Sandy Hook Plaintiffs in Lawsuit v. Remington ‘Considering’ Settlement Offer

Remington Arms Plant
Remington Arms has reportedly offered nearly $33 million to nine plaintiffs in a long-running lawsuit filed against the company following the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting.

U.S.A.-( Nine plaintiffs in a long-running lawsuit against Remington Arms Co. LLC and Remington Outdoors Co. Inc., over the Sandy Hook tragedy in 2012 are reportedly considering “their next steps” following an offer of almost $33 million—coming to $3.66 million per each plaintiff—according to court documents filed this week in Waterbury Superior Court.

A trial is expected to begin in several weeks, with jury selection reportedly beginning in September, NPR reported.

According to CNN and other news agencies, attorneys representing the Sandy Hook victims’ families said their clients will “consider their next steps” in a statement.

In February, according to Reuters, lawyers for the plaintiffs filed papers in court estimating the wrongful death claims could total more than $225 million and might reach above $1 billion.

Remington has already filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The Sandy Hook lawsuit was filed in 2014.

In December 2012, killer Adam Lanza murdered his mother, who had legally purchased guns used in the attack that left 20 schoolchildren and six adults dead, before driving to the school. She had apparently complied with all Connecticut requirements at the time.

Lanza used a Bushmaster semiautomatic rifle in the shooting. Rather than be taken alive, he committed suicide when police began arriving. His mother’s body was discovered later.

Two years ago, Remington argued that it should be protected by the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, passed by Congress in 2005 to prevent what the firearms industry considers “junk lawsuits” aimed at bankrupting gun makers. But in 2019, the U.S. Supreme Court allowed the lawsuit to move forward, CNN recalled in its report.

The news agency said the plaintiffs’ attorneys took a different tack, claiming the company’s “marketing strategy” is at fault.

Following the Sandy Hook tragedy, the National Rifle Association made headlines by recommending armed school security in U.S. public schools. While the gun control lobby, the media, and liberals in Congress, along with many public school officials, dismissed the recommendation, over the next few years, several schools quietly moved in that direction. Some hired off-duty police officers and in other cases, police or sheriffs’ departments assigned “school resource officers” to schools in their jurisdictions.

A third option, which was also done quietly in many cases, was to allow teacher volunteers to take training in the use of firearms and have guns on campus to protect against such attacks.

Meanwhile, families of the victims contended Remington should not be selling such firearms as the Bushmaster to private citizens. Some estimates run as high as 20 million semi-auto modern sporting rifles being in private hands, which makes the AR-15 the most popular rifle in America today.

Owners of such firearms use them for a variety of purposes including competition, recreational shooting, home defense, varmint and predator hunting and control. Many competitive shooters own more than one such rifle.

While anti-gunners claim them to be “weapons of war” that should be banned, FBI Uniform Crime statistics published annually reveal consistently that rifles of any kind, including AR-15-type guns, are used in a fraction of all homicides in any given year. More people are murdered annually with blunt instruments and various cutting instruments—primarily knives—than are killed with rifles.

There is no small irony in the fact that the National Shooting Sports Foundation is headquartered in Newtown, Connecticut where Sandy Hook Elementary was also located.

About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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Settlement for what? Remington or any firearm didn’t commit any crime or mishap.

Deplorable Bill

Nowhere else in the world but America do you see blood sucking lawyers going after a innocent third party to defame their good name, bleed them dry so they could line their wallets and destroy that company along with the good people who work there. Firearms only do what the operator tells them. Yes, there are accidents but we aren’t talking about accidents here, we are talking about mass murder. The firearm didn’t wake up, steal his mothers firearm and murder the woman of the house and then trudge down to the kiddy school, break in and murder staff and… Read more »


Mission accomplished. It was always about the money. There was never any intent to go to trial by the plaintiffs. Very rarely do suits such as this go to trial and the attorneys for the plaintiffs know this. The whole idea is to put enough heat on the defendant that it’s “Their” idea to settle. Been going on for years and will not stop as long as Lawyers Run the Show..


The only winners in these types of suits are the lawyers, win or lose they get paid. They need to start suing the medical institution for malpractice for failing to treat mental illness. You alwas find out “the perp, had a history of mental illness.”


So much for the 5 “Federalist” Society “conservatives” on the court in 2019.


if they let them win every gun company will be gone ,they will sue all of them. totally wrong .disarm all citizens and turn us over to china. this is what the democrats want.


What do you mean “let them win”? Remington can’t snap its fingers and stop them. The scumbag “conservatives” who could’ve stopped them cold are “Federalist” Society “justices” on the US Supreme Court.

uncle dudley

While many companies thinks it is cheaper to settle with a cash payout than to fight in court for a ruling in their favor, by doing so the are admitting guilt even if the settlement says otherwise.
Remington did nothing wrong, it was the nut who pulled the trigger and if they settle this suit I will no longer purchase any Remington’s products in the future.
Sometimes you have stand your ground and fight like hell to prove your point and that is apparent here.
While I feel sorry for the victims and their families Remington is not at fault.


Death to Remington if they settle this. Never purchase another of their products or crappy Ammo.

Side note: Remington has not made anything worthwhile in decades. I say good riddance.


I see the torch and pitchfork crowd is out in force today. Dave Workman, you know a sizeable portion of the readership does not understand the difference between Corporations and brands. It was irresponsible not to go into some detail about what entity you are referring to when you say “Remington” and that the “Remington” brand of ammo is produced by a company that has nothing to do with this lawsuit. You really should post a conspicuous update that explains that Vista Outdoor (the corporation that now owns the Remington brand as it relates to ammo and that produces and… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

True, but Vista could do it’s own part. There’s nothing at all about the 2020 Remington acquisition on their website, and Remington’s not listed among their brands.


Vista Outdoor lists Remington along with their other brands.

They made a press release (available through their website) on the acquisition and they properly disclosed the acquisition in their SEC filings (also available thorugh their website).

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

Damn. How did I miss that? Need more coffee.


Same way I miss stuff – it happens.


Remember when some clown here was peddling a conspiracy theory that Vista Outdoor was part of Agenda 69 or whatever?


Every day people post about democrats, socialists, marxists, communists, etc. Many of the same people are themselves statists who support an ever-growing government with more and more government employees gettting involved in things they shouldn’t get involved in – both outside the U.S. and inside the U.S. They then go on to bash one of the main things that has differentiated the U.S. from totalitarian societies – capitalism. The incongruity is endless. Regarding the guy who claimed VO was on the cutting edge of driving some new word order or some new level of wokeness, he is one of many… Read more »



Just kidding! If I was serious I’d use at least 3 exclamation points!!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

and don’t forget


Never do.


The real issue is destruction of the firearms industry and disarmament. This suit is only a step. The state of CT is the stronghold of the Communist Party USA. After learning this, It makes me question me question why the shooting happened. It was either a setup or a golden opportunity. It has destroyed one if the oldest, finest firearms manufacturers in the country. And all because some crazed wacko killed his mother, stole her guns, and went in a rampage. the suit should never have been allowed. Their advertising did not cause this crime and Remington is not liable… Read more »


This is 100% correct. UN Agenda is a complete societal redo agenda. Food – Basic Income – International Police Farce – No US Constitution & BOR etc.

Commiefornia Sucks

Sell outs! Total sell outs.


This is where the entire gun community, Manufacturers, retailers, gun organizations, recreational users, professional users, gunsmiths, ammo companies, and the thousands of Americans working in the firearms industry, to come together in a United Front of support for Remington, for it is all of the above that stand to lose if Remington caves to the Communist Left.
Where are all the Sugar Daddies, like Bloomberg, that will contribute funds to fight the likes of this ?
This is a test case that should be pursued to the highest level and Remington should not be standing alone.


It already went to the highest judicial level and the “Federalist” Society “conservatives” betrayed Remington.


The precident this sets will bankrupt many American companies . All the major automobile manufacturers better look out because they can now be held accountable for the actions of a drunk driver that’s behind the wheel of thier automobile brand under these courts new rules. The one’s who need sued are the courts who put the criminals back on the street to break more laws without any serious consequences.


Remington should litigate this through the appellate process because federal law is so clear that they have zero liability because a nutjob killed his mom and stole her rifle and shot up a school. By settling they are encouraging more suits. And, when federal judges are dealing with cases like these, where the manufacturer is asserting the statutory immunity from suits for the illegal use of weapons they sell, those judges are going to say to the manufacturer in the settlement conference, “what makes you different from Remington? They settled.” Perhaps other manufacturers should offer to help Remington with the… Read more »


Lanza used a Bushmaster semiautomatic rifle in the shooting But when I wtched some media coverage of the event, after the fact, the first Medical Examiner to have gone inside and examined the scene declared to the press, eagery waiting outside, that “all the victims I saw were shot with a handgun from relatively close range”. Didn’t know Bushmaster made any handguns. Even if the BM was the urder weapon used most, Remington’s “advertising” could ONLY have swayed the killer’s Mom into buying this particular weapon, instead of, say, a Winchester, savage, Ruger….. having murdered HER, he took whatever happenned… Read more »


You brought up an interesting point. As far as I’ve noticed, over the years, gun advertisements by manufacturers or importers, with few exceptions, do not encourage non-gun owners into gun ownership, but want you to choose their brand over another. This is much like tobacco, coffee or tea advertising. Whether this fact will serve well in defending a gun maker, remains to be seen.


As long as the US resists enacting common sense tort reform (yes, I drew that term, “common sense” from gun controllers), the country will continue to be at the mercy of the legal profession, intent on enriching themselves through shameless extortion of legal established institutions. We’ve seen, in recent years, the tobacco industry, the asbestos industry, the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts of America, among some other lesser known institutions driven to bankruptcy, and to the shysters’ delight penury. Actual perps, be they common criminals, perverted clergy, doctors running pill mills or individuals misusing products are but fulcrums in… Read more »


If Judges would do their job on a Constitutional level, this conversation would be moot.
We have the constitution
We have the bill of rights
Now if only we could get judges to follow them…


Proper tort reform would allow respondents to counter sue for legal fees, expenses, plus – to be paid by plaintiff’s lawyer if plaintiff’s pockets are not deep enough.

Ryben Flynn

Remington caving. It would cost less to keep fighting it.


Remington is not caving. They’re making a valid risk assessment. You’re not in their shoes after the Supreme Court betrayed them.

Mike the Limey

Remington have ZERO culpability.
Paying off what is a legal blackmail threat will only encourage others.
Funny how they’re not going after the manufacturers of the dangerous drugs prescribed to the perpetrator…

…oh, big pharma has MUCH better legal teams…


Dave Workman did not do a good job on this article – you have to go elsewhere to understand the issue.

Mike the Limey

Do Remington (or any entity such named) have ANY responsibility for the murderer’s actions?

Answer: NO

That’s all that’s needed.


No – it’s not.


  • When the Sandy Hook murders took place;
  • When Remington filed for bankruptcy;
  • Why Remington filed for bankruptcy;
  • How the company was dissolved;
  • Who bought each of the assets;
  • How U.S. law works with regard to asset sales vs equity sales (in regard to liability assumed by the purchaser); and
  • What entity is being sued.

Here is the starting point:

Workman has got every village idiot with a pitch fork and a torch out demonizing Vista Outdoor.


You should step up to represent Remington in court. Looks like you have it all figured out.


Wait until he figures out what “Remington” means with regards to the topic of this article.

Mike the Limey

You should step up to run the case against them, seeing as you’re sure of their culpability.


I’m fairly certain that was not his point.

I know that was not my point.

Of course no company is responsible for the actions of a murderer.


Was it happy hour when you wrote that? Of course they’re not culpable. Doesn’t mean the prosecutor won’t get a civil verdict in a commie state.


Whipped it out there though! Gotta give him that.


Remington has no easy choice after our LoLibertarian “Federalist” Society Supreme Court “justices” betrayed them and all of us. It’s going to trial in a commie-Dem state, and civil verdicts are majority or supermajority, not unanimous like criminal trials. They may see it as too risky not to settle. Hard to second-guess them.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

Lanza did NOT have any drugs or alcohol in his system. His mother had him try psycho active drugs for a couple days and stopped them,

Mike the Limey

It was a lot more than a couple of days & stopping, rather than tapering off psychoactive drugs is a known trigger for irrational, often aggressive behaviour.
That’s not just a medical fact, it’s something I’ve witnessed at first hand.


If this goes through then every auto crash,plane crash, train ceash, etc cna and will be sued for culpability !!!


A settlement in this case is not necessarily “caving”. Remington was betrayed by Trump’s “Federalist” Society “justices”, so now it faces the high risk of a 5/6 civil verdict in a commie-Dem state.


perhaps the decision makers at remington are on the take from bloomberg. common sense would dictate that this strategy is an existential threat to any manufacturer.


so cutethat they selected Massachussetts for this bogus lawsuit… “to avoid any bias”. Yeah, right. WHy not in Missouri, Kansas, Montana, Idaho, Texas? Texas bounderay is likley the widest pathway for the guns “walking” into Mexico anyway, THAT should be the venue. Mexico can’t seem to get a handle on their own peole, so they want our gunmakers to bear THEIR burden of responsibility? Its not as if those guns “found” illegally in Mexico get up on their own two legs (or is it four they have?) and WALK accross the bountary into Mexico, or flip their funs and swim… Read more »


Don’t buy into that’s nonsense of all the guns in Mexico coming from the US.
This assumption is based on fact that US is able to trace majority of guns submitted to ATF for tracing. Of course Mexico submits only guns they believe came from the US – statistic only shows that they are right more often than not.
Cartels often have firearms unavailable in US civilian marketplace. What makes anyone believe those guns came from our stock of privately owned guns?


Maybe the citizens of Mexico if they are so unhappy with their government should, get some of these illegal firearms and change their form of crooked government rather that saying “to hell with it” and fleeing to the U.S.!


Remington shouldn’t settle this. they have the law on their side with the plcaa. and it would give precedence to other suits.

“Public Law 109–92 109th Congress An Act To prohibit civil liability actions from being brought or continued against manufacturers, distributors, dealers, or importers of firearms or ammunition for damages, injunctive or other relief resulting from the misuse of their products by others.”

how the scotus determined to let this proceed is baffling.
the plaintiffs will not be getting very much money the lawyers are going to be the ones banking.


Remington can’t just make-believe the Supreme Court didn’t betray them.


No they cannot. However we can pressure congress to reform the plcaa. Clearly it needs to be strengthened as it was insufficient to stop this frivolous lawsuit.
Don’t be surprised when bills appear in 2023. Unfortunately they’d won’t become law until POTUS changes hands.


The PLCAA was put in place after Giuliani (Trump’s personal attorney) used taxpayer money to sue dozens of firearm manufacturers for manufacturing firearms.

Not only will there have to be a new president, but the new president will have to be pro 2nd Amendment. That could be Trump if he decides to change the anti 2nd Amendment platform he established on 2/28/18.


Yep. Sadly, that’s another thing “pro-gun” Rs didn’t do when they had congress-senate-pres. Too many quislings, crooks, timid baby steppers, compromisers, appeasers & idiots. Plus bungling babbling narcissistic 2A squish Trump mindlessly gobbled down the Sup Ct recommendations of the LoLibertarian-dominated “Federalist” Society so now were stuck with 3 more unvetted squishes for life, all of whom assisted the Xiden coup d’etat. Pathetic.

Elections have consequences. Pressuring congress will yield no good new laws until Rs get all 3 branches & real R conservatives wrest leadership of the party & bounce traitors, crooks, sissies, appeasers, compromisers, grovelers, idiots & cowards.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

For conservatives/constitutionalists to take over the republican party a sinkhole would have to open up under the capitol, swallow up all the RINOs and spinless republicans and immediately snap shut! The it would be time for replacement of the quislings!


Geat rationalization for doing nothing, or worse, vote LoLibertarian.

Henry Bowman

The very fact that SCOTUS let this proceed shows you how they would rule if this case is appealed up to SCOTUS. They will sell us out just like any craven politician would. Gun owners must ask themselves; “Do I trust 9 monkeys in robes as much as any other politician?” and the accompanying question is, “Do I trust politicians to safeguard my Rights?” If the answer to the latter is NO, why would you ever answer YES to the first?? Our safeguard is not in depending on legislatures and courts to protect our liberty, but rather in the very… Read more »

Doug G.

It was allowed because plaintiffs are not suing for the use/misuse of the weapon, rather how the rifle was advertised. It is a novel approach (like Novel coronavirus, novel) under the law. That action was allowed to proceed because it was believed by the judges that PLCCA didn’t apply since this approach takes Lanza’s subsequent actions out of the question and focus’ on how the Co. advertised, claiming that is what was negligent. That’s one issue. The other issue is the cost to litigate, which includes the potential judgement, by preponderance of the evidence (51% decision), in a liberal commie… Read more »


Wow, someone finally called out the irony that NSSF is located in Newtown. Detective Badge to Dave!! But on to the point. To he double toothpicks with Remington. They are laden with MBA’s who have only money in mind. When you defend a law suit of this magnitude on this kind of fundamental issue you have a duty to win. You represent far more than your stock ticker symbol. WE all have a duty to defend basic principles over and above our bottom lines. If you question that proposition let me tour you through a VA hospital or clinic or… Read more »


If only they had more Poli-Sci majors.


How much have you donated to Remington’s legal defense fund?

If we all have a responsibility, why haven’t we all stood up and shouldered that’s responsibility? It I should easy to cast aspersions on someone who is not doing what you think they should. Remington executives primary responsibility is to stock holders, followed by employees, creditors and community. That last being way below the rest. Much as we grumble about idiocy in SCOTUS ruling, following that settling is probably their best option.


This is obviously rigged & completely the wrong & opposite direction. We all know Sandy Hook was a False Flag.

Cain vs. Able metaphor applies. Did Cain kill Able or the Rock ?

Do spoons make people fat ?
Do these pants make my butt look big ?

Setting a legal standing precedent is exactly what this does.

Shows how rigged it really is.
Stupefying ignorance.


whether Cain used a rock or a big stick or a knife does not matter. God knows that. That is why He did NOT ban the tool. Nope. He banished the USER of the tool. Separated him from the rest of society.

Mike the Limey

Do we?
Please show evidence.
Making spurious claims “the gummint done it” is a diversion from the real issues & exactly the kind of nonsense I can see the left promoting in order to have ridicule poured on conservatives.


More Sandy Hook was faked bullshit again? Good grief. IQ fail.


Sandy Hook hoaxers are brain dead idiots. I recommend everyone read the CT State Police report. It is a thorough report.


Anyone saying Sandy Hook was a false flag operation, needs a brain transfer. You need to read the CT state police report. You should be ashamed of yourself for calling it a false flag.


I don’t know it was a false flag.

I believe a murderer killed 27 people.

Please describe what you believe – in detail.

Also, do you believe there are massive tunnels going form Maine to D.C. and from D.C. to the west coast that Walmart built for the new world order so, you know, when its time, they can, you know . . .

Also, do you believe Tom Hanks was executed?


I read an article some time ago that stated that, more people in this country died in one year from inserting various things in their Anus’s then rifles of all kinds did in 5 years.
maybe they should ban that practice!


“….anti-gunners claim them to be “weapons of war….” If they weren’t, they would be of zero benefit for the 2A’s true intent. And, that Boys and Girls, is the WHY behind the Libturds’ gun control fetish. The Libturds are scared shitless of Patriots with 2A functional firearms because of what the Libturds have done and are planning to do to America.
Have implemented a “NO REMINGTONS ALLOWED” policy on our 3800 acre big boys’ playground due to Remington acquiescing to the demands of the Left. Remington deserves to be out of business permanently for buckling.

Last edited 1 year ago by StLPro2A



Another one.


A very strong argument was made about this incident in the 2 1/2 hour documentary “We need to talk about Sandyhook” if you can find it. It keeps getting taken down.

Whiteknight13 (whiteasingoodvsevilnotracistyouquacks)

Technically it’s not Remington the company, its Remington llc holdings, such as the insurance company that was still liable for the lawsuit after their bankruptcy restructuring. So they (insurance co) have no reason to pursue fighting it when it’s not even the firearm manufacturer defending the suit, if I understand correctly.

Your car insurance has a cap on the maximum payout for whichthey will be liable. If you run a Greyhound bus with 55 folks aboard off a bridge and they all die, along wiht the driver, your company will still NOT pay out above that cap, typically $100 to 300K. What that means,is, after your insurance company has paid out to the cap, YOU are on the hook for the balance. If each one sued for a million, youd be on the scammy hook for $55,900,000. Small comfort GuyKo had to shell out that Hundred Large. Likely a similar scenario… Read more »


Too late to claim it conflicts with PLCA, since our “Federalist” Society “conservative” Supreme Ct said it doesn’t. Too bad you’re not on the Court.

The max. the plaintiffs can collect is the insurance policy limit plus the assets of Remington after the creditors claims are satisfied. Remington LLC assets were sold in a auction last year; and the proceeds didn’t make the creditors whole; so, the most the plaintiffs can collect is the sum of the insurance policies. I wouldn’t be surprised if the plaintiffs take the deal unless Bloomberg is bankrolling the litigation.


Why scotus allowed the case? Is Remington guilty? doesn’t make sense..


Wrong. It was nothing like finding that a competent jury can decide guilt. It was a cowardly finding that PLCA doesn’t protect Remington.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

And this is exactly why the supporters of the 2nd Amendment are doomed to failure!
The complete lack of backbone by Corporate America to stand up for there rights, along with the sniveling , groveling politicians that enable the Radical Left to intimidate them. Cowards !!!

Deplorable Bill

The 2A, the people, the nation, the constitution is/are not doomed as long as there is one, freedom loving man, woman,child willing to defend it.

Arm up and carry on


This makes me sick to my stomack all of you who believe this actually happened should visit (sofia Smallstorm) and do some homework oure bullshit just like the twin towers BULLSHIT!!! and their these actors are debating the price ??? F–K Y U all of `em should be tried and hung….