Kyle Rittenhouse NOT Guilty On All Charges! ~ Verdict VIDEO

H/T to Law and Crime TV for the week-long live Video feed.

KENOSHA, WI-(  After three days of deliberation, the jury in the Kyle Rittenhouse self-defense trial returned a verdict of not guilty on all charges.

Kyle Rittenhouse Not Guilty on All Charges

The jurors found that Kyle Rittenhouse was justified in his self-defense shooting of three attackers. The jury believed that the three men targeted Rittenhouse, and the jury thought that he had felt that the three men threatened his life. The jury took four days to decide Mr. Rittenhouse’s fate.

The first man attacked Kyle Rittenhouse after he put out a fire in a dumpster. Joseph Rosenbaum, a convicted pedophile, attacked and chased Rittenhouse through a car lot. After Rosenbaum pursued Rittenhouse through the parking lot, he turned and fired his AR-15 and killed Rosenbaum.

An angry mob chased Rittenhouse down the street. He stumbled and fell to the ground as he tried to evade the mob and get to the police. The second man shot was Anthony Huber. Mr. Huber was a domestic abuser and attacked Rittenhouse with a skateboard. Rittenhouse shot and killed Huber.

The third man didn’t die but was shot in the arm. Gaige Grosskreutz pointed a loaded Glock at Mr. Rittenhouse while he was on the ground. Rittenhouse pointed his AR-15 at Mr. Grosskreutz. He put up his hands, and Rittenhouse didn’t pull the trigger of his rifle until Grosskreutz pointed his pistol at Rittenhouse. Grosskreutz was hit in the arm and was disarmed by the shot.

Grosskreutz admitted on the stand that Rittenhouse didn’t fire until he leveled the Glock at him. This moment was a critical turning point in the case, and some legal experts believed that Grosskreutz comment doomed the prosecution’s case.

Rittenhouse also took the stand to defend himself. Rittenhouse broke down in tears when walking the court through the actions of the fateful night. The court had to adjourn to give Mr. Rittenhouse time to recover from emotional testimony. Rittenhouse came off as believable.

The prosecution cross-examined Rittenhouse for hours. The prosecutor came off as a bully. The prosecutor attacked Mr. Rittenhouse for exercising his right to remain silent. This attack provoked a stinging rebuke from the judge. He removed the jury from the court and ripped into the prosecution for questioning Mr. Rittenhouse’s use of a Constitutional right. The attack by the prosecution almost caused a mistrial.

Gun rights groups have celebrated the verdict. They believe that this decision is a victory for self-defense. Alan Gottlieb, the founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, claims that this is a victory for the Second Amendment.

“The verdict by the Kenosha jury is an affirmation that people, regardless of their age, have a right to defend themselves against violent attack, by individuals or a mob,” Gottlieb said.

“Anyone who viewed the video evidence and listened to the testimony would easily conclude Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self-defense. Fortunately, this young man’s supporters were able to raise the funds necessary for mounting a first-class defense. But this was a high-profile case, and ample financial resources became available. What about lower-profile cases where people with limited resources find themselves unable to afford adequate legal counsel.

“There is no doubt this case will be analyzed and debated for months, or even years. What the verdict demonstrates is that reasonable people sitting in judgment of a case that should never have been brought in the first place can see through a politically-motivated prosecution and reach a verdict that is both reasonable and just.”

Kyle Rittenhouse will now move on with his life and is in our prayers.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

John Crump

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Ansel Hazen

Something to think about now that this case has run it’s course. This was a high profile media circus that had gun grabbers foaming at the mouth. Yet the prosecution couldn’t even muster any sort of quality legal argument. We see now that from the get go they resorted to lying and cheating as their out of the gate strategy. We can’t forget that. This is what they do, it’s like instinctual in every facet of their agenda. In every dealing with these psycho’s we need to be aware of the fact that any contest with them is going to… Read more »

Ansel Hazen

Quite possibly the best thing that happened to Kyle was that he drew Judge Schroeder. That man kept things on track. I sincerely doubt Kyle would have gotten a fair trial in states such as Calif or Mass and something needs to be done about that.

Ansel Hazen

Colorado maybe not but there are too many states in this union today where it would have been a sham trial. This is now a unique opportunity to really start some serious pushback against the gun control agenda. Nick Sandmann paved the way for Kyle to deliver a crushing blow to not only the left’s gun control agenda but also the corrupt media mouthpieces that enable it. I sincerely hope that Kyles phone is ringing and it’s GOA, FPC, SAF and any other organization that has been fighting for our rights all these years offering to bankroll the lawsuits that… Read more »


Rumor last night on Fox is that someone in the DOJ wants to open up an investigation on this matter for possible Federal Charges against Kyle. Now that would probably piss off a few, even the Pope.

Wild Bill

Whichever of the fed agencies that foolishly decides to bring charges against Kyle Rittenhouse, that agency will be putting themselves on trial.
If the current administration pushes one of the agencies into investigating, then that agency would be wise to investigate until there is a new president.


The person calling for the investigation into this- not over yet situation- is none other than Jerry Nadler, an extreme conspiracy pusher and known communist.

WI Patriot

Justice has prevailed…

Wild Bill

I can’t wait for the libtards to start weeping, wailing, and gnashing their teeth!
Do you think that the woke mob will leave Rittenhouse alone?

Wild Bill

If you put up your own money for bond, and do what you are supposed to do, then you get your money back. If you go to the bail bondsman then you have to put up 10% or more that he keeps as a fee for posting your bond.
If one skips, then it gets ugly.


Note to organ grinder/sock-puppet master: Get a room with your foul-mouth, low-IQ, ex-enforcer chimp who doesn’t even know bail’s refunded if the defendant is acquitted.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r
Wild Bill

Really? All you have to add to the conversation is hate and insult?


All sanctimonious while pretending you don’t see Will’s foul mouth hate & insults. Or your own veiled threats last night. How coy!

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r
Wild Bill

Making more stuff up? Have some more Rittenhouse Rye until you can no longer type.


So that’s you lying again. How coy.

Wild Bill

You said the new drink is Rittenhouse Rye and you were going to have one in celebration. Don’t you remember? Have another!


Drink this, Agent.




fpc gave him a new one as it will take time to get the other back


Rittenhouse fired at FOUR people that night. Everyone forgets the a-hole who kicked him in the head. Kyle took a shot at him and missed. That was the ‘reckless endangerment’ charge he faced.


Nick Sandmann has already suggested Kyle sue for defamation. See Nick’s Column at the UK Daily Mail.


I saw Nick’s interview and what he said was take a break, get things in order and go for the LAW SUITES, and I would make that FUDDY DUDDY in the WHITEHOUSE SQURM ALSO, NOT ABOVE THE LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ansel Hazen

Riitenhouse and Sandmann have agreed to share joint custody of CNN.


Rittenhouse came to town to provide medical help, but was armed as he knew that anyone helping victims could and would be attacked, as such he violated no law. He was attacked by scum felons who should have been locked up or dead in the first place and Kyle simply “took out the trash” and did a community and societal service that the “system” failed to do. The arrest and trial never should have taken place and the prosecution showed the entire nation the level of stupidity, incompetence and corruption that permeates the so-called American Justice System, which at this… Read more »


Key takeaways, the sling prevented Kyle from being disarmed.
Kyle took no lives that night, the two men forfeited their life by making the decision to attack Kyle.

Last edited 1 year ago by james

Amen. Joesph Rosenbaum multiple counts child sexual abuse sent to his maker. Anthony Huber  domestic violence convictions for incidents involving his siblings felonies sent to his maker.
 Gaige Grosskreutz committing felony burglary in 2012, but the charges were dropped. Reported that Grosskreutz has an expunged felony conviction, but the nature of that charge was undisclosed. Oh yeah he “was a medic” carrying an illegal weapon. POS puts a huge stain on being a medic. F ing ahole bye bye MFer.
The fourth Mr foot drop on Kyle’s head (photographed) multiple felonies “race not identified”. No charges.


The official 2A whiskey is now Rittenhouse Rye. Just had a shot to celebrate. Excellent! Reasonably priced too

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r
Wild Bill

So that is where all your made-up ideas come from.


Duh HUH!!!


Good morning, genius. Riddle me this: If you don’t make up an idea, is it yours?



Hey genius, riddle me this: If don’t make up an idea, is it yours?


Riddle me this, genius.: If you don’t make up an idea, is it yours? TEX got your tongue?



Prosecutors Find Mail-In Jury Votes At 3AM, Rittenhouse Now Guilty


LOL. Could happen, with this regime!