The Cornerstone of American Culture Requires It Be An Armed Citizenry ~ VIDEO


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New York – -( It is our hope that the richness and vibrancy of our Nation—a free Republic, gained at great personal risk taken by and great personal sacrifice made by the Nation’s first Patriots, through the American Revolution Of 1776—will long be preserved.

And it is our fervent hope that the blood spilled by American Patriots in the decades and centuries since, to keep our Nation strong and true to the words set in stone in our Nation’s founding documents, will not have been in vain.

As in those decades and centuries past, Americans living today now see that they need not sit idly by, passively resigned to the Deep State/Globalist world post-nation-state feudal empire, ruled by Communist China and those in the employ of the Rothschild Banking dynasty, such as George Soros. That nightmarish world need not come to pass.

Even the most passive Americans, of the “liberal persuasion mindset” are beginning to fight back and are doing so vigorously. Their voices are being heard. They realize that the words, “liberal democracy,” that had, hitherto, informed their political, social, cultural, and economic mindset, and that has induced in them a disturbing malaise of will and spirit, are just code words for the very authoritarianism (consequently abject totalitarianism). And that corrupting forces both here and abroad embrace and do intend to thrust on the U.S. and on the entirety of western civilization.

Of course, those Patriots in America’s Militia Movement were never fooled by the game plan of the Globalists; were never taken in by it. So, naturally, they were and are vigorously attacked for their opposition to it, and are treated as the primary instigators of it. The enemies of our Nation will not abide the militia movement; will have none of it; are dead set against it and are chastising those who happen to champion it.

Millions of “liberal-minded” Americans are beginning to realize that, for far too long, they have been played for fools.

They are finally coming to their senses. They clearly see what is at stake. They have, at long last, awakened from their long slumber that all-encompassing, and thoroughly noxious psychological conditioning has coaxed them into. And the stirring of Americans en masse is not lost on the Nation’s would-be Destroyers.

They know the jig is up, and it scares the hell out of them.

Americans Do recognize that theirs is an “American Culture” to have and to hold. And Americans Do see that malevolent forces Do exist and Do intend to crush both it and them into submission.

But what is this thing, ‘American Culture,” that America’s enemies erroneously scorn and mock as a ‘Gun Culture?’


It is identified by and exemplified through the Bill of Rights—a codification of elemental Natural law Rights and Liberties residing intrinsically in Man. The keystone and epitome of “American Culture” Is Freedom: Freedom Of Thought; Freedom Of Action; Freedom Of Will And Spirit; the Right of the Individual to be Individual, free from Government encroachment and coercion.

American Culture takes as axiomatic—self-evident truth—the existence of a body of Natural Law Rights and Liberties that emanate from an infinite benevolent and morally perfect Divine Creator.

This means Natural Law Rights and Liberties exist intrinsically in man, bestowed on and in Man by the Divine Creator.

These Rights and Liberties are not mere constructs created by Man through an operation of Government, and it is an error to think them so. The Nation’s Bill of Rights comprises a set of fundamental, unalienable, immutable, illimitable, eternal Rights and Liberties.

These sacred Rights and Liberties serve as both a constant reminder and warning to those serving in Government that they are servants of the American people and that the Federal Government—as all Government—operates at the exclusive pleasure of the American people and exists for no purpose other than to serve the interests of the American people.

Government is nothing more than a manmade contrivance, an artificial device, that must cease to exist once it fails to recognize or fails to remember for whom it exists for.

In our Nation, Government exists to serve the interests of the American people. It has no other purpose. Once it fails to serve the interests of the American people, its lawful authority and power over the American people ends abruptly.

All Natural Rights are ultimately subsumed in and encapsulated in the Second Amendment Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms—a right that is absolute and “Shall Not Be Infringed.” That Right is itself subsumed in the fundamental Right of self-defense—the cornerstone of the fundamental Right of Autonomy that exemplifies the sanctity and inviolability of the Soul—the seat of Man’s Free Will.

A Government of limited Power and Authority and an immutable set of unlimited and absolute fundamental Rights and Liberties are the building blocks upon which “American Culture” is built and in which it has, since the inception of the Republic, resided.

Our Constitution is the blueprint for and the foundation for——

  • A free Republic; and,
  • An independent, sovereign Nation-State; and,
  • A free, independent, sovereign people.

It is this Constitution which Globalists both here and abroad contemptuously scorn. They constantly deride and ridicule through pejorative descriptors and phrases as ‘old,’ ‘outmoded,’ ‘antiquated,’ ‘archaic,’ ‘anachronistic,’ ‘out of touch with international law and international norms,’ and ‘inconsistent with the constitutions of other modern countries.’

In fact, our Constitution is unique and that is a good thing. It is this immutable Constitution that has allowed this Nation to grow and prosper; to become the most powerful, successful Nation on Earth; the envy of billions of people around the world. So, then, why would anyone choose to treat both it and the Nation that emerged from it as a bad thing?

In truth, it is the very success of the United States on all important indices that Anti-American elements find frustratingly, extraordinarily difficult to attack in any convincing manner. So they create fiction, fairy tales, fanciful false flag horror stories in their unconscionable attempt to convince Americans that the Country is inherently evil—that the Nation was conceived and constructed on the backs of African slaves and indigenous American Natives.

By postulating that the Republic is inherently immoral, these ingrates attempt to convince Americans that the Nation ought not to continue to exist in its present form; that it never deserved to exist.

The dogma thus created is nothing but a façade, a cloak, a disguise to mask the secret aim of those elements who harbor a deep-seated antipathy toward, a long-standing grudge against, and a tremendous loathing of, the very success of America for over 240 years of its existence as a free Constitutional Republic.

But these Anti-American forces that crush are able to tap into an inexhaustible supply of money made available to them through over 200 George Soros-connected organizations. And these Soros organizations have slowly, inexorably attacked the very underpinnings of America’s institutions.

The more secretive Rothschild network lurks above the Soros organizations, unseen, but the Rothschild tentacles are vast. They are everywhere and their negative impact is felt deeply in the United States. See, e.g., articles in Stillness in the Storm, and American Patriot Contact Tracers.

Some commentators, such as Tucker Carlson of Fox News, have demonstrated courage, of late, by expressly mentioning George Soros, by name, as he has been unable to hide his efforts to dismantle this Country. Both he and his organizations pose a singular danger to our free Constitutional Republic and a challenge to those Americans who seek to preserve it.

News publications such as AmmoLand News, Epoch Times, even the New York Post, and The Washington Times have done their part to inform the public, but they need to do more.

Soros isn’t operating in a vacuum. Both he and corrupt Government legislators and bureaucrats are working in concert with him—all managed through a much larger and shadowy network of destructive influences across the globe that are dead set on destroying not only the existence of our Nation as a free Constitutional Republic but the entirety of the nation-state paradigm.

Intensive investigative work on these destructive forces and influences on our Nation, especially, needs to be done. The fate of the western world hinges on the strength of the American people to remain true to their Constitution—and, especially, to the most important component of it: their Bill of Rights.

Take as a categorical imperative, the right, need, and, yes, dare we say, duty of the patriotic American citizen, to always keep and bear arms.

For only in the exercise of that Right can a Free, Sovereign and Dangerous people of a Republic, truly expect to survive and prevail against the forces that crush.

A transglobal world empire cannot be accomplished without the inclusion of the resources of the United States.

It is for this reason the Globalists have spent exorbitant amounts of time, money, and organizational effort to undermine a Free Republic. But the Country is not Theirs.

It is Ours. Remember that!

About The Arbalest Quarrel:

Arbalest Group created `The Arbalest Quarrel’ website for a special purpose. That purpose is to educate the American public about recent Federal and State firearms control legislation. No other website, to our knowledge, provides as deep an analysis or as thorough an analysis. Arbalest Group offers this information free.

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Conservative media and the Republican Party long ago made a conscious choice to NOT take note of the emergence and incremental growth of the Progressive New Left. This gang of Marxist terrorists declared war on Western Civilization and the American Republic over 50 years ago. They published a manifesto, the Prairie Fire Manifesto way back in 1973 and that manifesto is the master plan for destroying this once great Republic and the culture underlying our nation. When commentators fail to acknowledge that simple reality and the resulting incremental deconstruction of our Republic and culture I know they are a newbie,… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by nrringlee

It started long before 1973.

The framework and many of the socialist policies were in place by the 1930s. A Great Leap Forward from those bad ideas was taken in the 1960s in the U.S.

It’s nothing new.


There is a reason for that second amendment cornerstone and we are about to put it to use as the election process has been tainted and that leaves only one option . Our founders had the insight to put this option on the table after dealing with tyrants from Britain. Now it will be used against tyrants in our own government that have made themselves expendable with thier overreaching policies .

I Haz A Question

From the article:

Our Constitution is the blueprint for…

The Left has been taking out their crayons and trying to change that blueprint, due to their belief that it somehow needs to be updated.

2A Gun Guy

The Covernment has been Failing the American People For Many Years!


Too many years.


Every home should have shotgun any caliber will do 22 cal rifle and at least 1 high power rifle 30-30 308 223 Those that do not if push comes to shove could not feed themselves with natures butcher shop. It will become important to be able to use common hand tools and everyday power tools and a generator. Lite a fire without matches or a lighter most young folks could not bait a hook or pitch a tent or know what mother nature offers in her woods to eat. Those are called gathers and when their smartphones turn off do… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by john
Wild Bill

I can’t help but agree. And I’m thinking that if everybody hunted everyday, then nature’s butcher shop would not last long. So, as cruel as this may sound, I’m glad that the smart phone generation won’t be competing with us.


I agree there a rules to hunting in every state providing you adhere to the conservation departments regulations I do as they are fair wild life is doing just fine. The smartphone or this new generation of I have to have it now, would never be able to develop the skills to hunt and take game. They might know how to kill which is much different than hunting.Then like some who have tried hunting came to the reality that they were not able to take the shot. People in general have no patience these days which is fundamental in hunting.Here… Read more »


Some of you guys really need to get out and meet a better class of young people. They’re laughing at you.

Wild Bill

And speaking of that: “WISCONSIN FRAUD HEARING IDENTIFIES MASSIVE EVIDENCE OF ELECTION IRREGULARITIES by Summer Lane February 11, 2022 In a series of tweets posted to Twitter, Harrington shared the shocking results of the hearing, which pinpointed more than 50,000 fraudulent phantom votes and 1.5 million illegal voter registrations. Additionally, the evidence that was presented at the hearing identified 155,000 suspected “fake” voters and 46,000 unverified voter registrations. These numbers are especially impactful considering the margin of victory for Joe Biden in 2020 was just 20,682, according to NPR.Further, Harrington’s media links from the informational hearing, which was broadcast on WISEYE, also… Read more »


San Berdino California Sheriff’s department working hard to discredit law enforcement across the nation. In face of so many examples of egregious behavior on the part of law enforcement – repeated with immunity – and not called out by other LEO across the nation it has become nearly impossible to respect any LEO anywhere in this nation. Surely some among the LEO community recognize the risk deteriorating community relations poses to them. Current answer seems to be collecting military” surplus rivaling what was left behind in Afghanistan in order to enforce “the law” through force of arms. Is there no… Read more »


Trump recreates the tax laws in some cases the working man or women who works from home can no longer write off those expenses Home office mileage office equipment There are a lot write offs that were removed or tax deductions you have to reach $24,000 well I will leave that for the the accounts among us. The point the Biden administration claimed he would not raise taxes on the working men and women. Biden also claimed he would not touch social security he lied on both counts. Let’s take social security first you are retired you got a raise… Read more »


Those calibers, and 22LR, are in the highest demand. Why should manufacturers shut down to switch their production lines to other calibers when they are still selling everything they can make – working full speed and overtime? I suspect those calibers are also the cheapest to manufacture as they require lower amounts of raw material – cost of which continues to rise. At todays prices 9mm costs more than almost any handgun round did two years ago – ditto for 223/556 and ‘normal’ rifle rounds. Obviously more exotic and/or far larger/more powerful rounds such as 50bmg, 338 lapua, etc(?) were… Read more »


They would not shut down as all ammo is profitable at this time in history. I am talking about calibers 243 cal 257 roberts 270 cal 30 30 cal there is a shortage of large rifle primers and powder like dupont Im4350 – Im4064 etc Ball powder for reloading is also tough to get Bullseye Like I said lot of 308 cal 223 cal 9mm as they are stocked piled for law and military .


“because manufacturers stock pyled [sic] those items”

Not according to their balance sheets (thoroughly reviewed quarterly & audited annually, with massive penalties for fraud).


That is correct


The Mel Gibson clip is funny. His character led a revolt against the king’s men who enforced unconscionable laws.

“Stephen is a decorated veteran police officer of the New York City Police Department.”


Steven thank you for your service thank you for putting your life on the line everyday.

Wild Bill

Good creds! Worthy of listening to.