Bombshell: Suspect in Sacramento Shooting Released from Prison in Feb.

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Bombshell: Suspect in Sacramento Shooting Released from Prison in Feb.

U.S.A.-( One of two sibling suspects arrested in the aftermath of the deadly mass shooting in Sacramento was released from prison in February after having served less than half of a ten-year sentence he received in January 2018 for domestic violence and assault, according to the Sacramento Bee and now social media is burning up with discussions about this revelation.

Now a report has surfaced that one of the suspects, Smiley Martin, was paid $7,500 by Sacramento County to settle a lawsuit dating back to 2018, when Martin accused a jail guard of allowing him to be assaulted while in custody in the Sacramento County Jail. According to KOVR News, the local CBS affiliate, the county agreed to settle Smiley Martin’s lawsuit rather than go to court, because of a backup in the courts due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is just the latest revelation about the case, that already has Californians furious.

Further adding to the drama, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) will hold a public hearing Thursday, April 14 on a proposal to enact permanent regulations which, according to Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert, “would result in the early release of thousands of violent offenders and ‘nonviolent second strikers’,” according to an announcement on the DA’s website.

The period for submitting public comment closes April 13. The April 14 public hearing teleconference will be opened to the public at 10 a.m., and it is likely there will be much interest in this discussion. This notice appears on the CDCR website:

A public hearing regarding these proposed regulations will be held on April 14, 2022. The teleconference will be opened to the public at 10 am. If you would like to participate by teleconference:

  • Call 1-877-411-9748 (TTY/TDD: Dial 711).
  • When prompted, enter participant code 6032676.

The purpose of the hearing is to receive comments about proposed regulations. It is not a forum to debate the proposed regulations. No decision regarding the permanent adoption of these regulations will be rendered at this hearing.

Pursuant to Government Code section 11346.8, the Department may impose reasonable limitations on oral presentations. Therefore, to ensure everyone who wishes to make a comment has time to do so, comments will be limited to three minutes.

Smiley Allen Martin, 27, was wounded in the shooting that left six people dead and 12 injured. He faces charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm, and possession of a machine gun. The second charge stems from the recovery of a stolen handgun at the scene in downtown Sacramento—just two blocks from the state capitol—which had been illegally converted to fire full-auto.

Smiley Martin …booking image. (California Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation)

It also now appears there were at least five shooters involved in the lethal incident. According to an update from Sacramento police, “Evidence in the case indicates that at least five shooters fired guns during the shooting and that an exchange of gunfire took place between at least two groups of men. As detectives continue to identify shooters and weapons involved, the number of identified shooters may grow beyond five.”

The wild shootout is now considered a gang-related confrontation in which innocent people were caught in the crossfire.

As more information surfaces, the Sacramento incident reinforces the argument from the Second Amendment community that gun control, especially in California, has been a dismal failure.

Smiley Martin’s brother, Dandrae, 26, was arrested a day after the shooting. Dandrae also faces charges of firearm possession by a prohibited person and assault with a firearm. Golden State anti-gunners have pushed restriction upon restriction over the years, ostensibly to prevent criminals from getting firearms, but the Sacramento investigation is proving those laws, which increasingly penalized law-abiding citizens, did not accomplish their promised result.

According to the Bee’s report, Smiley Martin has a criminal history dating back at least nine years, when he was arrested for having a so-called “assault rifle” and loaded “large-capacity” magazines. The following year, he was arrested for robbery and was sentenced to two years in prison. Back on the street in 2016, he was in trouble with police again for providing false information to police and fleeing from a traffic stop, and in 2017, he was involved in the domestic violence incident that earned a ten-year sentence, the newspaper detailed.

Adding to the sensational nature of the Bee’s story, the Sacramento County District Attorney last year sent a letter to the parole board last year, urging them not to release Martin. However, he reportedly had earned “credits” for an early release, so in February he was out.

As noted by Fox News, a parole board turned Smiley’s bid for freedom in May 2021, after prosecutors said he was “a significant, unreasonable risk of safety to the community.” Still, nine months later, he was released.

The bombshell report brought a bristling reaction from the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, in the wake of calls for more gun control from Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg, Gov. Gavin Newsom and President Joe Biden, all Democrats and all anti-gunners.

Steinberg, speaking at a press briefing following the shooting, demanded “How many unending tragedies does it take before we begin to cure the sickness in this country?”

“Instead of Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg and others calling for more gun control,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb in response, “they should be demanding prison reform that keeps violent criminals behind bars instead of allowing early release. Politicians who support such policies are perpetuating a system that ultimately poses more of a real danger to society than their imagined fears about private gun ownership.”

The veteran gun rights leader wondered why Smiley Martin was out in public at 2 a.m., “in the middle of mayhem.”

“Violent criminals shouldn’t be back on the streets essentially unsupervised,” Gottlieb said, “especially when their earlier crimes included illegal gun possession. This is why the American people don’t support more gun control, and instead are buying guns for personal protection. They are realizing that when you trade your freedom for some sense of security, you ultimately wind up with neither.”

According to Sacramento police, investigators have received “a remarkable level of assistance from the public” with videos and other evidence.

More than 100 shots were reportedly fired, and there was an abundance of spent brass littering the crime scene. The victims included three men and three women.


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Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

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Autsin Miller III

This guy HAD to have broken at least a dozen laws but surely if we had just one more he wouldn’t have done any of this right? Uh huh.


There is one more law that is needed and the only one acceptable is that if you are caught doing three crimes with a gun, instant death penalty. It will make a safer society and be much cheaper because of less crime therefore less insurance claims and no free three squares and a cot for life.

OreGONEISTAN a product of kommiefornia


if they kept him the full ten years for first crime second would not have happened


And Newsome wants to disarm the law-abiding citizen? What a POS he is.


Win – gruesome (and his cronies) have pretty well already achieved that goal. Look at all of the hoops a common man/woman has to jump thru in order to get a gun and ammo. Meanwhile, it seems obvious from just this single incident that criminals have no obstacles in getting and using guns – including illegally converting them. Can you imagine how hard the system would come down if a ‘commoner’ had dared to illegally acquire and modify a gun?


Thats’ why the only return gun fire was more criminals. Too bad there wasn’t a good guy with a gun that could have saved some lives but a good guy most likely wouldn’t have gone to that bar or be involved with that garbage unless they were trying a new place and didn’t know what it was.


Releasing violent criminals to prey on lawbiding citizens should be a crime and these judges and prosecutors should be held accountable for the actions of these violent criminals they release before they serve thier sentences . Put the prosecutors and judges in jail as a consequence for thier failed decisions when people are hurt or killed by these early released violent criminals . If they had to suffer the consequences for thier failed decisions they might think twice before they turn these thugs loose .


OK, I will bite. So riddle me this: who elects those who appoint those who release those who kill those who are disarmed by those whom they elect……… and so on.


Absolutely brilliant!


usually it is they who count the votes, and manufcture all the thousand s of extra ones as the product of “ballot harvesting” and “creative” processing of rhose ballots. We saw video of some of this happening in Ohio Georgia, Arizona… you remember, in those “free and fair” “electioins”?


Ya, the ones that no judge or even our supreme court will acknowledge exists? It’s all made up and it’s only a fallacy for the Qanon and Trump supporters that can’t handle the truth because God knows we cant believe our own eyes.


SCROTUS elected Xiden, aided by Trump’s 3 Blue-Light Federalist Society noms. The only loyal Justices: Thomas & Alito.

How The Federalist Society Betrayed Conservatives
Who picked this gang of idiots for the Supreme Court?
Emerald Robinson


M454 – I won’t go into specific details as that would be a doctoral dissertation length document 🙂 but I came to the conclusion in 1979 that if a member of a parole/probation board was NOT willing to take an early release criminal home with them said convict should not be released to prey on the general public at all. End of discussion.
Note – my stance has not changed.


and is SO brilliant it will never be adopted.

I like David Codrea’s line…. anyone not able to be trusted in public WITH a gun should not be trusted in public without a qualified custodian.


That would be expensive.


That’s fair & saves money. A study showed the typical criminal does 10x more damage to life, limb & property than the cost of prison. Everyone in a free society can easily get deadly weapons, even WMDs. Julio Gonzales killed 87 at Happyland by match & gasoline. Too bad our prisons make criminals worse by brutalization. For the potentially redeemable (not murderers, psycho/sociopaths etc) true reform would be operant conditioning starting with solitary, eased-rewarded on good behavior, tightened on bad, never allowed-forced to interact with other unreformed criminals, only guards, teachers, trainers etc so no rape, beating etc. No chance… Read more »


You can take an animal out of the jungle but you can’t take take the jungle out of it!


How many years does Steinberg need to serve in California politics, before things get better??


Once again the Progressive New Left klan of Kalifornia strikes hard and deep with public policies a rational thinking person would know to be recipes for disaster. In complete hubris these political clowns march forward experimenting in the same way and expecting a different result each time. Progressive urban policies have generated dysfunctional, Godless families with no hope. Smiley probably had no male role model, in accordance with the LBJ master plan to destroy the African American population by destroying first the family, then the church and finally the community. The Progressive New Left has built its power base on… Read more »


Very well put


When do we start saying/observing/ recognizing that young black males seem to be the problem?

-4% of the population 67%+ of the violent crime.

Further, this predator class are the poster children and the tools of gun control.



If, as a nation we did confess and convict ourselves of the FACT you raise far too many on the left side of American politics would have to own the consequences of insane public policy decisions. Progressives and Socialists of all stripes are incapable of self-examination and self-correction.


HIs mama screwed up. This POS is the definition and need for retroactive abortions. Mayor steinberg, screwsome newson, POS ‘s like this and others like him, instead of a non-bail release, should enjoy a short walk to a public gallows to demonstrate the consequences of their choices. The prosecutors and judges who failed their oath should join them.


reinstate the death penalty and manyof these dirtbags would be removed permanently from society. In this case, everyone identified as having fired a gun in this fracas would be complicit in the murder of the five vitxgims that died, and thus warrant their own appointment with either Sparky or The Wall. And yes, I strongly favour the return of the firing squad, particularly fitting for those who have killed by the use of their own guns. No hood, face the line, hands tied behind their backs, ten on the line three rounds each. Give them a few moments to contepmplate… Read more »


Thank you for supporting the death penalty. I wish it were televised and held in Time Square. We could all get together and have a picnic like the old hang town days in Placerville Kommiefornia back when it was somewhat of a decent state.

They had the original tree branch sticking out the side of a building but black lives matter cried so much that it was traumatizing and racist that the town decided to remove it. They need to find a new tree.

OreGONEISTAN, a product of kommiefornia transplants.


And when do the lawsuits start ? Sue the hell out of the parole board & attorneys that approved the release of these criminals.


Arny – good idea – in theory – problem is that those folks would have some sort of insurance from their employer or would have some degree of immunity. Unless/until they are held PERSONALLY accountable the system will not change. One possible way to ‘get’ them is to sue them in small claims/civil court. Burden of proof is lower AND they have to pay out of pocket (plus court costs in most cases). Granted the dollar amount is limited (less than $10K – maybe a bit more depending on state) – but if all of the folks who suffered harm… Read more »


I like your idea but past practice is that they governor will write a decree that says it is illegal and po po the idea just like with illegals getting licenses and being able to vote. The people voted and then the government said you don’t know what you are voting for and it is unconstitutional. Should have determined that before they put it on the ballot. I think they thought it wouldn’t pass and didn’t realize that the legal Mexicans didn’t want the illegal trash either.


 As the country has splintered into many inter-conflicting states, Justice is now a political talking point for those elected moving more to the left with each new day.It is the genius of life that demands of those who partake in it that they are not only the guardians of what was and is, but what will be.

Wild Bill

OV had a terrific idea: send the early release violent inmates, illegal aliens, homeless, hard core unemployables, addicts, pedofiles, and animal abusers to Washington, DC. Give them to MREs and put them on the express bus.


they can make friends with al the illegel border crossers Texas are putting on busses to DC. Hey maybe they can camp out together in the kinyun’s backyard…… They’d be right at home with the fomrmer Chicago Civic Organiser.


Abbott’s inviting illegals to get a free ride to DC. All voluntary. His typical election-year kabuki.

Still fails to invoke Art IV §4 & Art I §10 to repel the invasion.

“The U.S. shall guarantee to every state a republican form of government and protect them against invasion.”

“No State shall keep Troops, Compact with another State or foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually invaded or in such Danger as will not admit of delay.”


Border Fail

Joke ‘Wall’

Wild Bill

Yes, but Abott should send all the other problem persons that the Biden handlers have created to DC, as well.


I think a great way to start getting people like this off the streets before they kill someone, would be to reinstate our state mental health care facilities. If these unstable people are removed from society early, fewer tragedies like would happen.


You make good argument for keeping our families safe, The democratic socialist party beliefs climate change has something to do with criminals attacking law abiding citizens which is a load of crap, The party in power needs civil unrest on the streets of America so they can empower the alphabet agencies of government with unconstitutional laws. In case know one has noticed just a year and a half of Joe Biden and a democratic run government crime & gang related shootings are up almost 50 % in sanctuary run cities. Senior citizens are being assaulted in the driveways followed home… Read more »


They are not mentally unstable. It’s a way of life for them because they don’t want to work, want to sell and take drugs and have the government support them. It’s a mentality that they are raised on that they are suppressed and deprived. They choose who they are. Yes there are people that are mentally unstable and they do need the facilities that Ronald Regan took away but these thugs need the death penalty.

OreGONEISTAN a product of Kommifornia transplants.


Such a “lovely, smiling face”, just another reason the Liar-n’-Charge of the country can’t bring himself to admit that the mayhem in Sacrademento was just a discussion ‘tween ethnically challenged degenerates!