Browning Ammunition Introduces PRO22 Rimfire

Browning PRO22
The new Browning PRO22 ammo. IMG NRA-ILA

U.S.A. -( Browning Ammunition PRO22 is the latest addition to the expansive ammo lineup and provides target shooters and plinkers alike with a new high-accuracy option for shooting their favorite rimfire rifle.

Browning PRO22 Ammunition

PRO22 offers improved performance through a precise target crimp for consistent bullet alignment into the barrel throat. In addition, the subsonic velocity prevents accuracy degradation caused by transonic bullet destabilization. Simply put, Browning PRO22 rimfire ammunition makes hitting your target simple. This 40-grain, lead round-nose bullet travels at 1,085 fps and is available in 100-round pack size.

Browning Ammunition PRO22 Offering

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Price? If they don’t include the price in the review it’s likely because it is overpriced and the reviewer doesn’t want to offend the manufacturer by scaring off customers, which brings into question the credibility of the writer.


Sooooo, Winchester makes Brownings ammulition ?


The MSRP or price and the intended purpose are the first things I look for in a review or recommendation. Is this target, hunting, or plinking ammo? And if it’s more than about $7.00/100, I need to know why before I even consider reading the remainder of the article. Most of my .22 rifles are better than any readily available ammo, and I’d really like to find something tha my students and I can use and afford at 100 yards and more. The first day of class each person shoots several hundred .22 rounds at short distances, and I move… Read more »


When the PRICE is not shown in ANY article posted here, OR anywhere else, my interest goes to ABSOLUTE ZERO….


FYI, Browning currently has a recall on certain lots of 9mm Luger 115 grain Full Metal Jacket pistol ammunition. Please visit the Browning 9MM Recall Notice page for additional information.