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JSD Supply

PROSPECT, PA – -( Thursday morning of last week, May 12, 2022, Jordan Vinroe of JSD Supply got a letter from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).

Vinroe and his company recently made news last month when a hit piece about him selling 80% frames and receivers at the gun show he operates aired on NBC.

The subject of that new letter,[embedded below] in the form of a cease and desist, admonished Vinroe & JSD for engaging in the practice of selling the frames, receivers, tools, and jigs all on one site to potentially the same customer:

“This letter is in regard to the products sold by your company, JSD Supply, which are generally described on your website,, as “JSD 80% Lower Receivers, Jigs, and Gun Parts Kits.” The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is aware that JSD Supply is selling and transferring all the components necessary to produce a fully functional firearm to a single customer in on or multiple transactions.”

The letter ended with the following ATF directives:

  1. Cease and desist the sale of firearms without a license;
  2. Cease and desist the sale of the full set of component parts necessary to produce or readily converted into a functioning firearm, whether in a single transaction or in multiple structured transactions;
  3. Immediately and fully comply with and abide by all laws and regulations governing the sale of firearms, frames, and receivers.

This is not the kind of livelihood crushing missive someone wants from the ATF. Needless to say, Vinroe and his company, JSD Supply are in a bit of a pickle, and this pickle comes in the form of legal bills. Full disclosure, I don’t know Vinroe personally. We did have a fairly extensive conversation last month concerning the NBC hit piece, but I don’t really know him from Adam. What I did gather though in talking with him then, this is an individual that is calculated, follows the law to the letter, and does his due diligence to make sure everything he’s doing is on the up and up. I actually found his mentality to be commendable. My experience with him is parroted on his website where people can support his cause.

Vinroe goes out of his way to set the record straight regarding the action by ATF in a level headed manner, keeping to the facts:

“This was not a raid. There was no Hollywood drama. No action-packed entries, smoke-filled back rooms, or gritty agency veterans with a tough-as-nails approach and a heart of gold. We were not forced to take down our website. No merchandise was confiscated. No records were seized. The ATF delivered a cease-and-desist letter that specifically addresses long-standing business practices we–and companies–like us have pursued legally for years with the full knowledge of the ATF, who we, as a responsible firearms business, had worked with to ensure clarification of policies and our compliance with their guidelines over the years.” ~ Jordan Vinroe

JSD Supply, Vinroe, people like him, and companies like his, are doing some serious heavy lifting for the Second Amendment. This man makes it his business to take it on the chin from overzealous actors; like former gun show producers, to the mainstream media that each loath freedom, and now the ATF is hammering at him. Vinroe’s solution for what we should be doing about this? Also nestled away on the JSD Supply website:

“You have skin in the game and a place in this fight. To start with, make your voice heard. Contact your state and federal officials and demand they protect your fundamental rights. This is an election year, and they need to hear from you before you head to the polls. After the election, keep them accountable. They serve at the pleasure of their constituents, and that means they need to respect your priorities. If you haven’t already, consider joining a firearms advocacy organization that is fighting for your rights through lobbying efforts. The fight isn’t over, and we need your voice to be heard, but we need you to help our voice be heard too.” ~ From

And it was gently suggested to purchase a shirt to support the cause [link below]. Well, the not so gentle suggestion from many of us here at AmmoLand News, is to get out there and support the cause. This is one of our tribe that’s in danger, and we need to step up to the plate and swing with him. He’s fighting for our rights, and now we have to help him too. We don’t ride at dawn, we ride right now.

Go buy a T-Shirt, take some selfies, and tag @jsdsupply on Instagram with #savejsd and #thankyoujordan hash tags. Because he supplies us with the 80% we want, it’s time for us to give him the 100% he needs!

Care to give back more? After you buy your T-Shirt, hop on the JSD GiveSendGo fund, set up by AmmoLand News contributor John Crump, and break out the plastic. Times are tough, but they’re going to get tougher if we keep losing integral parts of our Second Amendment. listen here as John Crump makes the case for supporting JSD Supply.

The attack on Vinroe and JSD Supply maybe just the first domino to fall as Bidens ATF continues to target gun shops. If gun owners don’t put a stop to this, we can kiss all the other big online retail firearm parts companies goodbye next. In my opinion, this is a test case, and taking down JSD will send shockwaves through the community. The ATF is going to scare everyone into no longer stocking 80% kits or selling gun parts on one website.

In my talk with Jordan Vinroe he wanted most to express his gratitude:

“We are overwhelmed by the support we are receiving from industry members and customers alike.”

Jordan, Godspeed as you go forth on this journey, just know that you are not alone!

Be sure to visit:

ATF Serves JSD Supply With … by AmmoLand Shooting Sports News


John Petrolino is a US Merchant Marine Officer, writer, author of Decoding Firearms: An Easy to Read Guide on General Gun Safety & Use and NRA certified pistol, rifle, and shotgun instructor living under and working to change New Jersey’s draconian and unconstitutional gun laws. You can find him on the web at on twitter at @johnpetrolino, facebook at @thepenpatriot and on instagram @jpetrolinoiii .

John Petrolino
John Petrolino
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I’m glad to see they are using GiveSendGo versus GoFundMe. But GoF’Me probably wouldn’t accept their appeal anyway since it involves the 2nd Amendment and isn’t woke enough. After the Canadian Trucker debacle I will not give or use GoF’Me.

Dogma Factor

The ATF is in violation of the Commerce clause, this is akin to telling a grocery store to stop selling baking powder, flour, salt, eggs, etc because someone might make a cake. Each and every item JSD is selling is legal to hold and possess without any special requirements or licensing. ATF has no legitimate legal standing for their actions.


The ATF has no legal standing for anything it does. It is a tyrannical out of control bureaucracy run by psychopathic control freaks. It’s very existence is a direct violation of SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!

Roland T. Gunner

We are no longer a country of laws. BATFE is literally an out-of-control, rogue agency, making up rules, regulations and laws at will and enforcing them on their whim. Where the hell are our legislators? Oh, yeah, John Cornyn is useless as teats on a boar hog.