The GOP-Stupid Party Preparing To Do Something Stupid ~ Again

I am with Stupid Democrats

Tombstone, Arizona – -( “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake,” so Napoleon reportedly said.

The Democrats are following that advice in the latest iteration of the gun control debate. Meanwhile, the “Stupid Party” as Republican Senator Alan Simpson dubbed the GOP during his time in the Senate, appears determined to live up to that moniker.

The Republicans are helping the Democrats minimize a major blunder, while simultaneously cutting their own party and candidates off at the knees.

First, let me be clear: we at The Firearms Coalition recognize that more must be done to protect school children and to “harden” “soft targets,” and we are happy to discuss real solutions to real problems. But we will not hesitate to point out the flaws and voice our strong opposition to “solutions” that encroach on the rights of responsible Americans, especially when the “solutions” don’t work. The fact is, none of the gun control laws proposed so far – magazine limits, bans on cosmetic features, so-called “universal” background checks, so-called “red-flag” laws, etc. – would have any positive impact on mass murders, or violent crime, while seriously infringing the right to keep and bear arms.

So why are they being pushed as “solutions?”

Unfortunately, what should be a discussion of practical measures to help protect innocents has, as it always does, devolved into political gamesmanship. That’s what we’ll be discussing in this column. As my late father, Neal Knox often repeated, “The gun issue is primarily political – for both sides.” While RINO Republicans often swear fealty to the Second Amendment, the fact is only a precious few stalwarts actually understand and believe it. The rest just repeat a campaign mantra and are easily spooked. Meanwhile, the Democrats have made the issue a major plank in their agenda, and they are quick to use any tragedy or atrocity to advance that agenda.

Republicans have a difficult time learning from history. Local, state and federal elections have shown time and again that gun control is a losing issue in all but the most committed, mostly urban, Democratic districts. The only way gun control wins in close races is when massive amounts of gun control money and propaganda is dumped into the campaigns, or – and this one’s the key here – when GunVoters are sidelined by Republicans voting in favor of gun control – including gun control “lite.”

Weak Republicans About to Fumble Victory

Republicans are poised to win sweeping gains in Congress this November, thanks to Democrats allowing the crazy left-wing of the party to take control of policy. The results have been disastrous, with rampant inflation, stalling markets, the Afghanistan debacle and collapsing foreign policy, and insistence that our schools teach our children that White people are inherently evil or racist and that there’s no such thing as boys and girls…

The Republican landslide should be a slam-dunk. But never underestimate the ability of Republicans to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

In the Democrat-controlled House, 5 Republicans joined with Democrats in support of raising the minimum age for purchasing a semi-auto rifle from 18 to 21 (no word on similarly raising the voting age or the age for serving in the military) and requiring “safe storage” of firearms in the home, along with other provisions, including a ban on bump stocks, which garnered support from an additional 8 House Republicans. All of those Republicans have given their Democratic opponents an unnecessary advantage in the coming election and reinforced the notion that the two parties are just different sides of the same coin – a common excuse used by some “conservatives” to excuse their own lack of participation in the process.

In the Senate, a group of Republicans has come out in support of a “framework for ‘commonsense’ gun safety legislation,” as most outlets reported the announcement, and now Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was announced his support for the “framework.”

At this point, the only thing being discussed is this “framework,” a set of broad concepts that a group of Republicans has hammered out with a group of their Democratic colleagues. Most have quickly hedged their support for gun control with assurances that their final support or opposition will depend on the actual language once it is introduced. For many GunVoters, the damage has already been done.

What GunVoters hear, is that Republicans have been busy negotiating their rights away.

Even if Democrats get greedy and craft legislation that most of the negotiating Republicans can’t support, there will still be a handful of Republican senators like Toomey (R-PA), Collins (R-ME), and Romney (R-UT), who are likely to support the final bill, regardless of what sort of unconstitutional measures it contains. But the critical thing that Republican leaders like McConnell (R-KY), Cornyn (R-TX), and Graham (R-SC) don’t seem to understand, is that GunVoters don’t always wait for the final result before making a decision. They hold a grudge, and they are quicker and more active at responding to perceived back-stabbing than they are at responding to direct enemy action. They also have a tendency to blame the whole party for the actions of a few wayward party members. And there’s little that the NRA or other rights groups can say or do to prevent the backlash.

Perhaps McConnell, Cornyn, & Graham believe they’re playing a brilliant game of 4D chess, letting Republican Senators look wise, reasonable, and responsive in the wake of horrific atrocities, when the plan all along is just to create a smokescreen before rejecting the final legislation!? Or perhaps the actual truth is they really are stupid enough to believe that just a little gun control won’t really hurt their party at the polls. Either way, it’s unclear exactly where they think they’ll win votes with this strategy. There aren’t many Republican voters clamoring for more gun control laws, and Democrats who seek more gun control laws, are not going to shift to support some Republicans because they caved on the Second Amendment.

Do they really think that winning a few Independent voters will offset the loss of support from a large block of their activist base? If so, then they’re definitely drinking from the wrong pitcher of Kool-Aid.

In the end, regardless of how restrictive the legislation ends up being, or how many Republicans end up supporting it, the Democrats and the media will blame Republicans for not passing something much stronger, and pro-rights Republican voters will feel betrayed by their “leaders.” Fundamental rights are not something that anyone should be negotiating about, whether seriously, or as a political ploy. If they are serious, they should not be running under a party banner that claims to support gun rights. If it is a ploy, it’s duplicitous and is guaranteed to hurt them in the long run.

Republican leaders need to stand up for individual rights and call out Democrats for their disingenuous use of tragedies to push legislation that very obviously wouldn’t have had any impact on those tragedies. The recent murderers, like almost all mass murderers of the past 20-plus years who used guns, bought their guns from licensed dealers, passed background checks, and weren’t referred by friends, family, police, or coworkers for any sort of mental health concerns.

One of the most telling positions of the Democrats is their opposition to amendments to red flag legislation, which would require mental health treatment for people who are “flagged,” along with taking away their guns. The fact is, for the gun control extremists, it’s all only about restricting guns, not about treating sick people or preventing tragedies.

McConnell and company had the opportunity to expose the Democrats’ shell game but instead fell into the trap of negotiating against the interests of their own base. They may be able to salvage the mess if they can get their caucus to loudly and unequivocally reject the final legislation the Democrats offer, and refuse to work toward any sort of “compromise.”

Rights can’t be negotiated, and there’s no room to compromise on them. You’d think Republicans would have figured this out by now, but as the old saying goes, there’s no fixing stupid.

About Jeff Knox:

Jeff Knox is a second-generation political activist and director of The Firearms Coalition. His father Neal Knox led many of the early gun rights battles for your right to keep and bear arms. Read Neal Knox – The Gun Rights War.

The Firearms Coalition is a loose-knit coalition of individual Second Amendment activists, clubs and civil rights organizations. Founded by Neal Knox in 1984, the organization provides support to grassroots activists in the form of education, analysis of current issues, and with a historical perspective of the gun rights movement. The Firearms Coalition has offices in Buckeye, Arizona, and Manassas, VA. Visit:

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Yote Hunter

Another definition of RINO:


There you have it when it comes to so called “Republicans” working with Democrats to punish the innocent for crimes committed by the guilty.


There are traitors among the people in Congress good ole Mitch is always bending over and taking it like a boy from his DEMS who is giving it to him for his support and he is as bad as Biden…age is the problem!!!


Age is not the problem. Mitch was always a reacharound artist.



Figures given their fave saying:

“Our ATF partners.” -NSSF

Last edited 8 days ago by Russn8r

Two sides of the same coin. DC is chocked full of the Products of Assholism.


I never cease to be shocked at the Republicans that side with Democrats at the most crucial of times. Cornyn has lost much support in his District, trust me, I am one of them. While Democrats use every dirty trick in the book, Republicans screw each other. Time and time again, the biggest supporters of the Democrats madness is a Republican. Who is getting the payoffs now ?? You Rhinos Disgust me..


Every six years I hope and pray that someone who is a real Constitutionalist will run against RINO Cornyn! I have yet to be pleased! I have no idea why this phony (as well as McConnell) continues to be re-elected!


Hey Rockman. Would that be the same Rockman amp that Boston used? I think David Shultz is the creator if I remember right.


Resurrect the Tea Party! I’m sick to death of the TRAITOROUS RINOS!

Wild Bill

The Congress has been filled with corrupt members since it was called the Continental Congress. Maybe it is time to recognize the Civil Right to have every member work in the best interests of We the People, and any member that works against a civil Right, or financial interest of We the People forfeits their life.


As I recall The Tea Party of 2010 wasn’t a real Party, but a patriot sect of the GOP, mostly newly fed-up folks who’d never been activists, no strategic organization. Tea Party groups were formed or quickly coopted by RINOs like Dick “Amnesty” Armey & other self-serving paycheck grifters.

The GOPe sabotaged “Tea Party” candidates with NRA’s help. e.g. LaPew rushed to Nevada to campaign for his “pro-gun” bedpal Dem Harry Reid against Tea Partier Sharron Angle, helped Reid beat her by a nose.

Resurrect it not as a Party, but a caucus not infiltrated by grifter RINOs & Ls

Last edited 8 days ago by Russn8r

The GOP does not represent its party ideologies it is fractured broken and tainted by the likes of men names like, John McCain I hope they put a mirror on the lid of his coffin so he see himself in hell for eternity

Mitt Romney Mitch Mcconnell John Boehner Paul Ryan Richard Burr Susan Collins Lindsey Graham Chuck Grassley


You forgot John Cornyn!


Thank you probably many more hiding in plain site.


You forgot Chaney.


I hear the Tea Party is now the Trump party.


That’s why we have primaries .


I think it is time we all realize that there is really only a one-party system in our Republic. So basically we are no longer a democratic Republic, we are a tyrannical Republic. That is why the founders decided to make the bill of Rights. The tree will die soon, if it is not watered.


Finally someone other than me has seen the light. It did not happen overnight like sheep Americans keep falling for the propaganda from the elite.
My hopes are that the cloud will lift and even most democrats will have come to understand what has taken place.


Poorly crafted, maliciously intended legislation has obvious flaws. Intrusion on the rights of the innocent is one clear flaw. But there is a much more subtle flaw that goes unseen by progressives and leftists. That is the flaw of lost opportunity. Each legislative push burns political capital. The more compelling your argument the less capital you have to spend to achieve a positive result. The more spurious your argument the more capital you have to spend. While those of the Progressive New Left side push unfounded theories concerning forms and features of firearms they are distracting from the real issues… Read more »


I’ve already decided that if the Republicans cave on gun control, i’m staying home in November and not voting. Why vote when we get democrats or light-democrats? I’ve already written my two senators to ask them not to support this, and to let them know that there is a growing block of their base that will not vote if this garbage passes.


Staying home will not help anything. It is as it has always been. You MUST vote for the least damage done to our country and that will be the best thing to do.


Yes, and if there is no significant difference in the R and the D candidates, vote Libertarian, if possible.


No Sale!

The L platform is far worse than Commie-Dems on the most destructive policy in 100yrs: invasion-occupation & deluge legal immigration. The L platform is for Unlimited Immigration = no USA: De Facto globalist & redistributive-socialist. Ls can’t honestly take the pledge of allegiance, let alone the constitutional oath.

Also, Ls are effectively anti-gun, since they’re just spoilers for DemComs, 100% of whom vote anti-gun.

Many Rs are pro-gun. The time to trash anti-gun RINOs is in the PRIMARIES.


I agree that the time to trash the RINOs is i the primaries! But, if the Republican candidate is a RINO, it is better to vote for a Libertarian (who has no chance of winning) than to not vote. If enough voters do it, the Rs might take the hint and nominate better candidates. If by some chance, a L did win a significant office, it might put the fear of God into the Rs and Ds!


That’s true too. It’s a trade off.


incorrigible…BE careful whit you wish for …bernie sanders is an “I”


Stop voting like you have Stockholm syndrome. Like the demonrats say…….”bring it all down”

Vote accelerate the cw2 clock. Stop being stabbed in the back repeatedly and boiled slowly. republicucks are totally unworthy. Voting lesser evil is voting evil.

if there’s to be a war let it be in my lifetime that my children will live in peace


Whit…You will get more of what you have now .


Trying to appease hateful Demon Rats, is like trying to tame a cage full of rabid Jackals and snarling Hyenas!


You’d have better luck with the jackals and hyenas.


“… the fact is only a precious few [MAGA] stalwarts actually understand and believe it.” Really? It’s pretty clear that “The Head MAGA” had no clue. He talked about “our beautiful Second Amendment”, then wiped his feet on it with the bump stock ban and support for so called red flag laws. He wouldn’t even have the White House website language about the Second Amendment “granting” RKBA corrected. How hard would it have been to order some flunky to correct a couple sentences on a web site? Jeff, I was a fan of your dad and have a lot of… Read more »

Jeff Knox

That [MAGA] was inserted by someone on the editorial staff, not me. It’s been removed.


Thank you for taking the time to clarify that.

Knute Knute

Thank you for fixing what you admit was a mistake. What disciplinary action was taken against the one on the editorial staff responsible for the error?
You are aware that when no remedial action is taken when employees make a mistake, the mistake is very likely to re-occur, don’t you?

Last edited 8 days ago by Knute Knute
Henry Bowman

This isn’t the real GOP. It’s the traitors among us, RINOs!! We need to get rid of ALL of them!


But we couldn’t even get rid of Nancy Mace. Pathetic.


I know! The sad thing, is there were really no good choices in the race for that seat. In that district, there never are. Of the losers in the running for that seat, I most hoped to see her defeated.


Stupid Dummy!!


“the ‘Stupid Party’ as R Senator Alan Simpson dubbed the GOP”

Simpson should know since he was one of the dumbest RINOs: 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli-Reagan amnesty wrecked much of the USA, caused a 100-fold rise in invasion-occupation. Simp was a corrupt whore for “cheap labor” & 1-way “free trade” interests.

Knute Knute

Isn’t it about time to just start calling the two US political parties “Dumb”, and “Dumber”? I’m not going to try and put them in order. Just like in the movie, neither is any dumber than the other. Both have a collective IQ that’s well below their average shoe size. Not the Chinese shoe sizes that go up to 59 either. The US shoe size system… where 16 is HUGE! 🙂
<just FYI, the uncle I’m named after had a size 16 foot when he was alive. He used to say that he could ski without skis!>


He must’ve been popular with the ladies.


You must be popular with the guys DUMMY!!

Knute Knute

He did have two wives. A Widower the first time around, and then married a Canadian woman when he retired and moved to Mesa, AZ. He died while married to her, so none of them ever left him! They must have liked something about him… 🙂 Never having been in a locker room with him, I don’t know if he was Robin Williams’ Mr. Tripod or not, but I doubt it was his 500 NRA rifle trophies!.They impressed ME, but I’m not a female. 🙂 He was the one that got me started in shooting competitively back in the day.… Read more »


LOL. I’m betting “rimfire” is the one kind of “shooting” LaPierre is into.

Knute Knute

Hey, talking about my Uncle from North Dakota reminds me of my favorite North Dakota joke: Q: Know why it’s so windy in Montana? A: Because Idaho blows and North Dakota sucks! 😀 Now batten down the hatches as everybody in Idaho and North Dakota get all offended! Prepare for the downvote posse! Not my Uncle Knute. He never got offended. He’d tell ND jokes too. And any other subject. But then he was a real man, not one of the pantywaists we see so many of today. Oops. I did it again! Dog those hatches down tight! Serious weather… Read more »


Ok. Just checked my survival kit contents: One .45 caliber automatic; 2 boxes o’ ammunition; 4 days concentrated emergency rations; 1 drug issue containing antibiotics, morphine, vitamin pills, pep pills, sleeping pills, tranquilizer pills; 1 miniature combination Russian phrase book & bible; $100 in rubles; $100 in gold; 9 packs o’ chewin’ gum; 1 issue o’ prophylactics; 3 lipsticks; 3 pair a nylon stockin’s. Inflation-adjusted since 1964. Shoot, a fella could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff, so I’m good!


Go take your medicine DUMMY!!


One can only imagine the conversations behind closed doors in Washington. Republicans are showing that they do not have their own agenda. There are a few that either refuse to support any democratic policies. Then there are those that can only deal with what the democratic party throws at them. What we do not see is republicans making policy that supports its own party members. Policy that will drive our country forward and out of the mess that the democrats have forced on the American people. That is the difference between a businessman and a career politician I have to… Read more »


Many republicans in DC have become spineless,lilly livered cowards who have no problem selling out the country. That’s the biggest problem we face.

Green Mtn. Boy

The party leaders in the senate and house is lead by individuals who are right at home with the Commiecrats,spineless doesn’t begin to describe them.
If the RNC wants to win the next election they will slap down the wimps supporting any infringements but then again “Never underestimate the Republitards to clutch from the jaws of victory overwhelming defeat”,time after time.


My last ditch hope is that they screw around with this until next year, and that the RINOs don’t too badly mess up the election!

Knute Knute

It does not begin to describe them. More like: “invertebrates”. Those that never had a spine to start with. Those that don’t even know what a spine is.
Or, we could just go with one of the most well known invertebrates, worms. Slimy little worms. It’s shorter, and easier to type… 🙂

Henry Bowman

Actually George HW Bush was openly pro-globalism in 1991; and privately was probably a globalist going back to the early 1960’s.


But they’re military geniuses!


Ooooh look! The priss patrol’s back with the downvotes! LOL


Ooooh Look!!! Stupid at its Finest!!!

Knute Knute

Sure are. Their panties are wedged wayyyyy up deep in their cracks today!
Hey, no offense, but you girls need to get a life, other than just insulting those who you envy. You do know what a horrible creature such behavior turns you into, yes?


LOL. See if they like this.


Oh Goodness. Expected from a Goofball Idiot. DUMMY!!


Since the priss patrol didn’t like that…


Oh no! They didn’t like that either. So sorry! How about this?


No? No? How about this?


Lotta Bush worshipers here.

Henry Bowman

Yeah! They really like their Bush family endorsed kneepads. Don’t worry, you’re over the target!

Heavy Flak B2 Over Target RESISTANCE.png
Knute Knute

WAY more. Iran/Contra, the Bay of Pigs, Watergate. Just follow the life and times of GHWB’s lifelong friend and employee, Felix Rodriguez. This one man alone was involved in most every scandal in recent US history. He was the CIA agent in charge of the landing at the Bay of Pigs, and one of the only 3 rescued from the beach as the US left the rest to be captured by Castro. Felix was the bagman, the go between, of then Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush and Oliver North, who took the fall for both Felix and George. He… Read more »


he is the reason noriaga went to jail


there is more than just him, but he has been there all the way through
some people were dragged in and there have been some side gigs they were attempting to dump leftover stuff from iran,contra in a deal to kill Chavez there was a bunch in the way of canal widening mostly stuff that is illegal under international law I did not put it there nor am i the fool that removed it

Last edited 8 days ago by swmft

“fell into the trap of negotiating against the interests of their own base”

They weren’t trapped. They are totalitarians at heart and saw this “crisis” as an opportunity to not only move us more towards a totalitarian police state, but also get more votes (from white suburban women who think the government can protect their children).

Last edited 9 days ago by JSNMGC

Of course they are, or it wouldn’t’ve been 4 of the 5 retiring RINOs plus Usual Suspects Pierre Delecto, Scuzzi Colons & Murky Murkowski, plus other RINOs in safe seats like Lady Lindsey, Cabana Boy Marco & John Cornin’.

Last edited 9 days ago by Russn8r

Into your cage Dummy!!

Wild Bill

Respectfully, you are baiting him, and he will not take the bait. We have a kind of accord to maintain a higher standard of discourse, and he is keeping up his end of the bargain.
This has made Ammoland a much more interesting place. I hope that you will join in with more interesting and informative dialogue.

Knute Knute

So THAT’S why the downvote posse has been laying low lately! I thought I must’ve missed something. If you were the one to set that up, kudos! Belay that. Kudos to whomever set that up!
There. I like that better. Congrats to anyone attempting to keep the trollish from acting so much like… well, like trolls.
Those who are trying to teach the trolls about civil discourse. There. Better.

Wild Bill

Oldman is the peacemaker. Russ agreed to a civil discourse and has kept his end of the accord up.

Last edited 7 days ago by Wild Bill
Henry Bowman

Yes, this accord is driving the troll(s) absolutely bonkers and they’re impotent to do anything so these snowflakes DV all the really good posters!


glad you stepped it up ,good man, we may not always agree but trying to see the other point of view gives us all a better footing