What Joe Biden Didn’t Tell Us About Guns & Serial Numbers

Joe Biden IMG whitehouse-gov
Joe Biden IMG whitehouse-gov

U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- Things are not always as they seem. President Biden said guns are causing crime.

The President needs an excuse for the increase in crime while he has been in office. I have to wonder why guns didn’t cause crime before Joe Biden took office but are causing crime now, particularly in Democrat-controlled cities. This recent surge in violence isn’t a surprise to anyone but confirmed Democrats. The President needs to blame guns to distract us from his failed political decisions. Here is some perspective that the President hid from us.. or maybe he just forgot.

The obvious fact is that we let criminals out of jail during Covid. The inmates didn’t stop being criminals simply because we faced the Chinese flu and released them to the public. That political decision meant we had more dangerous criminals on the street who might commit crimes. We also refused to put criminals back in jail when they committed new crimes. That took away the deterrent effect of our justice system. Politicians made this problem, not a new kind of firearm.

Politicians created more violent crime because they put more criminals on the streets and because each criminal was committing more violent crimes than before. Biden also threw open our borders so drug gangs could move drugs almost at will. Even an elderly politician can understand why this causes more crime.

Of course, that isn’t what President Biden said. He said it is all about guns with strange serial numbers.

Biden didn’t mention that serial numbers were not even required on firearms until 1968. Many of our classic semi-automatic handguns had been in production for almost 6 decades by then, so there are tens of millions of unsterilized firearms in legal circulation. True, you can also get a government employee from the ATF to say anything the President wants him to say, but believing that a missing serial number causes crime plays us for a fool. The law enforcement sources I trust have not seen a surge of homemade and un-serialized firearms causing crime.

The President refused to say that the vast majority of our violent crime isn’t committed with a firearm. If we magically stopped all “gun crime” today then we’d still have the remaining 85 percent of violent crime to deal with tomorrow. Fewer than 1 in a hundred criminals used a long gun of any kind, a rifle or shotgun. Of course, Biden didn’t mention that. He probably forgot.

Most murders are committed by drug gangs fighting other drug gangs. Consider what that means since these gangs move MILLIONS of illegal immigrants across our border and move BILLIONS of dollars of drugs around the US each year. Those drug trafficking organizations have their own privately made submarines to move drugs. That says they can easily move a few ounces of steel, plastic, and lead anywhere they want them. Gun prohibition doesn’t work any better than drug prohibition.

We will not disarm violent drug gangs by regulating legal gun owners. It is dangerous to try and will cost more lives than it saves.

President Biden refused to mention that civilians use guns in armed defense. We know that ordinary civilians in the US use firearms defensively about 1.7 million times a year, or several thousand times every day. It is important to have a sense of perspective and proportion to understand what that means.


We defend ourselves with a firearm thousands of times a day, but there are about 10 thousand criminal murders with a firearm in the entire year. Honest citizens use a gun for justified self-defense about 170 times for each criminal murder. Guns in civilian hands are far more likely to save a life than to take one.

Think of it this way. If Biden’s new gun regulations disarm even a few honest gun owners, yet somehow disarm many criminals, then the new regulation will still cost innocent lives by disarming more innocent victims of crime. Unfortunately, the news is likely to be worse than that. Criminals don’t care about gun laws and background checks; you have to live in a fantasy world to believe they do. Maybe the president believes it, but we shouldn’t.

Criminals ignore our laws, so legal gun owners are the only ones affected by our 23 thousand firearms regulations. If all those existing gun laws didn’t stop violent crime, then what makes President Biden think criminals will obey his new gun laws?

About Rob Morse

The original article, with sources, is posted here. Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, at Second Call Defense, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob was an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.Rob Morse

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The brainwashed liberals are oblivious, they can’t take common sense as serious. They maintain their position as imperious and their ideas appear to be delirious. If I thought their politics were pure, I’d vote for them for sure! But seldom they do what is good for you and only power for them they insure. If I were the king of this American Realm, the Captain, so to speak. I’d fly the flag high and swear I’d die before before I surrender to the weak. It’s time for some brains to take the reins away from the communist hordes and get… Read more »


The author forgot to mention that the US Supreme Court, in a decision, said that felons are exempt from having to register a firearm because forcing them to do so would force them to incriminate themselves, since it is illegal for a convicted felon to possess a firearm. If THEY don’t have to, decent, law abiding citizens shouldn’t have to.

Wild Bill

 United States v. Cruikshank


Facebook is not allowing this to be posted claiming others have reported it as abusive. This has happened several time with conservative fact post attempts.


Biden never knew or cared about self-defense laws before he became senile.
Police and civilians are not supposed the shoot except to save their life or another.
Biden said shoot them in the leg. A leg wound can be lethal but will not stop the immediate threat. Therefore Biden advised people break the law.
But gun control have never been about crime control. The purpose is to allow tyranny and slavery.

Wild Bill

It is his handlers.

Roland T. Gunner

It’s the kenyun who has Biden’s sphincter clenched around his elbow.


I have a 1964 Belgian made BHP. It has a standard Browning serial number stamped on it. That was four years before such numbers were required here in the US. The fun thing is, that is, in reality, a ghost gun, as no one has any record of where it is, who owns, it, how it got there, who had it before, who sold it or for how much when and where. That could be “found” at some public place and no law enforcement agent could learn anything about that gun further than what I have state above.. make, model,… Read more »


In the nearly 60 years of the “War On Drugs,” we’ve spent billions stopping millions, yet the problem still remains. The fact that most OD’s occur among Addicts, most with a documentable history of Addiction Disorder, is not mentioned by the Politicians or the Media. Yes, there is a percentage of First Time Users who OD, but they are the small minority, not the majority. The point is that Prohibition does not work. Every time it’s been tried, it fails. Take away an Addicts drug of choice, and they’ll search out something else, everytime. That’s not theory, it’s accepted canon.… Read more »


Question for Mr. POTUS, these gansters can’t even shoot straight and he expects us to believe they will be using jigs and tools to build their own firearms? Oh, felons can’t have a firearm or any ammunition.


Nor Unka Dough-head nor his stringpullers are deceived. WHy should we be?
They have a goal,, to make us just like Ukraine was three months ago. They will say/not say/so/not do anything to make that happen. They LOVE Auz and EnnZed, and Marrie Auld as well. ALL those nations are disarmed. Hah in London you can’t even go into a store and buy a regular kitchen knife. That way theythink we will be passive and compliant, just like the masses in the three nations I mentioned above.


There needs to be a national database repository to capture every reported Defensive Gun Utilization to portray how effective citizen owned firearms are in stopping bad guys……dis-credit Libturd claims that owning a gun makes one more likely to be killed by a gun. Dead bodies in a school, a WallyWorld aisle, a night club, city streets of Shootcago/Libturd run cities; parents of children killed by “gun violence”; a survivor of “gun violence”; gang banger drive-bys; Libturd funded “for the children” Feel-Gooders; Hair-On-Fire-We’re-All-Gonna-Die Karens; lying media; free shit addicted Government Plantation Dwellers; public school indoctrinated Snowflakes, et el, et el………government alphabet gangs…….all…..are the… Read more »


I appreciate the factual side of your article, but you completely lost me with your implied let’s legalize all drugs bovine fecal matter! Too much grief, too much agony, too many holes in the ground being filled with young people across the nation: all because of drugs. For some strange reason all the libertarians who want to legalize all drugs necessarily imply that the addictive components of all those drugs will just magically drop away once the legalization takes place, and that legalized drugs will generate lots of tax money and cut out the bad guys of the cartels they’re… Read more »

Dr. Strangelove

Where does the constitution say that drugs should be illegal? Remember the 18th amendment?

Wild Bill

Congress uses it interstate commerce authority to exclude dangerous and addictive recreational substances or restricts those drugs for medicinal use.


Thank God we won that “War on Drugs”! What a relief! /SARC

It’s a war on America. Stop trying to save adult drug abusers from themselves. That punishes everyone, destroys liberty, security, privacy, wealth, culture, quality of life. Drug warriors are a big reason the USA is so F’d now. Those who aren’t corrupt are insane, ignorant or stupid: Keep doing same failed thing expecting different result, learned zip from alcohol prohibition.

Only way to “win” the “war on drugs” is heavily punish adult users for exercising an intrinsic right. You willing to do that?

Last edited 1 month ago by Russn8r

WHERE in the few and carefully enumerated powers of fedGov is the issue of what I do or do not put into my body any concern of theirs? What you FAIL to realise is that with the substances prohibited as they are, one can only obtain them by dealing with a criminal element. The extreme risks involved in that trade are accompanied by the extreme reward (profit) component. And alongside the extreme profit waltzes extreme violence to protect it. Remove the illegal compoent and the entire house of cards collapses. How could it be more profitable to manufacture fentanyl in… Read more »

Knute Knute

Boy, there are so many errors in this post I’m at a loss as to where to start. I just don’t have enough years left to bring you up to the Homo Sapiens level! 🙂


Nobody kills or bootlegs ASPIRIN. Legal drugs sold at Kroger, Wal-Mart or the QT are cheap. The cartels and drug pushers make money because the drugs they sell are illegal. They hook kids and use kids with the aid of movies, TV and music.
Legalize drugs for sale at pharmacies to adults. Keep DUI LAWS. DEATH PENALTY FOR DRUG PUSHERS.

Roland T. Gunner

Yeah, I like my hookers clean.


I think it would be interesting to add up the cost of all the criminal activity in the private sector and compare it to the costs imposed on us by crime in the government sector. Given that Obama looted the country’s future to the tune of 9 trillion dollars in a mere 8 years, I would think that private sector criminal losses would amount to round-off error in comparison. Since the government’s primary job is protection of citizens, and they are criminally negligent in the areas of immigration and invasion control and funding police, while simultaneously jailing innocent citizens who… Read more »


Let’s not forget the 5 trillion dollars or so spent on the Covid “pandemic”!


WHERE in the Constitution is the task of “protecting citizens” assigned? Look long and hard. It is NOT there. Every time you see that phrase, know it is government lying to trick you into submitting to their “great plans” for us all. NOT THEIR JOB. That’s my job, and yours, too.

Knute Knute

That’s because the founders of the US understood that there is NO SAFETY on planet Earth. It’s a struggle to survive, and no one makes it out alive. It’s survival of the fittest here, and the unfit don’t survive long enough to breed, to keep the gene pool strong. THAT is “evolution”… NOT the “We all came from the monkeys” that gets repeated over and over. THAT doesn’t even make sense. Well… it makes NONsense! Evolution works really well too… until some species decides they know better than Mother Nature and will henceforth keep the unfit alive forever. THEN… well… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Knute Knute

Democrat politicians have been failing the USA for decades. Because of their successful agenda, our communities have become desensitized, immoral, deluded, and disenfranchised. It is in the Marxist instruction manual. Keep people dependent on government and erode freedom! Make children gender confused, eliminate borders, create a fake climate crisis, centralize banks, and increase violence to justify removal of firearms.




How ridiculous! Putin’s fault? Why would anyone think that? It should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that the cause is clear and very obvious – global warming! To someone with a whole brain, however . . .


There is a reason for this you know…it is called the “law enforcement growth industry”. You can read about it here:

2A Gun Guy

Biden’s Stupid policies and the other Democrat Soft on Crime Policies are the Root Cause of the Majority of All Crimes Committed!


Joe Biden is so out of touch with reality he can’t remember what he did or said an hour ago . If it were not for his handlers pulling his puppet strings he would sleep all day . BREAKING NEWS JOE . Serial numbers do not stop criminals from committing crimes with guns . But hell let’s put serial numbers on bats and knives and fists and see if it brings the crime rate committed with these objects down .


Let’s see if putting a serial number on Joematose makes him less malevolent and criminally negligent. He could probably use a few more numbers in his IQ score . . .


Our government is organized crime at its finest LET’S GO BRANDON


“OUR”? It hasn’t been “our” government since around the time for Southern Independence.


maybe going back as far as the Whiskey Rebellions…….


Joe Biden / Put a mirror in his casket so he can see himself in hell for eternity.


Registration is only for tracking & confiscation, not crime control. Similar for “Real ID”, pushed allegedly to stop terrorist infiltration & illegal immigration. Groups like NumberUSA were warned it would do neither, that it would only be used to control citizens, but they mindlessly pushed it anyway, downgrading legislators who opposed it. As predicted, jihadi infiltration & illegal invasion are worse than ever. No one asks illegals for “Real ID” when they break in, they’re welcomed by Xiden. But now we have to have it. Similar story for “Patriot” Acts, TSA, Homeland “Security”, e-verify.


my wife works for Texas DPS and sees forged or phake documents from those seeking a DL on a regular basis. the new, stricter regs are working as designed. of course, you dont know what you dont know.


What new stricter regs? What’s your point?


but to require anyone to have a valid ID and show it to be able to cast a vote, well, now, “dass jes plane RAY cyst. “


Great point