JSD Supply Acquires Gun Show That Was Forced To Ban Them

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OAKS, PA-(Ammoland.com)- JSD Supply has purchased Eagle Arms Productions, LLC. Last March, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, State Representative Amen Brown, and Firearms Owner Against Crime (FOAC) President Kim Stolfer pressured the former owner of Eagle Arms to ban the sale of unfinished firearm frames. Although the decision was reversed, the trio celebrated their apparent victory. Shapiro and Brown even held a press conference, and anti-gun groups celebrated. Less than a year later, their celebration has ended.

JSD Supply is the leading seller of Polymer80 kits and their own MUP-1 kit that is based on the popular Sig P320. The company was directly targeted by Stolfer, who confronted an employee of JSD Supply at a gun show. At the time, Stolfer said that there should be a paper trail and that kits shouldn’t be sold in “certain areas.” Brown claimed that customers bought 100s of kits at one time, according to the AG’s “Ghost Gun” Task Force.

That claim was disputed by the AG’s “Ghost Gun” Task Force when contacted by AmmoLand News. They were unaware of anyone buying that many kits at any gun show. It is still unclear where Brown turned up that number or if it was just made up for effect.

JSD Supply would not give up the fight for gun rights and partnered with Gun Owners of America (GOA) to push back against attacks on the rights of American citizens to keep and bear arms. JSD Supply’s owner, Jordan Vinroe, believes everyone has a right to build firearms and took a no-compromise stance against the AG and others who would like to see homemade guns banned. The company took an “if you can’t beat them, then buy them” stance.

JSD Supply purchased Eagle Arms from the previous owners, making them the largest gun show promoter in the Commonwealth. This past Saturday, JSD Supply officially took control of the gun show. The first official show was the Oaks Gun Show outside Philadelphia. The Oaks Gun Show is the third largest gun show in the country, featuring thousands of tables.

Jordan Vinroe WIth a Future Gun Builder.

Not only were unfinished frame and receiver kits sold once again everywhere at the gun show, but JSD Supply hosted educational classes that helped buyers of P80s finish their kits into fully functional firearms. Even volunteers from FOAC took the opportunity to complete a Polymer80 kit.

Chairmanwon Showing How To Set Up A Printer

Attendees could also learn about 3D printing firearms from experts such as Chairmanwon, P80 Ralph, and 2A3DPrint. An Ender 3 was running during the day, printing out frames made from PLA+ filament. There were also examples of 3D-printed firearms on display, including a bullpup Glock build.

In addition to the gun-building classes, personal defense classes were also free to all attendees taught by Rob Pincus. Hold My Guns also talked about private alternatives to tyrannical red flag laws. JSD Supply also sponsored a meet-up of multiple influencers such as DLD After Dark, Flying Rich, Tony Simon, Pew Tang Clan, and myself.

John Crump, Flying Rich, DLD After Dark

JSD Supply buying Eagle Arms is equivalent to when a car dealership refused to sell Michael Jordan a car. The basketball superstar purchased the dealership and then fired the salesman that wouldn’t give him the time of day. The salesman is AG / Governor candidate Josh Shapiro and state rep Amen Brown this time.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at www.crumpy.com.

John Crump

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Green Mtn. Boy

Let’s hear it for JSD Supply in putting their money where their mouth is along with their dedication to the 2 nd.,rare these days.

Wild Bill

Terrific tough minded Americans using business to overcome tin horn politicians. Merry Christmas to all and to all a Happy New 80% finished.

Watch um

Great news, freedom is what it’s about.


Great article.

Once again, the private sector comes to the rescue.

No matter how many laws politicians pass.

No matter how many laws enforcers enforce.

They can’t stop the signal.


Jordan Vinroe is the man! thanks brother for all your support to the people!


Advise to JSD SUPPLY: Keep a very close eye on Pincus. He is just a grifter and will screw you over.


Is the Eagle Arms sponsored gun show at Oaks, Pennsylvania (outside Philly)the third biggest gun show in America? I wouldn’t know, since I’ve never attended any in Texas or the other western states. But, as someone who schlepps from New Jersey at every opportunity to attend an show at Oaks, the turnout is tremendous. Although I’m highly restricted on what I may purchase being from NJ, it’s worth it to go to Oaks for the vastness of the merchandise and the friends I meet. JSD should keep up the good work.

Last edited 1 year ago by Wass

Ft. Worth has 1200+ table shows throughout the year and verrry well attended. Jan. 1&2 is right around the corner.


Wild Bill, Eagle Arms is a gun shop in the Allentown Pa area and has been there for years, I have been a buyer there, Father started it, sons now own and operate it, they took on doing shows and organized them to make them, promoting, the sale in a safe environment, doing them with proper registrations, I still stay in touch with them even after moving to Mo.

Wild Bill

So the sons get it from their Dad. That is too cool. He should have had even more kids! Merry Christmas to you and that Missouri crowd, and a Happy New Gun Show!


Not the Eagle Arms division of Armalite, is it?


More lies in this article that will most likely get trash journalist Crump sued and rightly so. His targeting of Kim Stolfer is clearly an effort to attack FOAC to further the money raising goals of GOA….

We’re not blind Crump. We see you…


and you know nothing.
nothing but derp.