Current List of Anti-Gun Businesses You Should Avoid Giving Your Money

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Current List of Anti-Gun Businesses You Should Avoid Giving Your Money IMG NRA-ILA

USA – -( Do you watch movies at AMC Theaters? Was the film produced by Bad Robot?

  • Do you eat at Chipotle, Shake Shack, Panera, Burger King, or Subway, or have a meal delivered by Door Dash?
  • Do you wear clothes from Levi Strauss, the Gap, or Gucci?
  • Do you watch CNN, MTV, NBC, HBO, MSNBC, or Showtime?
  • Do you browse Tinder, Yelp, eBay, or Pinterest on a Microsoft computer with Comcast internet?
  • Do you shop at Costco?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have financially supported companies that want to strip us of our God-given constitutional rights.

Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms maintains a list of anti-gun businesses, which is also known as the “Don’t feed them” list.

To be added to the list, a company and/or their decision-makers have either instituted an anti-gun corporate policy or lobbied lawmakers to draft or support anti-gun legislation. In other words, they had to take action – anti-gun action – against the Second Amendment. None of the firms made the list by accident.

“We’re not calling for a boycott of these companies,” CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb said last year when four more firms were added to the list. “But we are providing this information to American gun owners so they can make informed decisions about where to spend their hard-earned money without unknowingly supporting efforts to erode an important constitutional right.”

One of the beauties of the American Free-Market system is that it allows business leaders to run their company in any manner they choose, and the marketplace will then decide whether their decisions were prudent or ill-conceived.

Like Mr. Gottlieb, I don’t support boycotts as they’re a favored tactic of the gun prohibitionists. Nowadays, they seem ready to scream “BOYCOTT!” for even the most minor of reasons or for no reason at all. Still, I work hard for my money, so I would rather patronize a business that supports my constitutional rights – all of my constitutional rights. Therefore, I use the list to screen out those firms that don’t support me. That’s not a boycott. It’s being an informed consumer.

CCRKBA list of anti-gun businesses.
CCRKBA list of anti-gun businesses.

Some of the businesses won’t be missed. I’ve never needed a $1,350 Gucci man-purse, especially after they donated $500,000 to March for Our Lives. I don’t watch CNN or MSLSD, browse Tinder, eat at Burger King or subscribe to HBO, especially since the Sopranos ended.

Costco, on the other hand, will be difficult. I hope someone talks some sense into their CEO, Craig Jelinek. This gun owner already misses his great deals.

The following companies and/or their decision-makers have instituted anti-firearm corporate policy or have pressed lawmakers to enact further strict legislation.

20/20 Vision Cheryl Plank CEO
A&M Records Herb Alpert CEO
AlleyCorp Kevin Ryan Founder and CEO
Alphabet, Inc. Sundar Pichai CEO
Amalgamated Bank Keith Mestrich President and CEO
Ambition TravisTruett Co-Founder and CEO
AMC Theatres Adam Aron CEO
AOL / Time Warner Jason Kilar CEO
Ariel Investments LLC John W. Rogers, Jr. CEO
Artsy Mike Steib CEO Sean Knapp Co-Founder and CEO
Aspiration Andrei Cherny Co-Founder and CEO
AT&T Randal Stephenson CEO
Aura Abdur Chowdhury CEO
Backpack Fahim Aziz Founder and CEO
Bad Robot Fahim Aziz Founder and CEO
Bain Capital John Connaughton Co-Managing Partner / Co-Chairman
Bank of America Brian Moynihan CEO
Beeswax AriPaparo CEO
Begin Ryan Block Co-Founder
Betaworks John Borthwick Founder and CEO
Beyond Meat Ethan Brown Co-Founder and CEO
Bloomberg LP Peter Grauer Chairman
Bonusly Raphael Crawford-Marks Co-Founder and CEO
Brat Darren Lachtman Co-Founder
Brookfield Property Ric Clark Chairman
Brud Trevor McFedries CEO
Bumble Whitney Herd CEO
Burger King Daniel Schwartz CEO
Cambly Sameer Shariff Co-Founder
Catch & Release Analisa Goodin Founder and CEO
Cerebras Systems Andrew Feldman Founder and CEO
Chipotle Brian Niccol CEO
Circle Medical George Favvas CEO
ClassPass Fritz Lanman CEO
Clearbit Alex MacCaw CEO
Clever Tyler Bosmeny CEO
Clockwise Matt Martin Co-Founder and CEO
CNN Jeff Zucker CEO
Color Genomics Othman Laraki Co-Founder and CEO
Comcast Brian Roberts CEO
Conde Nast Roger Lynch CEO
Costco Craig Jelinek CEO
Credit Karma Ken Lin Founder and CEO
Crunchbase Jager McConnell CEO
Curalate Apu Gupta Co-Founder and CEO
Curtsy David Oates Co-Founder and CEO
Dannon Juan Dalto CEO
Delta Airlines Ed Bastian CEO
DICK’S Sporting Goods Edward Stack CEO
Disney Company Bob Chapek CEO
DoorDash Tony Xu Co-Founder and CEO
Doxel, Inc. Saurabh Ladha CEO
Ebay Jamie Iannone CEO
Ecolab Doug Baker Chairman and CEO
Edelman Richard Edelman President and CEO
Elektra Labs Andy Coravos Co-Founder and CEO
Emerson Collective Laurene Powell Jobs President
Enterprise Chrissy Taylor CEO
Eventbrite Julia Hartz Co-Founder and CEO
Farmstead Pradeep Elankumaran Co-Founder & CEO
Full Picture Desiree Gruber CEO
Fundera Jared Hecht Founder and CEO
Gap Inc. Art Peck CEO
Gateway Computers James Coleman CEO
GE Lawrence Culp CEO
GEICO Todd Combs CEO
Goat Group Eddy Lu CEO
Golden Jude Gomila Founder and CEO
Graphic Packaging Michael Doss CEO
Group Nine Media Ben Lerer Co-Founder & CEO
Gucci Marco Bizzarri CEO
Guru Rick Nucci Co-Founder & CEO
Hallmark Cards Mike Perry CEO
Hard Rock Cafe James Allen CEO
Havas Group Yannick Bollore CEO
HBO Richard Plepler CEO
Hint, Inc. Kara Goldin Founder and CEO
HipDot Jeff Sellinger Co-Founder and CEO
Hooked Prerna Gupta CEO
Horizon Media Bill Koenigsberg President CEO and Founder
Humbition Cyrus Massoumi Managing Partner
Impossible Foods Patrick Brown MD, PhD, Founder and CEO
Insight Partners Jeff Horing CEO and Co-Founder
Interpublic Michael Roth Chairman and CEO
Intuit Sasan Goodzari CEO
JOOR Kristin Savilia CEO
Jumbo Privacy Pierre Valade CEO
Kabbage Inc. Rob Frohwein Co-Founder and CEO
Kadena William Martino Founder and CEO
Kanga Jake Perlman-Garr CEO
Kenneth Cole Kenneth Cole Founder and Chairmain
Knowable Warren Shaeffer Co-Founder and CEO
Lattice Jack Altman CEO
Levi Strauss & Co. Chip Bergh President and CEO
Los Angeles Clippers Steve Ballmer Owner
Lucent Technologies Patricia Russo CEO
Lyft Logan Green Co-Founder and CEO
Mesirow Richard Price Chairman and CEO Aaron Block Co-Founder and Managing Director
MetLife Michael Khalaf CEO
Microsoft Satya Nadella CEO
Modern Fertility Afton Vechery Co-Founder and CEO
MongoDB Inc. Dev Ittycheria President and CEO
MSNBC Phil Griffin CEO
MTV Chris McCarthey CEO
Navient John Remonid CEO
NBC Universal Jeff Shell CEO
NCR Corp. Michael Hayford CEO
Neighborland Dan Parham Founder and CEO
NewsCred Shafqat Islam CEO
Nextdoor Sarah Friar CEO
Northwell Health Michael Dowling President and CEO
NowThis Athan Stephanopoulos President
Nurx Varsha Rao CEO
Oaktree Capital Howard Marks Co-Chairman
Oberndorf Enterprises William E. Oberndorf Chairman
Oceans Steven Rosenblatt Co-Founder and General Partner
OfferUp Nick Huzar Co-Founder and CEO
Okta Todd McKinnon Co-Founder and CEO
Omnicom Group John Wren Chairman and CEO
Openpath James Segil Co-Founder and President
Panera Bread Niren Chaudhary CEO
Parabol Jordan Husney CEO
Paravision Doug Aley CEO
Paypal David Schulman CEO
Pinterest Ben Silbermann Co-Founder and CEO
Plato Design John Milinovich CEO
Postmates Bastian Lehmann Co-Founder & CEO
Presto Rajat Suri CEO
Prima Christopher Gavigan Founder and CEO
Progressive Insurance Tricia Griffith CEO
Prologis Hamid Moghadam Chairman and CEO
Publicis Groupe Arthur Sadoun Chairman and CEO
Quartzy Adam Regelmann Founder and COO
Reddit Steve Huffman CEO
Ribbon Health Nate Maslak Co-Founder and CEO
Ro Zachariah Reitano Co-Founder and CEO
Roofstock Gary Beasley Co-Founder and CEO
Royal Caribbean Cruises Richard Fain CEO
RXR Realty Scott Rechler Chairman and CEO
Sara Lee John Bryan CEO
SelfMade Brian Schechter CEO
Shake Shack Danny Meyer Founder
Shoptiques Inc. Olga Vidisheva Founder and CEO
Showtime Cable Network David Nevins CEO
Shutterstock Inc. Jon Oringer Founder and CEO
Sidewalk Labs Dan Doctoroff CEO
Sift Jason Tan CEO
Skillshare Matt Cooper CEO
SkySafe Grant Jordan CEO
Small Door Josh Guttman Co-Founder and CEO
SmartAsset Michael Carvin Co-Founder and CEO
Snapdocs, Inc. Aaron King Founder and CEO Neil Capel CEO
Sonic J. Clifford Hudson CEO
Southwestern Bell Mark Keiffer CEO
Splash Ben Hindman Co-Founder and CEO
Square and Twitter Jack Dorsey CEO
Squarespace Anthony Casalena Founder and CEO
Standard Bots Evan Beard Founder and CEO
Subway Trevor Haynes CEO
Sundia Corporation Bradford Oberwager CEO
Sunlight Health Ross Feinstein CEO
Superplastic Paul Budnitz CEO
SurveyMonkey Zander Lurie CEO
SV Angel Ron Conway Founder
Symantec Vincent Pilette CEO
ThirdLove Heidi Zak Co-Founder and Co-CEO
Thisopenspace inc. Ashar Nejati CEO
Thrive Capital Joshua Kushner Founder and Managing Partner
Thrive Global Arianna Huffington Founder and CEO
ThunderCore Inc. Chris Wang CEO
Tillable Corbett Kull CEO
Tinder Sean Rad CEO
TOMS Blake Mycoskie Founder and CEO
Twilio Jeff Lawson Co-Founder and CEO
Uber Dara Khosrowshahi CEO
Uniform Teeth Meghan Jewitt CEO
Viosera Therapeutics Nicholas Goldner Co-Founder and CEO
Virtual Kitchen Ken Chong CEO
Voxer Irv Remedios CEO
Voyage Oliver Cameron Co-Founder and CEO
Watsi Chase Adam Co-Founder and CEO
WayUp Liz Wessel Co-Founder and CEO
Whalar Neil Waller CEO
Wizeline Bismarck Lepe CEO
WPP Mark Read CEO, inc. Dennis Mortensen Founder and CEO
Y Combinator Geoff Ralston President
Yelp Jeremy Stoppelman Co-Founder and CEO
Yum Brands Greg Creed CEO
Zola Shan-Lyn Ma Co-Founder and CEO
Shake Shack Danny Meyer CEO
LA Clippers Steve Balmer Owner
Insight Partners Jeff Horing CEO

This story is presented by the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project and wouldn’t be possible without you. Please click here to make a tax-deductible donation to support more pro-gun stories like this.

About Lee Williams

Lee Williams, who is also known as “The Gun Writer,” is the chief editor of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project. Until recently, he was also an editor for a daily newspaper in Florida. Before becoming an editor, Lee was an investigative reporter at newspapers in three states and a U.S. Territory. Before becoming a journalist, he worked as a police officer. Before becoming a cop, Lee served in the Army. He’s earned more than a dozen national journalism awards as a reporter, and three medals of valor as a cop. Lee is an avid tactical shooter.

Lee Williams

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Henry Bowman

I’ve NEVER stepped foot in a Dick’s, and never will.


The only time I ever set foot in a Dick’s store was when I had to deliver product to them in their receiving department, then and only then, but their snob attitude was a turn-off to going out to the actual store was a total turn-off, so now with their turn on guns it is even more likely that I won’t be going in there any time soon!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you I thought it was just me the few times I was in my local store. It must be part of the employee training, felt like they were looking down on me like I was lesser than them.

Wild Bill

It is more properly spelled “Dicks”.


I was never a fan of Dick’s, only thing I bought from there was a bicycle years ago now.
And don’t forget some of their parent companies which include the following; Field & Stream which are being phased out for the new Public Lands concept, Golf Galaxy, Affinity Sports, Galyan’s Trading Company and Golfsmith


Personally, Dick’s is Dead to me after the last go around. Never been to one, won’t go to one, and even when they have the lowest price on line I look elsewhere.

Autsin Miller III

Thank you SO MUCH for this article and the reminder that money talks! I’m not sure what the difference is between a boycott and me not doing any business with the folks on this list but I’m in. Many of them I had already quit patronizing but there are a few on the list I was not aware of and they just lot my business!

Wild Bill

The difference is in the message. With a boycott, one says “I will be a customer again when the company stops some unwanted behavior.” It tells the business that there is still profit to be made.
Not doing any business, and you will never be a customer for them. Nothing is to be gained by appeasing you.
One is powerful the other is not.

Autsin Miller III

Thanks WB, I was kind of kidding but you made a really good point and I see the wisdom in the difference.

Wild Bill

Oh, if I miscued, I apologize.

Autsin Miller III

Not at all, you were absolutely correct. And it made perfect sense. In fact it reminded me to be careful how I communicate with companies about their policies. If they think they are never going to get the business why should they care? Thanks for the reminder.

Knute Knute

Missing from this list is Anheuser-Busch/Budweiser. They’ve been giving millions to gun control for decades. The only major brewery I’ve been able to find that doesn’t is Miller.


i believe a-b was purchased by a chinese company.


If that was sarcasm, it was funny.

If not, how many of you are there?

BUD is traded on the NYSE and is widely held.

I Haz A Question

Of the 24 total companies listed as examples at the beginning of the article, I patronize 2 of them. The rest get little to nothing from me. However, I want to make a point. It’s not always necessary to completely remove all your business from a company to make an impact. For example, my wife enjoys our longstanding “tradition” of getting a Starbucks coffee and treat together on Sundays. Beginning a few years ago, Schultz (while he was still running the company) began making decisions and public statements that run contrary to traditional values, so we reduced our patronage from… Read more »

Ansel Hazen

The other thing you can do is stop using plastic when you are shifting your purchases to locally owned business. All those banks looking to restrict our ability to purchase firearm related products make their money on the processing fee charged to the store. Walk over to that ATM and pull out cash. Deny the bank their cut, save the store that fee they would have paid and the store gets a part of the fee the ATM charges for locating it on the premises.

Henry Bowman

Good point!


the ATM fees also feed the bast so stop using the in store units. Find one assi=ociated iwht yruo bank and use that/ No fees. Better yet, don’t use any of the najor banks (they are all in cahoots with da gummit) Sign up with a local credit union that is part of the natioinwise ‘shared Branching network.. travel anywhere, no fees for any other Shared Branching iron teller. And your money stays local. with respect to the banking and of things.


Just a bit of looking and you will find a locally owned/operated coffeehouse that wil ll provide quality products at or below the cost at the green mer-thing. Their coffee is part of why I never drank coffee at all until a few years ago.. it is so horrid I never could swallow a mouthful. Find a local shop that roasts on-site. Depending on what part of the country you live in, this could be easy or very difficult. You will also be doing your body a favour by no longer ingesting the strange chemicals used at Charbux to make… Read more »


have you ever checked eBay for new parts, items, etc? I regularly purchase auto and equipment parts for my work from vendors selling on eBay. Just bought a new OEM replacement part for a Toyota in the shop… or own projuect car. $15 delivered. Local partsmen want $85, wuth my discount, and Toyota far more than that. Car won’t stop setting Check Engine light wihtout it. Sure I have to wait a few days, but so on WhammyZon. I despise Bezos entire business in every aspect of it (I sold on Amazon for years, they are commie tyrants run by… Read more »


Ebay is on the list too. I use to spend a lot on Amazon till I heard about them in cohorts with demokats. I hated to but I stopped giving them my bussiness and told them I want the rest of my membership refunded, they did. I’d spent 3 or 4 thousand or more over last few years. Saves me a lot of money since I ditched them.

Henry Bowman

Get woke, go broke. No guns, no money!
[Save this picture and you can print cards like it.]

Wild Bill

I wish that were a bumper sticker.


Desperate enough to upvote yourself 5x with sock pups. How’s your own medicine taste, Agent Troll?

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

Thank you Ammoland for the list. I printed it and will use it. Using the same tactics against the left that they employ on the right is exactly what needs to be done, IMO.


Watch um

I noticed that there are a lot of Foreign sounding names as CEO’S


Yeah, a LOT of them left from Europe and all points EAST and travel across the Atlantic to form the United States…. They’re still called, CITIZENS with the same RIGHTS we have. We just need to put pressure on them to understand that WE fight to protect ALL THEIR RIGHTS as well. If they can’t wrap their heads around that, THEN dump them. But the rights of ALL U.S. citizens are protected by the founding documents. Don’t have to like it, but you do have to appreciate it.


Missing some important companies like Benchmade (cuts guns for cops), there is also an FFL that supports local buy backs and as I remember wasn’t Leatherman involved in a controversy involving FBI gifts?


After reading a article on ammoland. Ruger going woke ? With  Walk the Talk America


Ruger went woke over 3 decades ago when Ruger & his Gen Counsel Sanetti pioneered the “assault weapon” & magazine bans. To kill off a boycott by 2A activists, Ruger fellated Wayne LaPierre & in return for quid pro blow was put on the cover of the magazines as a “2A Hero”.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

Although boycotting them would be great, they won’t miss you. The more effective measure is to contact them *consistently* and in large numbers. Nothing scared a company more than a steady stream of complaints and a potential loss of a chunk of customers, mainly because they don’t know how many are planning on leaving. Letting their own imagination get the best of them is more effective.


All their computers will do is put your phone numbers on a BLOCK list, unsolicited e-mails into the JUNK folder..

Last edited 1 year ago by USMC0351Grunt

Burger King, darn it. The only good burger is a whopper

Henry Bowman

Try Hardee’s. They aren’t woke and their Monster burgers will fill you up. They allow you to have it ‘your way’ way better than BK. Also, they offer regular and curly seasoned fries.


Also known as Carl’s Jr. here in the west.

Big George

…”Costco, on the other hand, will be difficult.”
Not really. When I heard about COSTCO, I joined Sam’s Club. Just as good products, many cheaper and free delivery with a $45/year membership!


Sadly, Sam’s Club is owned by ChiCom whores.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

It is owned by Walmart


Like I said, whores for China.


With the more premium membership (a few $ more) you can order on-line through the app and they’ll load your stuff in your car. Just park and hit 2 buttons on your phone and they bring your order out to your car. They also have an app that allows you to scan and go in the store, no lines.

Dr. Strangelove

To everyone complaining about the missing firms on the list, it only goes to G. Click on it for the complete page.


I would have liked to see all of the backstabbing companies on this list. The companies who make their money selling arms while being anti-2A. Companies like Springfield Armory, Rock River Arms, Benchmade, BDU, X-Products, etc… have owners and executives who have all supported arms laws, assisted government in violating rights, and/or made considerable donations to anti-2A politicians.


Ruger has in the last decade pushed “Red Flag” analogs, the sort that resulted in Carolyn McCarthy’s veterans disarmament law (NRA backed). Founder Bill Ruger & his Gen Counsel Sanetti pushed “Assault Weapon” & magazine bans. The betrayal paved the way for Bush 1’s import ban, Cali’s AW ban, NJ ban, fed ban etc. Lobbied Cali to exempt their Mini-14 “Ranch Rifle”, enabling the ban to pass by 1 vote. Only thing they give a F about is exempting themselves; they’ll throw anyone under the bus to do it.


I remember Bill Ruger supporting magazine capacity limits but he’s long dead and the company has moved into another direction after his passing. I haven’t heard of them supporting red flag laws and I couldn’t find anything after searching for it. Do you have a link?


Not literally “Red Flag”, but analogs & precursors. I don’t think RugerCo really changed. He died, then Sanetti was CEO for many years; just as bad. Then Sanetti ran “ATF’s partner” NSSF. I’m sure he & his FUDD culture still have lots of stroke at Ruger. In 2013, Ruger pushed ~”strengthen mental health laws & not pass more gun laws because we already have 20k gun laws.” This was when real 2A activists were fighting to head off Universal “Background Checks” & slippery slope “mental health” gun bans – Red Flag analogs. Links have disappeared, but you get a… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

P.S. The kind of shit the Ruger Culture pushes at “ATF’s Partner” NSSF.


Yeah, I’ve been saying for years how the NSSF is just like the NRA. Always pushing for “compromise” gun laws and endorsing fudd politicians. They had banners up at SHOT a few years ago supporting Bill Barr for USAG even though he defended the Ruby Ridge and Waco murderers and said he would make enforcing red flag laws a priority if Trump and Congress would implement them.

Unlicensed Bozo

Where in Florida?

Big PP

Great article, I would LOVE to see companies in the firearm industry, and thoes that market to the firearm industry added to the list, there are a few and everyone should be educated as to who these turncoats are.


While we are attempting to determine who to do business with I watched the following video and it connected a lot of dots that I knew existed but could not say for sure. Most all of the companies listed are all tied together. I encourage you as freedom loving Americans to watch this video, every second was worth it and I have decided I would try to get as many people to watch it as possible. It is a great way to show some of the sleeping Americans what is really going on behind the scenes and who is pulling… Read more »

Watch um

Yes, you are right, but what is a person to do? Are we suppose to stop buying anything from anyone, no unless you live in some faraway place and live in a cave or tent and raise goats in a place like Afghanistan.
Now here is the real answer that a lot of people will never understand, love God and your neighbor and put your faith in God and nothing else will matter and continue until He takes you away from this earth.



PA Woody

I watched it. Well worth the effort. Thanks. I’ll be passing it along to others.


Firehouse subs are awesome and they don’t discriminate against gun owners. At least in my area they don’t. As a trucker I travel to many states that support the 2nd and only do business with companies I know support the 2nd. I have found that Firehouse Subs are better because they don’t short you on the meats. Plus they put the sandwich in a box type container that allows you to keep it fresher. Where I live there are some local sandwich shops that I will do business with. Search your local area and you might find a sandwich shop… Read more »


Firehouse does make some fine sandwiches, but for the price, I’ll stop at Longhorn and have a hot steak served to me.


NOT YUM Brands. 🙁 There goes my KFC and Taco-Bell trips. I’ll go to Popeye’s I guess. But there’s no similar Taco joint by me.:-(


Popeye’s is owned by the same company as Burger King.


Note, the Ford Foundation, while originally created by Henry and Edsel, has been corrupted. However per Wiki – “Between 1955 and 1974, the foundation sold its Ford Motor Company holdings and now plays no role in the automobile company.”


Why apologize for the use of the word “boycott?” Has it been officially banned by the PC police? The communists use the word boycott obsessively and not just against companies they don’t like but WHOLE states of the union that aren’t as pathologically “woke” (aka culturally comatose) as they demand them to be! If Cali-comunismo can boycott Texas or Georgia then I sure as heck can boycott Cali-comunismo or Coke!!!!

Peck Erwood

Who do you think owns all those companies and runs this site ? They all have (((one))) thing in common


Thank you. I appreciate seeing the updated lists, and boycotting any and all on the lists.


wait. people still pay for windows?


I would like to see the specific reasons listed for each company so the issue could be addressed via correspondence with the company. Simply saying “anti-gun” is using a broad brush to paint them. At one time, that may have been enough.
I have not bought Levi’s since they started pressuring the Boy Scouts to abandon basic morals.

Xaun Loc

Giving a “specific reason” would require the people compiling such lists to actually HAVE a reason… Something more valid than My brother-in-law knows a guy who heard from his cousin that a friend’s hair dressed said… The vast majority of the companies on any of these lists (and yes there are many such lists) are there because someone scoured the donor lists of various campaigns and copied down the names of all the businesses or business leaders who contributed to any organization or campaign the person compiling the list opposes. THIS list appears to be purely a list of companies… Read more »


I was pleased to find that there are only three companies on that list that I do business with and two of them (Microsoft and Levi’s) I only buy once every 4-5 years. Can’t figure out how I could do without Microsoft but I’ll switch to Lee’s or Wrangler. But Subway is dam near my favorite food so I’ll still buy a sandwich every week or so.
I don’t know most of the companies listed so it would be helpful if their main product was listed with the name when added to the list.


Switch to ChikFilA or Five Guys. Or find a local mom n pop joint. They can often provide far more than just asammich. Go there often enuogh they will recognise you nd make friends with yuo.Then you are not only not dealing with tyrants but trading wiht friends.


I patronized ChikFilA until they bent over for the LGBTQ nazis and F’d over The Salvation Army.

Yesterday InNOut Burger told San Fransicko vax nazis to GF themselves. I’ve eaten there twice since then. Delicious.


Don’t know why you’re getting down votes for telling the truth about ChikFILA

Wild Bill

It is because he has insulted so many people that no one likes him very much. He is not the underdog, here.

Last edited 1 year ago by Wild Bill

Good projection, Agent. “No one” being your sock puppets.


If you like pastrami, go to ToGo’s if you have one. They are better than firehouse or subway. I believe they use real meat too. LOL IMO.


Subway sucks. ToGo’s & Jersey Mike’s are good. JM’s is all USA product. Watch out for undisclosed ChiCom food & processing.


I try and avoid anything made in China. I can’t believe that we have our drugs made there, how stupid is that. They showed they don’t care about our children with the poison and lead in the toys, they showed they don’t care about our dogs with the poison in the food, they showed they don’t care about the world with how they didn’t tell us about covid.

Never heard of Jersey Mikes, gotta give them a shot, thanks.


If the label’s vague assume ChiCom e.g. “Made in USA with globally sourced ingredients” = ChiCom. Even “Made in USA” barely means F all anymore. I read a few days ago that “Made in USA” labeling is legal for products that are xy% USA (55% I think). Assume the other 45% is ChiCom. Massive fraud.

>50% of seafood eaten here is from or processed by ChiComs. E.g. faux U.S. firm Trident Seafood. Allegedly caught in “U.S.” waters (by Americans or ChiComs?), but Trident told me it’s 100% processed in China. ChiComs are big on pork too so watch out there.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r
Peck Erwood

Go figure the same guy spouting ignorant nazi comments also uses the term chicom. What a fucking joke


Nice try, Comrade.

Wild Bill

Still defending yourself on a two month old thread. How elegiac.


Others posted here today, so I noticed it.

Still trolling me with your suck puppets. Butt out, Agent.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r
Watch um

Just shome and make your own sandwich and if going out put your sandwich and chips in a brown paper sack and pull it a prohibitive food place that is on the list and enjoy your lunch in their parking lot

Big PP

Subway is on the above list


Too late for Subway for me. I left them when that purple haired USA hater Rapinoe did her circus act at the Olympics and I found out Subway was one of her sponsors.


Alternative to Microsoft? Apple is a partner with the Chinese Communist Party. I have used Linux since 1992. I’ve used several varieties. Note that Redhat is owned by Microsoft. For the last twenty years it has been either Ubuntu or Mint, mostly Ubuntu. Although I have installed other versions to check them out. Linux does whatever I need to do and then some.

If you need to wean yourself off Windows you can set up a dual boot system that allows you to boot into either Windows or Linux.


Surely, we’d all like to own American manufactured vehicles, but are you aware, The Ford Foundation and The GM Foundation are major contributors to organizations inimical to law-abiding civilian gun rights? Put them at the top of the list.


No worries.. Toyota, Mercedes, Mazda, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, all manufacture here in the states. Not sure aobut BMW. LandRover. And huge parts of Ford and GM are made offshore.. why do you think they can’t get compouters to make their cars run? China…… and every “electric” car use batteries and control systems made offshore.

Wild Bill

Yes, well stated. And America has hundreds of years of petroleum. China has none. America has little rare earth minerals. China has hundreds of years worth. So … of course … Americans must be made to switch to electric battery vehicles!

Liberty Valance

Am a little surprised by the Ebay listing. Having found many “ghost-gun” parts and kits not to mention a few hard-to-find firing pins for my stash. As far as Uber, the last time I got in a car the driver asked if I was interested in a German made Sig p225. Not kidding.


I have seen the list before.. and I too am disappointed in seeing so many ubiquitous businesses come out against the 2A… AND will try to lessen my contributions to their bottom line.. But what I would LOVE to see is this list expand to include alternatives to the Anti’s so that we can support the Pro’s.. THAT would be constructive and help out those who support our rights. AMMOLAND, GOA, USCCA, FPC, NAGR, SAF and all the state groups. (I purposely omitted the big guy.. ) … maybe all join together to start a website that we can access… Read more »


Yes, I understand. I left out all the groups and individuals that I had a personal disagreement with on some level or the other….but wondered why I was the only one left alone????

Henry Bowman

Did I miss something or is this the 2nd article in as many days about a list of anti-gun businesses? I recall another article citing SAF’s list using the same sales pitch.

I support SAF so I don’t mind the repeat mention of “The List”, but I thought there would be something new to say. Just the same, I encourage everyone here to save this list and check with SAF occasionally for updates to the list.


I can’t back SAF after Gottlube-Workman abused it to put/keep faux pro-gun ‘Libertarian’ islamophile Groveler al Nor’Qu’ist on NRA’s ‘board of directors’.

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ge is such a bunch of Hippocrates they make military weapons,that they should be selling to public. I want a gau8 for my truck


Hippocrates is the grandfather/demigod of the western medical system.
“Hypocrites” is the term you should use.


Kudos. The list is a start & at least makes an effort to discern which businesses are Marxist/Fascist ideologically oriented. Why hasn’t/doesn’t GOA or NRA call out one stinking False Flag ? NOT ONCE have either of those organizations ever used that common term “False Flag”. NOT once … If you think of yourself as a moral & Intellectually honest person, ask yourself the question why is that ? KEEP THE FALSE FLAG FLYING World’s a rigged Corporate Fascist PsyOp stage. Support independent small businesses & live your life as free as possible to Rebel tyranny every way possible.… Read more »

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WI Patriot

“God-given constitutional rights.”
THIS is what I take issue with…

Henry Bowman

What issue? Our nation’s founding documents state unequivocally that our Rights are God-given. So, do you take issue with God or with our founding documents?

Know Jesus, know liberty.


Hi Henry. I am not sure what WI patriot meant with their comment but maybe my comment to everyone might shed some light on what they meant. Maybe.

Peck Erwood

I think he was very clear i dont know how he could have been any clearer, really.

Peck Erwood

Separation of church and state . Our nation was founded by (((freemasons)))

Wild Bill

The words “Separation of church and state” do not occur in the Constitution. The concept of “Separation of church and state” do not occur in the Constitution. Hugo Black was a southern trial lawyer that would say anything to get his clients off. He was successful and politically connected. He ended up on the S. Ct. Black also hated the Catholic Church. Black saw his chance to strike a blow against Catholicism in the 1947 case of Everson v. Bd. of Education. The school board was letting the Catholic Church use the school rooms for teaching catechism directly after school… Read more »

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Oh no! Replying to 2 month old comments now?

Wild Bill

An opportunity to explain the history of a corrupt S. Ct does not come up very often. Hugo Black is such clear and well documented example.

Wild Bill

I knew that you would bite.


Projecting your homoerotic fantasies again, Agent.


If you have such a problem with the way our rights are in this country, I’m sure that we could take up a collection to buy you a one-way ticket to one of the numerous countries that don’t allow their citizens those rights. May I suggest Russia, China, Cuba or Venezuela?


The way that things are going, Russia might not be such a bad choice.


I’ll give you that one!

Peck Erwood

Antisemitism is illegal in russia. Unless your a jewish oligarch you are not going to have a good time

Wild Bill

The way things are going … they might be coming a city near us!

WI Patriot



The truth hurts, doesn’t it!
This country is currently being run into the toilet due to incompetence and the want for power.

Peck Erwood

You forgot the US on there…. unless you have a different understanding of the word freedom. You must


To some they are “God given rights.” To others they are “creator given rights.” To others they are “natural rights.” Regardless, there is a reason why it is OK for an exterminator to gas 6 million termites in a days work, but not OK for the Third Reich to gas 6 million Jews. Explain the difference however you wish. Just don’t say there is no difference.

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leave out the word “constitutional” and you’ve fixed it. Those rights predate and do not derive their existsnce from the constitution. That document only names them and spells them out a bit. It does not confer or grrant them. It only COMMANDS government to leave our rights alone.. something it began ignoring before the first election way back when.


Taking issue with God Given. I agree. They may have stated God given but it is actually instinctual to protect yourself. When you are about to get into a wreck with your car, don’t you try and move to miss the accident unless you freeze in horror like some people do. If a tree were falling, wouldn’t you move so it would not land on you? If you were doing construction and a board fell from above your head wouldn’t you move to avoid getting hit by it, doesn’t the person that dropped it say look out below? Protecting ourselves… Read more »

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Instinct, ability to reason, and conscience, are gifts from God.

Wild Bill

I concur.


I understand with my Christian teachings that everything is a gift from God so I agree with what you are saying.

My point was that the people that don’t believe in God have the same right to the second amendment and putting all of our rights to the second amendment on God is not the only factor to be considered and in times like these we should call everyone brother, believer or not and not alienate anyone. The 2nd amendment needs everyone’s protection.

I don’t mean to offend believers but I do intend to include non believers. Make sense?


I agree, but thank God 1A recognizes freedom of religion or we’d have very little defense against the vax nazis.

Wild Bill

Rights have to come from something bigger than government, lest government have the power to take away Rights, which in turn means that you really don’t have Rights.
I don’t think that human instinct fills the bill.


I hope we can agree to disagree. I am free and the only right that I may loose is the one that I agree to let them have over me and in agreeing I have let them make it a privilege.

IMO Toinico has it right in this case.

Again, I state, not everyone believes in God.

Wild Bill

We can always agree to disagree, but if Rights don’t come from something bigger than government … government will diminish or emiminate any one or all Rights.

No agreement with you would be necessary. For example: you exercise a constitutionally enshrined Right. The government says you have no such Right because they passed a statute eliminating that Right. Then the government sends agents to seize and imprison or kill you.

Peck Erwood

Your rights come from your willingness to fight for them . You people dont understand the 2nd ammendment at all…


I sympathize, many rational folks have doubts. That’s why it’s called faith. But there’s so many clues to God’s existence. e.g. how to explain music, Beethoven or Mozart without the existence of God?

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Whose commie atheist copologist infiltraitor copsucker sock puppet downvoted this?


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Wild Bill

The “equal protection clause” proves that the founding fathers did not mean Christians only. Also Geo. Washington invited a Jewish group to settle in the United States before the Constitution was ratified. Thus the Christians only theory can not be what was intended.


so you are saying that he doesn’t believe and that is why he doesn’t like God being mentioned?

Wild Bill

I am addressing your (music man) reply to WIPatriot from 12:15. I don’t understand your question. Can you rephrase.But you should know that I won’t put words in any commenter’s mouth.

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My question to you was why do you think he made the statement he did. If you don’t want to answer that is ok.

Bottom line is that no one can argue that our rights are for all. I read it as he was finding that God being mentioned was offensive to Him/Her and was trying to make sense to a person that had a question. There is another way to interpret it too. They can be saying that they don’t believe in the constitution. I was just offering another prospective that did not include God.

Wild Bill

I can not speak for another, but it would be easy to ask him what he had in mind.


I’m confused. This reads to me as if the Jewish people that came here didn’t believe in God or were not Christians? Did I get that right?

Wild Bill

No, you did not get that right. There was a group of Jews that wanted to come to the US. They wrote a letter to president George Washington. Washington helped them.


God-given is correct. The Constitution and specifically the Bill of Rights tell the government what they CAN’T do to our rights. For instance the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Peck Erwood

Lol thats the part you have issue with ? Good grief dont worry you wont have to worry about it much longer, im sure youll love whats to come, the noahide laws