Senate Democrats Try to Force Universal Background Check Bill, will GOP Fold?

UPDATE Democrats’ Efforts Were Unsuccessful, See the Video Below to Watch Them Fail:

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Senate Democrats Try to Force Universal Background Check Bill, will GOP Fold? IMG iStock-924058482

WASHINGTON, D.C. -( Are Senate Democrats scheming to ram universal background checks (H.R. 8) through the Senate without even attempting to pass it through a vote?

Reports have surfaced that anti-gun Democrats in the Senate are planning on exploiting the tragic mass murder that took place at an Oakland County, Michigan high school to pull off this political stunt. Six students tragically lost their lives at the hands of a 15-year-old student when the teen opened fire on fellow students with his father’s handgun.

The shooter’s father successfully PASSED a background check when he purchased his handgun used by the teen, which makes the move to push for universal background checks by anti-gun Senators even more puzzling.

Reportedly Democrats want to use a procedural move called “unanimous consent” to bring the bill to the Senate floor without a vote.

If no Senators were to object to the request, then the bill passes without a vote.

It is a long shot but it is reported that at least one “pro-gun” Republican will go along with a call for unanimous consent by Democrats. If any one Senator does NOT agree to the call for unanimous consent, then the motion would end. Democrats know that the bill will probably NOT pass the Senate by unanimous consent. But by forcing Republicans to object to the universal background check bill right after a mass murder where the killer used a gun, they believe that they will win political points with voters.

If true this stunt is not about making schools safer for our children. It is about trying to hurt Republicans’ midterm elections chances.

In this November’s past election, Democrats took a beating across the board. In the bell-weather state of Virginia, Republicans won all three top state offices, replacing three anti-gun Democrats and taking back control of the House of Delegates. Even in the Democratic stronghold of New Jersey, Republicans made significant gains and almost won the Governor’s office. Even in far-left Seattle elected a Republican mayor. The amount of ground Republicans took from Democrats was historical, and the best is yet to come.

The reports of a Democrat plan for trying to pass universal background checks by unanimous consent didn’t come to light until late Wednesday. Some believe that the last-minute goal is being kept under wraps to prevent the grassroots gun community from getting involved and flooding Senator’s inboxes and phone numbers. The anti-gun politicians want to dissuade as many Republican Senators as possible from standing up against their dirty tactics and make those who stand up look out of touch by playing on Americans’ emotions.

Gun Owners of America emailed out an emergency alert Wednesday night informing their members of the move by Senate Democrats. The NRA ILA and the Second Amendment Foundation both are monitoring the situation. Gun rights lobbyists are working behind the scenes to ensure that the ploy does not work.

Concerned gun owners can reach their Senator’s office by calling the Senate’s switchboard at 202-224-3121. Even if your Senator is an anti-gun politician, you must make it known to them that using dead kids as political pawns is not okay, and you know what they are doing.

UPDATE: 2:00am EST 12/2/2021

Democrats led by anti-gun U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) and backed up by gun banning buddy Richard Blumenthal (D-NY) called for unanimous consent on the Universal Background Check bill (HR 8). Senator Grassley (R-Iowa) objected to the motion, preventing it from becoming law.  Sen. Grassley then presented his gun bill that strengthens NICS, but Sen Murphy objected to that bill that some gun rights advocates consider anti-gun.  Both bills did not reach unanimous consent and failed to pass the Senate today.

“Democrats in the Senate knew this was a losing proposition. But their hatred of guns continues to cloud their judgment. They have a disconnect with reality and the fact that any expanded background check would not have prevented this most recent school murder rampage.” said Second Amendment Foundation President Alan M. Gottlieb.

“Once again Sen. Chris Murphy has failed to pass the so-called “Universal” Background Check bill. This legislation cannot be enforced without a federal gun registry, won’t prevent crime, and will turn otherwise law-abiding citizens into criminals for the simple act of loaning a firearm to many family or friends. We thank Sen. Chuck Grassley for defending the rights of law-abiding gun owners, offering a real common sense solution, and blocking the misguided attempt by Sen. Murphy to exploit a recent tragedy by trying to ram gun control legislation through the U.S. Senate that would not have prevented the tragedy in the first place.” said NRA Spokesperson Lars Daleside.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

John Crump

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Ya ever notice how Democrats like to use a tragedy to try to strip lawbiding Americans of thier rights ? This universal background check is infringement and the first step to confiscation . The GOP better understand that if they support this unconstitutional crap they will answer to the American people !


More laws, more abuses. A law was created in Florida stating a person cannot be within 500′ of a school “without a legitimate purpose.” The power that law gave police was abused and used to intimidate people who “gave them lip.” Enforcers: American “civilians” do not need to tell you what they are doing on a public sidewalk across the highway from a school. It’s none of your business. These endless laws, combined with not-so-qualified immunity are turning the U.S. into a police state. Look how many enforcers turned out because a “civilian” exercised his right not to answer an… Read more »


that law was ruled unconstitutional and null. leo’s were told to not enforce it, yet many do not know nor care to know the actual law before violating rights. they are agents of the state.


‘Never let a god crisis go to waste.’ Rham Immanuel


They are trying to do the same as the Hughes amendment, which did NOT legitimately pass, yet is considered law, and needs to be brought to SCOTUS, for the BS vote and for being unconstitutional. And while they are at it, SCOTUS should strike down unconstitutional NFA and GCA.

Last edited 1 year ago by Arizona

I know. We live in a post-Constitutional America now, and the SCOTUS is just about worthless, in addition to being as politicized as anything else

Roland T. Gunner

The Gospel of Arizona.

Roland T. Gunner

I never understood why we did not fight Hughes’ tooth and nail after Charlie Rangel “passed” it; other than NRA having the leadership roll and LaPierre refusing to make a stand.

Last edited 1 year ago by Roland T. Gunner

John Crump. When writing these gun articles, please name the so called “pro gun” republican that is a sell out. Use names.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bucketboy

Thank you.


You know, when I was a kid you could buy guns over the counter at the bait shop. We had no school shooting but then again we all said the pledge of allegiance every morning at school, there was no CRT in education, and we all went to church on Sunday mornings. We had pride in our nation and communities. Everyone knew each other by name and if there was a problem, like with this MI kid, we took care of it. I don’t know why the progressive left thinks what they’re pushing is going to help society in general.


They don’t. Either did Angkar.

uncle dudley

If these democrats are so upset with killing innocent living creatures, why don’t they urge the supreme court to overturn Roe v Wade.


chris should offer some data to prove his points because he is wrong on almost everything he says. rights cannot be restricted by government otherwise they are not rights.
stupid people should not be in congress, but there are is a huge number of them there doing what they can to violate our rights.
term limits on all political office.


Geez, didn’t the rigged elections already speak volumes about how corrupt & rigged regarding what the system is ?

Illegal immigrants earning $$$ a in many instances a better lifestyle & standard of living greater than actual working Americans ?

“AI” running algorithms, Google censoring knowledge & information. Fact Checkers that are politically biased. Trolls, shills, multiple personas even here in this site.

What’s it gonna take ?

Last edited 1 year ago by Tank

Reason and fact are not necessary components of Progressive New Left public policy. They only thing necessary to motivate legislation is an emotional screed against liberty. This is one such case. Facts don’t matter.


Sadly true. Only power & greed are what registers on Maslow’s Scale for them. Throughout twistory the PTB have always used Liberals & progressives as Canon Fodder. French Revolution, Bolshevik Revolution same forces behind them.

Wild Bill

I could not help noticing the picture. The prints are not rolled, and the card is pink. Pink is for criminal, and blue is for applications, if I recall correctly.

Arkansas Rob

It’s never been about passing laws, it’s always about winning elections. For Congress, anyway. The true believers of monopoly of violence are rare in this august body.

Gene Ralno

Most Americans tolerate the background check system now in place but find universal background checks unacceptable. The consequence is only peaceable owners suffer the brunt of these laws. Universal background check laws would severely punish tens of millions of mourning widows who failed to run background checks on those who were promised their dead husbands’ firearms. Usually, those would be their children. I’ve always wondered how the democrats hope to enforce such laws. And it always comes back to the notion of universal registration, a practice already forbidden by the Supreme Court. The worst of this democrat plank is it won’t save lives or reduce… Read more »

Green Mtn. Boy

Here’s the answer according to GOA Gun Owners Defeat Anti-Gunners UBC Scheme So-called Universal Background Checks are only enforceable if the government has a registry to check if a gun belongs to a gun owner—so GOA kicked our grassroots activists into action right away. GOA immediately began encouraging Senators to place “holds” on the UBC bill the anti-gunners had “hotlined.” These holds are usually not made public, but you can always reach out to your Senator and find out if they helped defend your rights. Blocked from their first attempt to pass gun control without a vote last night, they… Read more »


It’s not going to go through via unanimous consent, but it would be nice to see some senators who are “fighting for our rights” make press releases indicating they will not consent and why the legislation is bad.

Both Lummis and Barrasso have been asked to do so, but haven’t.

They are always so calculating on what they speak up about.

It’s almost as if the 2nd Amendment was just prop around which to create a campaign slogan.


The GOP is simply dem-lite. Just as corrupt, the other wing of the same bird. The two parties are nowadays basically just a means to keep the proles divided and routing for a side, never realizing they don’t represent anything but their own interests.


the “r’s” are not dem light, they are the Washington Generals playing with the Harlem Globe Trotters. There to loose while giving the impression of trying.


Correction, Blumenthal is also representing “the unconstitution state:.

Last edited 1 year ago by PMinFl

Dems are the high-dollar whores. The GOP reps the $2 whores.

Wild Bill

Without real world experience, those comparisons are mere suppositions … a typical logic error.


I’d wager it’s a multi-penneated attack at multiple angles to instill, tension, fear, doubt, uncertainty, derision, divide & conflict on multiple levels of a inner conflict within our sociocultural society to creat social unrest.

Last edited 1 year ago by Tank

Fix NICS (it also sounds like “reasonable gun control we can all agree on” but be used to deny rights).


Grassley shoots down a bad law and proposes a bad law.