

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If you really want to tackle a safety problem in America, how about we ban motor vehicles. They account for thousands and thousands of deaths every year. It would be much simpler than banning guns since there is no constitutionally guaranteed right to own and drive cars. How about it you Left Wing Communist Democraps? Are you ready to get on board for this one because it truly is a public health crisis!

Doug G.

Doctor’s account for 100,000 deaths per year by malpractice. “Mal” means Bad, so Bad Practices by people who are trusted to NOT harm us, but do. If you want to talk about deaths that shouldn’t have happened due to preventable actions, we should start there! A what about the Opioid crisis and our half century “War on Drugs”? There are millions of deaths, from something the government has dedicated itself to fighting and preventing. Turned out about as well as Biden’s retreat from Afghanistan. One big expensive fuster cluck. But then he’s been at this fight his whole career as… Read more »