Plan To Overturn The American Revolution: First Control Speech, Then Control Guns


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New York – -( The “Open Society”: Code For Total Control Of Mankind.

Words are traps for the unwary. In the hands of the adept proselytizer, they can kill a person just as assuredly as a bullet through the brain, a knife through the heart, or a potassium cyanide capsule in the stomach.

But words are more facile than guns, knives, or potassium cyanide. For words target the mind. They target the thoughts of men.

In the hands of the skilled practitioner, words can sway the emotions, or stir the intellect. They can educate or indoctrinate. They can confuse or elucidate. They can inspire a person to act in a beneficial direction or can propel a person to rabid violence. They can motivate or demotivate. They can instill confidence and self-assurance or infuse timidity, passivity, and anxiety. They can generate pride of self and Country; or they can engender self-loathing and repudiation of the nobility of Self and Country.

Malicious, malevolent forces that crush nations know this, of course. In the age of the Smartphone and Social Media, these forces can reach billions of people in nanoseconds, and they have done so; and continue to do so: incessantly, noxiously, ramping up their messaging, and clamping down on dissent.

Americans, especially, need to be cognizant of this, as the Nation is rapidly approaching an inflection point: The United States either survives as a true Free Constitutional Republic that the founders of our Republic gave us, or falls into ruin, never again to rise in prominence; never again to exist as a small bright beacon of hope and freedom in a broad, dark, dank strife-ridden world.

The Country is at a dichotomous point in its history.

The American people can, through a stout heart and a firm grip on their firearms, rekindle a zest in freedom and liberty—the rallying cry against the forces of tyranny.

Or they can return to a state of internment, succumbing to defeatism fear, and doubt, constantly projected by the Deep State Globalist instigators and agitators of the Rothschild dynasty.

Since the earliest days of the Republic, the Rothschild internationalist banking dynasty expected to obtain and maintain complete control over the North American continent, and that included control over the English colonies in America, as their end-goal was and is world domination. That was always in their sight. The colonists didn’t much care to be a part of the Rothschilds’ game plan. They had other plans: freedom from tyranny and their Declaration of Independence from Tyranny made that singular aim crystal clear to those whose objective was and is the destruction of the Republic and the emergence of a one-world government, grounded on the tenets of Collectivism.

Rothschilds’ first attempt at subjugating the American colonies was transparent and overt: the American Revolutionary War.

Through its command of King George’s immense military, the banking dynasty sought to bring quickly to heel what it perceived as a mere ragtag band of malcontented colonists. That didn’t go so well. The Rothschild dynasty and their stooge, George III, lost control of the colonies.

The physical loss of the colonies was painful enough for the Rothschild dynasty and for its principal toadies, King George III and the English Parliament.

But more painful to the Rothschilds and for their stooges was the personal affront to their egos. So, from the nascent days of the American Republic, the Rothschild dynasty plotted, schemed, and machinated to bring the United States to its knees. And, in the ensuing years, they decided on a different tack to destroy the Country. They conjured up, and through the passing years and decades, they refined an entirely new plan to retake the Country.

As overt use of the British military to defeat America’s patriots failed, the Rothschilds devised a covert plan. This one would take a goodly amount of time, money, and organizational ability, all of which they had and now their descendants have in marked abundance. They implemented a plan to destroy the Nation from within.

The Rothschilds took under their wing a new and massive collection of underlings, situating them throughout the Federal & State Governments, Courts, and the Federal Reserve. They showered these sociopaths and rank opportunists with money and the trappings of power and let them loose on the Nation.

The Rothschilds found it far easier to consolidate their power over and eventually did take control over, great swathes of western Europe. This included control of a few Baltic States as well, resulting in the creation of a new political, social, economic, and juridical structure: the European Union. But even as they controlled the Commonwealth Nations and even as they gained control over the EU, the prize jewel for them was and is the United States.

The demoralization and debasement of the American people and the dismantling of the Republic remained, always, their first and primary focus.

And, as the U.S. in time grew increasingly more powerful economically, militarily, geopolitically, and technologically, the Rothschild’s appetite for unfettered control over “the colonies” grew exponentially as well.

They intend to remake and control all of western civilization, carving out their share of a world empire be controlled by them and Communist China. The Rothschilds’ share of the spoils would include the remains of all western nation-states. And, since the turn of the 21st Century, both they and their minions have instituted a particularly vicious and virulent, all-encompassing campaign to destroy the sovereignty and independence of these nation-states. But they don’t just talk of a “new world order.”

No! The catchword for world domination is cloaked in a seemingly innocuous phrase: “the Open Society.”

The Rothschilds appointed their darling child, gun-control’s super-financier, George Soros, to oversee this Herculean task to fuse western nation-states into a new world order, referred to euphemistically as the “Open Society,” to hide its sinister plot for world domination. Dig deep and you find the name George Soros plastered all over this Open Society effort.

The Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution has no place in the opprobrious Rothschild/Soros Open Society. The Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution has no place in a colossal world empire that seeks to control the lives of billions of people; must control such large masses of people if it is not to fall of its own ponderous weight. Such an enterprise requires unity of thought and expression of all people.

There is no place in such a world for individual expression; no place for privacy. And there certainly is no place in such a world for armed citizens who prefer to control their own destiny, free from Government interference; free from military and police harassment; free from the all-seeing eye of a colossal intelligence apparatus. And, the inklings of the positioning and emplacement of this mammoth beast overlaid on our free Constitutional Republic and on all western countries are all around us.

About The Arbalest Quarrel:

Arbalest Group created `The Arbalest Quarrel’ website for a special purpose. That purpose is to educate the American public about recent Federal and State firearms control legislation. No other website, to our knowledge, provides as deep an analysis or as thorough an analysis. Arbalest Group offers this information free.

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Today this day 2/16/22 we learned our neighbor to the North Canada has turned the corner from a socialist run country to a marxist dictatorship.Justin Trudeau has turned on the canadian people like a spoiled little progresive who hid in the basement afraid lying much like Joe Biden did before the election in 2020 The Northern border of our country we thought that it would always remain sucere 5500 miles the longest border in the world between countries is no longer safe. The Democrats the speaker of the house has ordered those facing a tough reelections to shout from their… Read more »


cargo pants, or bdu , only assault weapons are words or fists


I remember when “gay” meant happy.


All made possible by people who will enforce unconscionable laws against their fellow countrymen:

“Ottawa police, some bearing guns, moved to break up demonstrations Saturday that have snarled Canada’s capital for weeks using pepper spray as they made scores of arrests and towed away protesters’ trucks, sometimes after smashing their windows.”


Yeah, people should be more concerned about the World Economic Forum and the Great Reset they are attempting via laws passed supposedly to fight covid.


they have been setting the stage for this bs for years

Wild Bill

This is fascinating! I’d like to hear more, Roger. Who were the Rothschild organization was in charge at the time of the American revolution? Why didn’t we, Americans, just deport them? Who in the Rothschild organization appointed George Soros?


“… First Control Speech, Then Control Guns…” ???
If guns are controlled then there is no speech…especially free speech.
Gun Grabbers 101.


no they started shouting people down first, gun owners tend to be polite, these nutss are beyond rude and need canceling with a noose


“Big Tech” should be the target of freedom loving people world wide.
Without us using these social media outlets, they would have no power over free speech. They need us more than we need them. The genie can be put back in the bottle. You, not big tech, have the power.

Shame on any gun owner who votes for Democrats.

Last edited 1 year ago by Cruiser

Spot on. Well written. It all goes back to 1 Timothy 6:10
“For the love of money is the root of all evil”


Yes sir, always follow the money!


for the love of peace there will be war


The Second Protects the First.


Reply on hold – kinda funny since my comment was about the desire for former LEOs to censor me.


apropos . it wont let me up vote you ,im logged in. would be funny if it was not so sad


Two former LEOs expressed their desire for me to banned from Ammoland.


Government thugs hate free speech and fear being exposed for the tyrants they are.


hate your free speech, get that right they want to say what they want but dont want a reply one more word and Ill take you to jail ,only thing I actually liked when i was with dea was arresting cops, cant stand two faced ass holes