Denver Moves To Ban Concealed Carry In Public Parks & Buildings

Denver Moves To Ban Concealed Carry In Public Parks & Buildings
Denver Moves To Ban Concealed Carry In Public Parks & Buildings

Denver, Colorado – -( In an unprecedented, yet unsurprising move, Denver City Council will begin the process to outlaw the legal concealed carry of handguns in public parks and buildings that are owned by, leased by, or leased to the City of Denver.

Because, ya know, criminals totally care about concealed carry permits and gun laws.

In the past two years, the City of Denver has seen a startling increase in crime. They closed 2021 out with 96 homicides, the most in over 30 years, and 2022 is already poised to break that record. Not one of these crimes was committed by a concealed carry permit holder, although applications for concealed carry permits has been steadily rising as 911 callers are placed on hold during emergencies, police response times are dangerously slow with an average of 11.6 minutes in 2019, and the citywide efforts to defund the police have left many residents realizing they need to be prepared to defend themselves.

It should be noted that open carry is already illegal in Denver, and concealed carry without a permit is illegal across the state.

More detailed info can be found here:

Here’s what you need to know to take action:

The proposed legislation is File #22-0401: Amends Chapters 38 & 39 of the Denver Revised Municipal Code to prohibit concealed carry within city parks and buildings owned by, leased by, or leased to the city.

The first hearing on this issue will be Wednesday, April 13 at 10:30 AM in the Denver Safety, Housing, Education & Homelessness Committee. This meeting is virtual only and will include a briefing, followed by 15 minutes of public comment (2 minutes each), discussion among council members, then action. If it passes this committee, it will then move on to the full city council and will be heard at a future regular meeting. We will keep you updated on its progress.

To provide public comment, you must sign up between 9 AM and 10 AM on Wednesday, April 13 (you cannot sign up before). To sign up (again, during that time only) go to and click on “Public Input in Committee” and follow the prompts from there.

The meeting will be held virtually via Zoom. Link to participate/watch:

If you are a Denver resident, work in Denver, or travel to or through Denver often, we need you to speak up and take action on this!

About Rally for our Rights

Rally for our Rights is a non-partisan gun rights advocacy organization that was founded in early 2018. It has quickly become Colorado’s most active Second Amendment group with a focus on frontline activism and community outreach.

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That’s an already done in Illinois. It didn’t work, especially in Chiraq.


Just another step towards Demvercrats weakening 2a for purely political posturing.


Yeah, we ALL know how safe “no firearms permitted” areas are, just watch the news. Watch the channels that tell the truth that is. Denver wants to make it’s law abiding citizens the “fish” in the criminals barrel…


Yeah, we ALL know how safe “NO FIREARMS PERMITTED” areas are, just watch the news. Watch the channels that tell the truth that is. Denver wants to make it’s law abiding citizens the “fish” in the criminals barrel…


Any unconstitutional infringement is to be ignored . There I fixed that quick ! Colorado can stick thier infringing unconstitutional laws where the sun don’t shine . Problem solved !


The purpose of these laws to make carrying concealed legally practically impossible. I had a number of errands to do the other day, including picking up something at the post office. I try to carry concealed as much as I can. Because there is no off-property parking at the post office, I would be committing a federal felony if I were to drive onto the property with my firearm, even leaving it in the center console. So I had to go unarmed everywhere I went on that trip. Stopping violence on federal property is not a valid reason, but it’s… Read more »


Title 18, Section 930, Subsection D, Paragraph 3 says unequivocally that you may carry a weapon at Federal facilities for lawful purposes.

It is time to secure our rights by whatever means necessary. Are the people ready?



HLB…Thanks I was going to tell him that our post offices have no such restrictions , no signage , no questions ask . Glad you had chapter and verse definitely makes a statement , but then so does the 2A.


l carry EVERYWHERE. E – v – e – r – y – w – h – e- r – e. Unless there is a metaI detector. No sign is going to save my Iife, nor is it going to prevent me from saving my own Iife.


We need to save our F-R-E-E-D-O-M by physically securing our legal right to carry everywhere. We can do this by forming an armed line around gun free zones such as Post Offices. Call it National Secure Your Post Office Day. I will participate.


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Ok, this is number 3 waiting for approval.


Wild Bill

It is the computer that screens out scammers, etc. You are not one of those, sooo … Freddy or one of the other staff will help.