20 State Attorneys General Oppose Biden Administrations Proposed Gun Laws

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20 State Attorneys General Oppose Biden Administrations Proposed Gun Laws iStock-468765816

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Twenty state attorneys general, led by West Virginia’s Patrick Morrisey & Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, have signed a letter to Marvin Richardson, acting director of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, opposing the Biden administration’s gun control measures, asserting “an unlawful attempt to regulate guns proposed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF),” according to a news release from the office of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron.

The 19-page letter was transmitted in mid-August. All of the attorneys general who signed the letter are Republicans, as noted by Fox News. The issue is about so-called “ghost guns,” which are firearms built by home gunsmiths; a tradition dating back to the early days of the country. The kinds of guns may have changed, but the tradition hasn’t.

Cameron’s news release declares, “The attorneys general contend the ATF’s recommended rule is unconstitutional as it would sidestep Congress and unlawfully delegate broad policymaking discretion to the ATF. If adopted, the ATF’s new rule would expand the definition of a regulated firearm as well as that of a receiver, an already heavily regulated part of a firearm that houses its firing mechanism.”

After spending several pages going through the history of firearms development in the United States, the letter gets down to business.

“Now, over fifty years after Congress enacted the relevant statutory framework,” the letter states, “ATF is proposing a monumental shift in the landscape of firearms regulation. The proposal is premised on solving two purported problems: First, ATF points to several recent cases in which courts have ruled that under the current definition of “receiver,” ATF is unable to prosecute individuals who possess parts of firearm receivers only, rather than completed receivers…Second, ATF claims that a series of “[t]echnological advances have made it easier for unlicensed persons to make firearms at home from standalone parts.”

“Neither of these circumstances violate the GCA,” the attorney’s general insist, “there is nothing surprising about not being able to regulate certain conduct where Congress deliberately chose definitions that do not encompass every aspect of firearm parts manufacturing. Apparently disagreeing with this policy choice, however, ATF proposes a sweeping range of changes designed to crack down on these activities by expanding the universe of regulated firearm parts.”

“Rather than regulate the unified housing of a complete firing system as a ‘receiver,’ as that term has traditionally been understood,” the letter adds, “ATF proposes to regulate as a receiver any firearm part that ‘provides housing or structure for any fire control component.’ Similarly, the proposed rule would regulate unassembled firearms “parts kits” as firearms—rather than confining this treatment to the sole firearm part, the receiver that the GCA regulates.”

The comment period on frames and receivers closed on the 19th, so the letter was dated to get in just under the wire. But the letter gets in some heavy pokes at the proposed rule changes.

“The proposed rule significantly expands the regulation of firearm parts beyond what Congress permitted,” the letter states. “Congress authorized ATF to regulate complete firearms and complete receivers—not disassembled firearms or incomplete receivers. The proposed rule is unlawful because it transgresses both of these limits.”

But the question worth asking now is whether the Biden administration cares what Congress authorized. As noted in a new 60-second message from the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms appearing on several cable networks over the past several days, Joe Biden is after the guns owned by law-abiding citizens, especially modern semi-auto sporting rifles and 9mm pistols.

The blistering video includes a video clip of Biden’s actual statement.

Because all of the attorneys general signing the letter are Republicans, it further cements the notion among many in the Second Amendment movement that Democrats have become the party of gun control, if not outright confiscation. Biden’s acknowledgment during a CNN Townhall program a few weeks ago that he is continuing to push to ban the sale of so-called “assault rifles” and 9mm pistols only added fuel to the fire.

In their letter, the 20 attorneys general contend, “The proposed rule’s justifications are lackluster as a general matter, but the question is all the more important here because ATF is proposing to change a longstanding policy on which many people and businesses rely.”

While the nomination of retired ATF agent-turned-gun-control-advocate David Chipman to run the agency lingers in the U.S. Senate, efforts such as the proposed rule change on firearms components are worrisome to grassroots gun rights activists that the Biden administration isn’t waiting to push its agenda. It is moving regardless of whether Chipman’s nomination is confirmed.

20 State Attorneys General Oppose Biden Administrations Proposed Gun Laws


Anti-gun Lobby Pushes Biden to Lean On Dem. Senators for Chipman Confirmation

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Dave Workman is a senior editor at TheGunMag.com and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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Here is the rub. Only twenty Attorneys General have stood up to be counted. WE already know we can write off the progressive utopias like CA, NY, NJ, RI, CT, IL, MA and the like. But we should have at least 35 AG’s signed up for this. So where are the remaining? What are they doing? If they are not defending your liberty why are they in office?


The AG – B. Frosh of Maryland IS a DemoKKKrat who FEELS Americans should not have guns — only himself!

uncle dudley

More laws equals less freedom, this will be the downfall of America.


Let’s see how big the Constitutional gonads are on these attorneys generals.

Are they willing to prosecute any attempts to infringe on the 80% receiver issue, even up to rico, civil rights violations, conspiracy or even treason?

If government criminals go to prison or fined more than their gross worth or get the death penalty, then you have the rights of individuals, and liberty protected.


“Outright Confiscation” Just curious who’s going door to door ? After the blunder in Afghanistan. This should be fun. lol

Last edited 1 year ago by Arny

atf and fbi will be lonely people all will be targets and democrats better stay home too and in their crime riddled cities , but ropes reach from balcony railings and traditionally mobs hang the object of their disdain. prosecutor in sanfran may get cooked by business owners can take whatever you want just less than 1,000$


please use grammarly.


Don’t forget a great number of BODY BAGS NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!


They are obviously not going that route. They are throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks. Guns won’t be confiscated, just regulated to the point where the government can and will target individuals who are freedom-loving.

Bureaucracy is a far better tool than armies or police for controlling groups of weak people.


quote: “After the blunder in Afghanistan.”

Try this: “After the planned sellout in Afghanistan.”

Monkey Mouse

They see the laws will lead to outright war within the USA – something that should be avoided at all costs. However, the path is clear – the Dems want compliance to their will – or if need be, war. The strategy on our side has been set, targets chosen – all we need now is a spark to set this tinderbox ablaze.


There is a difference between dying free and merely killing to keep liberty (or a perverted form of slavery).
The nanny state loving liberals are willing for the government to kill freedom lovers, so they can be “free” to be told how to live, where to live, when to live, and what (not who) they have become.

So the only way to avoid war at all costs is for tons of liberals to wake up and vote for Constitutionalists, or freedom lovers to surrender.


I wrote my State Attorney General for PA asking why he doesn’t stand with the 20 others. So far…crickets. No surprise.


Congress and the Executive have no power or authority to decide who owns or makes guns. They were granted no such power. They have the power to regulate commerce between the States, and the power to levy some taxes.

These tyrannical power grabs and over-reaches are criminal and treasonous. It’s time that LEOs either did their jobs or quit. I already see them as the Enemy of the People for letting the criminals get away with this shit in perpetuity, as well as enforcing these criminal and traitorous “laws.”

Enough is enough.


notonly were they not GRANTED any such power, they were expiicitlhy DENIED any such power. Hence the wording “shall not be infronged”.as to this “the power to regulate commerce between the States,” tht word “regulate” does not mean what they think it means these days.. and for the past two hundred years or so. No, that means “to make regular”, as in to function effective or accurately. In the same sense as to “regulte” or make reuglar, accurate, functiona, a timepiece. They take “regulate” to mean inflict al manner of restrictiins, rules, requirements, which they are all to eager to… Read more »


PS – true enough, the problem is that once promulgated and added to the code of federal regulations those rules are ‘enforceable’ – provided that they can get anyone to do the enforcing as swmft noted in his reply.
NEVER forget what chip man said about such ‘rules’ – they are whatever we say they are. That is the slippery slope these ‘rules’ create.

uncle dudley

This story tells me that there are 30 state attorney generals who don’t believe the constitution is for the American citizens as they didn’t sign on with the suit.
Replace them all.


Soap Box; Ballot Box;….and, now, Mail Box; Cartridge Box; Pine Box. We have lost what our Founding Fathers gave us via the first three.  It will take a liberal….pun intended…..application of the last two to regain and preserve our Liberties, Rights, and Freedoms. All is on the line. Play by the enemies’ rules; lose by the enemies’ rules.


wait till they try and enforce this, the firs few times they may get away with it but then they will get surrounded and lynched . in this the government does not have numbers on their side, they got away with murder in wayco and ruby ridge they were stopped from confiscating cattle


You’re dreaming. I look around and see only the ignorant, cowards, and boot-lickers.


I’ve had it with the federal government. After all of the COVID lies and corruption and especially the Afghanistan diabolical they can kiss my hairless white rear end. That’s goes for republicans as well. I’m done with their corrupt malcontent.

American Cynic

I happen to agree with Jimmy… Life in American, thus far, has become way too cushy for any Right wing folks, especially the elites on the Right. They have all been eager to live and let live, and the dysfunctional disconnect between the entrenched Right wing politicians and the average American citizens that vote for them is most definitely a weakness that we on the right have. I love Donald Trump as leader of the people with conservative right wing values, but we can’t proceed with all of our eggs in that one basket. We need to win politically, and… Read more »

Sam in New Hampshire

In regard to your statement “I would rather an honest Democrat get elected than my having to vote for a dishonest Republican”: While this sentiment may be appealing, everyone should keep in mind that in a legislature, the majority party controls committee memberships and chairmanships, and in most cases committee chairs in turn control what bills can proceed or be held back from the full legislative body. (For an infuriating example of that last point: in late 2016, Republican Mitch McConnell unforgivingly held back HR38 — national concealed carry reciprocity — even though it would have passed the U.S. Senate… Read more »

Rebel VA

And where would find such a democrat? Everyone I have seen was dishonest or inept, or both!

APG member

The problems you describe are inherent to the republican party as well…

Deplorable Bill

Back when our nation was borne, the common man had to get hold of military grade firearms for the cause of liberty and freedom. Failing that, he would go to someone who knew how to build a firearm or, maybe, he had the ability to build one himself. The 2A actually refers to the American citizen as militia and for the assurance and guarantee of the free state,we have the RIGHT, the mandate, to keep and bear arms. The word militia denotes the use of military grade firearms like the 140,000 military firearms that biden gave to the taliban a… Read more »


Clownshow Joe Biden can stuff a 9mm up his ass because I prefer a 10 mm as it is more effective . Clownshow is a complete idiot . Real men shoot a 10 mm Clownshow it does the job much better . You are not banning shit idiot Clownshow Joe Biden try reading the part of our constitution that says ” Shall not be Infringed ” You and Kamal toe need to be charged with treason and impeached as your both in violation of our constitution . Take a hike ilegitiment idiot clownshow Biden !

Sam in New Hampshire

So “real men” shoot a 10mm? Good for you, and other macho guys who shoot a 10mm or .44 Mag — until their wrists are damaged — but smaller men and women, people on crutches and in wheelchairs, and old arthritic folks like John Taffin and me need to shoot whatever works for them, even if it’s a .380 or even a .32. I used to carry a ,45 1911 like my Army issue weapon, but now find that a 9mm polymer pistol works just as well (thanks to modern ammunition), conceals better, doesn’t weigh me down, and carries more… Read more »


Whenever someone has asked me what caliber they should shoot and what gun they should buy to shoot it in, my reply is always the same: The caliber that you can shoot under the greatest degree of control in the weapon that you can shoot most accurately in a combat scenario (real world under duress rapid fire not Hollyweird Style). This could be a 22 long rifle in a Taurus tx22, or a 32 ACP in some small pocket pistol, or a Taurus g3c, or a Smith & Wesson in 32 Magnum, or yes Ruger Blackhawk in 44 Magnum. (Yes… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Neanderthal75

why don’t you let ME decide what calibre I need to use? My daily driver used to be a Kenworth COnventional tandem drive truck tractor with twin stick four speeds. Does that mean you, in order to be a man, must go out and buy one of those? In a different era, an Austin Healey Sprite with 948 cc engine, no ragtop, for whcih I paid $150, was my daily drive. Does that mean YOU must go out and fine one for yours?


No one wants to be a whore like you.


No one wants to be a whore like you.