Mexican Suit Threatens Second Amendment

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Mexico’s attempts at gun-control show just how futile it is. IMG iStock-913549340

Massachusetts/Mexico – -( If there is one thing Second Amendment supporters have to remember, it’s that anti-Second Amendment extremists are willing to take any shot they can at our rights. The suit in a federal court in Massachusetts by Mexico against six firearms manufacturers and one wholesaler is one classic example of this.

Like big-city mayors a quarter-century ago, the Mexican government has been unable or unwilling to address serious criminal activity.

In one sense, Mexico has it much tougher than American cities: The drug cartels are a for-real insurgency of sorts. But rather than actually get serious about dealing with the cartels, who get weapons you don’t find at your local FFL, they’re blaming law-abiding Americans who wish to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Now it is clear that some guns do get run from the United States to cartels, and not just from Operation Fast and Furious. As the Second Amendment Foundation reported, the Mexican government doesn’t trace all the guns they seize for the reasons stated above: The type of firepower Mexican authorities are facing isn’t legally available on the civilian market in the United States.

That being said, such trafficking violates various provisions of 18 USC 922 and can also trigger versions of 18 USC 924.  If there is blame to be assessed in America for Mexico’s problem, not prosecuting those violations is a place to look.

But the involvement of the Brady Campaign in this suit is a dead giveaway to the real objective of this suit. This is about targeting six gun manufacturers: Glock, Ruger, Smith and Wesson, Century Arms, Beretta, and Colt. All sell popular firearms to the public, and each newly manufactured gun is sold to a member of the public in accordance with federal, state, and local firearms laws through an FFL.

What the Brady Campaign wants is what they wanted two decades ago when cities were suing gun manufacturers: They want to either drive the manufacturers into bankruptcy, or they want them to accept terms that have been rejected by the bulk of state legislatures (not to mention Congress), often due to the grassroots efforts of Second Amendment supporters and groups like the NRA and GOA.

It goes without saying that this lawsuit needs to be thrown out with prejudice. But that won’t be enough. Congress will need to strengthen the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, to include sanctions against this type of suit. Second Amendment supporters should contact their Representative and Senators to urge that, but they also need to contact the Mexican government to register their objection to this suit – if common sense can’t get Mexico to back off, maybe the threat of losing tourism will.

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.Harold Hutchison

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Its time to prosecute Eric Holder , Barrack Obama and Joe Biden for Fast and furious (Gunwalking ). Their guns that they sold killed innocent citizens and border agents . Mexico needs to hold them accountable for those illegal guns and take responsibility for thier citizens breaking our immigration laws . Mexico can either do what’s right or go strait to hell ! Take thier lawsuit and stuff it up thier ass . We need to defend our border with force they will get that picture when the stink of bodies draws flies and tell Mexico to back off or… Read more »


Never gonna happen. As with any and all Federal agencies, no one of their employees (agents) is ever held accountable for their illegal actions. At best, they are transferred or promoted and maybe the agency issues a blanket denial or gives a pitiful excuse as an apology, but no one loses their job, their retirement or God forbid, has their life destroyed or goes to jail. Ruby Ridge, Waco, Fast & Furious, and the list of American Citizens who have had their lives and families destroyed and who have been murdered by Federal agency personnel of most agencies, but especially… Read more »


Can we countersue for the damage done to us by Mexico’s policies encouraging and facilitating illegal immigration to the US?


no because our current gummit have freely allowed it. Trump had it pretty well under control, despite all the lawsuits brought to prevent that happening. Ever since the Bi-ris hit, Trumps work got reversed. Its worse now than it was when the kinyun reigned.

Dr. Strangelove

Sue Obama and Eric Holder.


Exactly, still waiting for those arrest warrants.


Beowulf . . . I would not hold my breath waiting for those arrest warrants. Obama, Holder, and others are all a part of the Oligarchy that now runs America and, as such, they are immune to prosecution.


Boy how true, it’s the ruling party, hooray for us and SCREW YOU, the Demo-Rats get all the Free-Passes, no accountability ever, all they want is TOTAL CONTROL over us!!!!!!!!! This Pandemic proves it with their constant changes to control us with restricting what we can do with our lives! They say Trump was bad, they sure beat him all the way around and the Press thinks backs DEAD BEAT JOE on every breath of what is best for us!!!!!!!!!!!!

WI Patriot

The by all means, let’s finish the border wall…




A silly pipe dream. Fully one third of America came across the southern border. Stop pretending that border security has been a thing since Reagan took office.


What good does that do with Dems & RINOs running the fed-gov & states? Like laws, walls don’t enforce themselves.


Obambam and Holder are the ones who forced dealers to sell to the cartels and this may be just what they had in mind when they did it. Let Mexico sue them personally.


An investigative reporter needs to latch onto this and expose all the connections and linkages. For all we know Bidens State Dept and Blinkin are behind this or have some deep involvement. If the American president was a Patriot he would tell Mexico to shove it and push a hundred thousand illegals back into Mexico. Instead we have a demented communist puppet whose strings are being pulled by the Chinese. You can bet Bidens invite of a UN team to measure Racism is also going to investigate the US gun situation to develop a legal basis for UN law to… Read more »


one hundred thousand ?? more like eleven million


11 million? More like 40-50 million. With another 40-50 million that have gotten s ok me form or residency or citizenship. If you are counting on the federales to tell you how big the actual enemy incursion has been, you have the mind of a child. Always take their numbers and square them.


The federales have been using the phony 11 million number for 20 years. Wise up.


Mexico is a Narco State and has been for years. The “Bite” (bribery) is a fact of life there. What Mexico says is what the cartels want.


As long as Americans fails to enact tort reform, as implemented in nearly every modern country (Mexico included), our courts will be clogged with these frivolous lawsuits. Make plaintiffs pay the full freight for losing. The courts, the defendants, the insurance underwriters and America deserve relief from this litigious culture.

Last edited 1 year ago by Wass

An even better idea. Declare the cartel and all other drug gangs in Mexico as terrorist organizations. Then since we are pulling out of Afghanistan and there are talks of pulling out of Iraq, we use the war on terror as a reason to send troops to Mexico and we start getting rid of the terrorist. As a current member of the military, I would absolutely volunteer to deploy to Mexico to help out with the complete destruction of these Terrorist that constantly cross our southern border, kill, kidnap, intimidate and harm American citizens.


No need to cross that line in the sand and OCCUPY Mexico. Deploy our troops long the now-porous boundary. Let THEM secure it, as is the obligation of FedGov. Biden and Company asleep at the switch (morelike wilfully abandoning their assigned post) and failing to secure our borders, let the military do it. Every inch of it. Let the SeaBees construct whatever impediments to crossing that line by those not authorised/qualified to do so. THEN let’s see how many guns cross from OUR side. We all know that until they begin to move against guns coming from China, Turkey,Agrentina, which… Read more »


Actually, of all the countries in the world to invade, occupy, and liberate, Mexico is the only one that makes any sense. Until the corrupt ruling kleptoclass, military & “LEOs” are wiped out and allow a successful society and economy, the pressure to invade the USA will never stop.


You’d have to wipe out the terrorists’ partners too: Mexican govt, military & LEOs.


Funny Sig wasn’t in the lawsuit, and around that same time it was announced they were in dealings to provide firearms to Mexico. Sig should pull the deal, if not they should get hammered for dealing with the Mexican Gov’t and going against the 2A or groups fighting it which goes into the next statement… doubt Bloomberg has his money involved in this and there is collusion with the Biden Administration. Not only are they likely involved in this, they are now telling anti-gun states to sue gun manufacturers. Remington willing to pay money, S&W allowed to be sued in… Read more »


The root of the drug problem is the uncountable number of Americans that are using illegal drugs. Stopping the cartels in Mexico will only make the cartels in other competing Narco-nations stronger as they move in to fill the vacancy left by the Mexican Cartels exit. The power of the drug cartels comes from the dollars spent by the addicts. Its basic economics, demand fuels supply. The key is then to stop the demand. Unfortunately, no one really wants to take on the extreme social problems in our inner cities that drive the demand for drugs. It is not just… Read more »


I’m gonna go ahead and disregard anything Mexico does. You know…like we’ve been doing since the battle of San Jacinto.


The Mexican government is run by the drug cartels, and Joe the Buffoon Biden I believe is in cahoots with the cartels (everything seems to point to it). So it figures that the Mexican government would do what the Buffoon administration has been threatening to do. CRBs.


Lets just start sending the bodies of “border rats” back to Mexico as payment in kind!


The People better be ready to stand up or hand the country to foreign scum and there enablers already here


The enablers have been here for years and we never put 2X2 together, now people are waking up because we finally had a REAL American, Donald J. Trump, as President and we can see where we were asleep at the switch.


Trump had great promise, we trusted-volunteered-donated, but he turned out to be a babbling brook of Bluff & Fold, narcissism, negligence & betrayal. Appointed & surrounded himself with the swamp. Pushed gun control after a massacre. Refused to discredit Q psyops; pardoned drug dealers, bank robbers, rappers & other celebs instead of the unarmed “insurrectionists” & Assange; abandoned them and their loved ones to misery and destruction.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

These crybaby downvotes are like 5 years ago when the same idiots still worshiped George W Bush.

AZ Lefty

We already stopped Trump WTF are you talking about?


Sue the beaners for allowing drugs, cartels and their gangs into the US.
Ef these Mexican idiots. They’ve been horrendous southern neighbors since Pancho Via


This suit will be stripped naked.

AZ Lefty

Oh noes more pearl clutching


Yes, yes, you Commie-Libs prefer pearl facials and throat-washes.