Gun Owners Need More Rules? In This Case, Yes!

Some rules can be used against freedom prohibitionists. (F. Paul Valone)

U.S.A. – -( “Sometimes, the first step in getting involved in grassroots advocacy can be the most daunting one, but the fact remains: There is no one in your life more important to protecting your rights than you.” That’s the first sentence in my endorsement of freedom advocate and Grassroots North Carolina President F. Paul Valone’s Rules for ANTI-Radicals: A Practical Handbook for Defeating Leftism.

Rules for ANTI-Radicals: A Practical Handbook for Defeating Leftism 

Valone shows how to use the tactics of the left against them and does it in an instructive and engaging way. Most readers here will get the title’s nod to  “community organizer” Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. The book was the subject of Hillary Clinton’s senior thesis at Wellesley College and acknowledges “Lucifer” as “the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom.”

Suffice it to say Valone’s Rules for ANTI-Radicals pursues the different goals of advancing truth and freedom instead of the collectivist descent into hell on earth.

Endorsements aren’t things I give out lightly and I never offer insincere praise. So, I mean it when I say:

“Paul Valone has written a very important primer that helps all of us recognize where we can best fit our talents and goals to beat the control freaks and prohibitionists at their own game, and that makes that first step a lot easier: Read this book. You’ll know what to do next.”

AmmoLand has already published a publicity release for the book, including an enthusiastic interview on Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk, so I’m not alone in thinking this “user manual” is something special. Rather than repeat what’s already been said there, let’s instead look at some of the topics Valone explores and explains.

He starts out with a “Boot Camp for Conservative Activists,” introducing the reader to what Alinsky was about and then dissecting what “liberals” are – and aren’t, how they “bludgeon you into submission,” and how to “beat [them] at their own game.”

Valone then defines “the basics,” the “tools and tactics” activists have at their disposal to engage in grassroots economic, political/electoral, legislative, and legal actions. He explains how to organize and mobilize, two essential functions the left has mastered, and which “conservatives” had better learn how to emulate, followed by two more necessary capabilities, fundraising and media management.

All are comprehensively covered by someone who has spent decades learning and perfecting all the disciplines and methods that he shares. Think of what it has taken for him to lead a statewide group, the knowledge, the discipline, and the force of will needed to keep the leftists at bay and then to make advances against subversion that metastasizes through corrupted media and establishment agendas.

This is a college-level class on how to fight, and taking it makes us all the more knowledgeable and prepared to win. Valone knows what he’s talking about and explains it all in a way that’s easy to follow and interesting. He supplements it throughout with graphics, charts, and appendices, making this not just an instruction manual, but an authoritative reference that activists will want to keep nearby for when the innumerable questions arise that Rules for Anti-Radicals has ready answers to.

Where should you best apply your skills and efforts? That’s up to you. If you haven’t already found a personally rewarding way to advance your interests and the rights of those you love, there’s no better way to identify how to get involved than by learning what the tactics that work are.

Maybe you already know where you fit in, find it fulfilling, and are good at it. As I ended my endorsement, “for those of us already along the path, this book is an invaluable resource to help guide our efforts for maximum effect.”

You can get a copy either from Amazon or, an autographed copy through the Rules for ANTI-Radicals website.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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As someone who’s been active in local GOP politics for over 25 years including holding every board position except Secretary of my county GOP, when I first heard about this book, here at Ammoland, I was curious to see what was in it and ordered a copy. I advocate using Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals back at them, they are most effective. We’re just late understanding how to properly use them. I got my copy of this book Thursday. Walking back from the mailbox I read the first 25 pages or so. Thank you Mr. Codrea for your awesome introduction and… Read more »


Thank you


as my first antiradical action since becoming aware of this book, I REFUSED to orer from Amazon, they being so much a part of the problem. The author’s website has it for the same price, shipping for up to ten copies is the same price, and you don’t feed Jeffie. Having hd him work me over as a seller on his site I refuse to give him anything every chance I get. As crooked as the day is long in June in Juneau Alaska.


Good call. Our side needs to stop paying the enemy the money they use to bury us with.

Last edited 10 months ago by Russn8r

I am enjoying reading the book and it is giving me more prospective of what and mostly how things are being done to conservatives by the Marxists that have hijacked the demonkkkratt party. It is a good read and has instruction on what to do and not do with the anti everythingers that want to cancel what’s left of the America we have grown up in and gives insight to the Marxists perspective as well as tactics that work so well that they use on conservatives. When I am done, I will pass it on to my wife and then… Read more »


Well, I just so happen to be in the mood for something to read, this book looks like a good place to start.


Purchased…thanks for the info.

American Cynic

David, @Deleterium said some kind words and posted a link to this article on Gettr. My guess is the hope, in some small way, that it helps with conversions of your affiliate links. I myself, would love to read this book, but unfortunately as things stand for me… it is going to come down to a choice between 5 gallons of gasoline, or a book. Is there a used market where this book can be gotten? For a book that should be read widely by all Right leaning citizens for the good of all of us, it seems a little… Read more »

Wild Bill

Yes, thrift;; just do a google search of “used books for sale”.

Knute Knute

For used books, I think you meant to type: Abebooks dot com, and not ablebooks dot com. I’ve never heard of an Ablebooks dot com, but I’ve done much business with abebooks and can recommend them heartily.

Wild Bill

Yes, and thank you!


Just ordered myself a copy. Hope it will help me to be the best I can against the leftest.


Hello, I would like to have this book but with inflation and a tight Retired budget, I wish it were cheaper. Not crying, just saying.

Wild Bill

Try a used book company like