Regret for Being Right ~ Terror, Extortion & the Supreme Court ~ VIDEO

The Narrow Life Experience of Supreme Court Justices

U.S.A.-(— On December 11, 2020, I warned the Supreme Court, if they gave in to extortionate threats, they would get more of them, with worse to come.

My words seem prophetic now. I would have preferred to be wrong.

This correspondent was only applying the lessons of recent history. From the 2020 article, 17 months ago:

The terrorists have marked 5 or 6 members of the Supreme Court as enemies of the people.

Those justices are: Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Barrett, and, less likely, Chief Justice John Roberts.

The first five of those justices have been subject to death threats for following the Constitution. They have been characterized by the Left as being evil people, on national television, by national leaders on the Left.

The groups who made those threats are the same groups who would credibly threaten to burn the justices’ houses. They are *not* going to be placated by candidate Biden taking power.

They will be emboldened.

The Justices of the Supreme Court are now protected at the will of the Leftist political machine in charge of the Executive branch. From my 2020 essay:

When you acquiesce to extortion, you invite more extortion. When you acquiesce to physical threats, you invite greater physical threats.

The physical power which now protects Supreme Court Justices will be diminished if they empower the machine which threatens them. It seems unlikely, by feeding the crowd of political zombies, they will be the last eaten.

I wrote very similar things have happened in the last couple of hundred years:

It is what happened in the French revolution, in Bolshevik Russia, in Nazi Germany, in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Japan before WWII, many South American countries after breeches in the rule of law, and Mexico, as the rule of law is lost, and the rule of force commenced.

The difference is, at present, the Supreme Court can preserve and extend its power by enforcing the Constitution. It can make its independence and physical security greater, by supporting the organization which has supported that independence.

The Supreme Court failed to take that opportunity. There is still a chance. The Left’s hold on power is not secure. They may hesitate to destroy the Court all at once. The Court has an opportunity to rally its supporters who want the Constitution enforced. Its ability to do so will likely be lost if it gives in to the extortion of the Left at this time.

To borrow Thomas Paine’s words, and apply them to the Supreme Court:

When will they be stronger? 

If they cannot resist the Left and its push for unlimited government power, now, when will they be able to do so?

What can be done?

The justices need to know there is support for the Constitution. They need to know there is support for upholding the rule of law. They need to know most of the people want the Supreme Court to do the right thing and enforce the Constitution as written.

Justice Kavanaugh has had a credible threat on his life. The person who threatened him wanted the court to uphold the controversial Roe v Wade decision, and invalidate Second Amendment rights.


Roske told police he was upset by a leaked draft opinion suggesting the Supreme Court is about to overrule Roe v. Wade, the landmark abortion case. He also said he was upset over the school massacre in Uvalde, Texas, and believed Kavanaugh would vote to loosen gun control laws, the affidavit said.

The Biden administration-aligned media is not particularly concerned.

The Senate passed a bill for increased security for Supreme Court justices. Nancy Pelosi, Democrat Speaker of the House, is holding up the bill. Perhaps she will wait until the decisions are released. That might “send a message”. [Update that Bill was Voted Down]

The Biden administration continues to support “demonstrations” at Justices’ homes, even though such demonstrations are against federal law.

We will know if the Court has surrendered to the radical left if the decision on the Mississippi abortion case supports Roe v Wade, and if the decision on the New York Rifle & Pistol Association case v Bruen does not support the right to bear arms.

Leftist activists are planning to block the entrances to the Supreme Court on June 13, 2022, in a bid to force the decision they want on the Mississippi abortion case.

Both decisions are due any day this month, June 2022.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

Dean Weingarten

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For over a century the Ku Klux Klan was the terror arm of the democrat party. The old Klan terrorized not only blacks but religious minorities, immigrants and other ethnic minorities and did so under the direction and approval of Presidents like Woodrow Wilson. Today the old Klan is relegated to the rest home. In their place comes Antifa, BLM, Code Pink and a host of other Progressive New Left, Neo-Marxist groups who in total make up the Nu Klux Klan. Same mission, different demographics. Progressives have even recruited blacks in to the new Klan, the Nu Klux Klan and… Read more »


Excellent analysis. I hope you don’t mind I shared it on facebook with a link to this post.


Nu Klux Klan, courtesy of the Nu Kucks Klan (RINOs).


A Leftist “insurrection” on June 13? I can’t wait to see the news media NOT cover that.

Henry Bowman

These commies are domestic enemies of liberty, every bit as much as the marxist Demonrats in office. At some point, a very razor-thin point will be reached when the Left pushes everyone else to that precipice…

They’ll go too far soon, and the backlash will be of biblical proportions!


“The only good commie is…”

Henry Bowman



This is intimidation.
It’s against he law.
Do you see Biden’s LapDog Garland doing anything?


If only Kavanaugh would go to a public range and demonstrate his skills at making headshots shooting at human profile targets with a Glock 21.


making consistent headshots with G21 at what range ?


50 yards? I’d be impressed. 🙂

Wild Bill

Kavanaugh has been an academic his entire life. Better make it one yard. Does anyone know if he has ever fired a gun in his life?


I doubt it. Kav acts like a sissy. A lot like LaPew, who never owned a gun either before being hired to lobby “for” NRA.


Yes, God forbid he and his wife steps out their door with a AR15 and 25 acp that doesn’t work. We know what happens when you do that to defend your home against the left and you are a conservative!!!!!


m14 and a glock with a fun switch and the ruling abolishing guncontrol


If only Kavanagh & his fellow Blue-Light Federalist Society “Justices” Amy & Brett had been loyal to the Republic, there would be no Biden Junta today encouraging this terror.

Henry Bowman

Don’t forget Chief Justice Roberts, he has more often than not voted with the communist side of the Court…like he did with Ovomitcare. I am certain that if SCOTUS were composed 8-1 in favor of conservative values and strict constructionism, Roberts would be the dissenter. He has and continues to violate his Oath daily, just as the majority of the Court did, especially by refusing to hear any arguments relating to the certification of the 2020 FRAUD. I do not see these coup plotters surrendering what they stole! They will keep the power they seized, and if it means the… Read more »


True. I didn’t forget John Obamacare Roberts. Just didn’t expect him to do the right thing in the first place. I focused on Amy, Brett & Neil because they were supposed to be conservatives. The word I get from a pissed off ex-Federalist Society donor & attorney is that the FedSoc is infested with LoLibertarians, which is how we ended up with these 3 new unreliable Blue-Light Federalist collaborators.


The point, which MSM never discuss, there are large elements of the Left who wish their political opponents dead. And they don’t care how nut cases are incited to violence.

Last edited 7 months ago by Wass

But yet when the DHS releases a memo warning to prepare for violence, they claim it is “the right wing” who are the threat. And a few sentences contradict themselves b admitting there has been no threat from the right and that the only violence has come from left wing loonies.


most of the outright crazy people I have ever met are socialists , the “crazy” people on the right live in the woods alone and want to be left alone, and if you dont bother them they go away but you mess and you get Ted Kaczynski ,most loners on the right are exceptionally high IQ the left are just dumb-asses


Standard practice and motive of operandi here in OreGONEISTAN. The government and our news tell the same lies.

Last edited 7 months ago by musicman44mag
Jim March

The US Supreme Court has long had a tradition of holding off the publication of their most controversial and eagerly awaited opinions until the very end of the term. Right now both a major gun case and a major abortion case are held up on that basis. HOLDING OFF ON THE PUBLICATION OF THOSE DECISIONS IS A BAD IDEA. If any one member of the solid block of five conservatives were to be killed right now, the outcomes of both the gun and abortion cases could be reversed or at least watered down – because the numbers would then put… Read more »

Henry Bowman

I’ve been thinking the same exact thing too. The @[email protected] of one or more Justices would be an act of war no less egregious than the attack on Fort Sumter. The difference will be worse than an attack by a recently seceded sovereign power; it will be the opening salvo of a dirty civil war! People are going to be so outraged they’re gonna attack the Left for being the domestic enemy of life, liberty, property, and a general desire to be left the hell ALONE! Some people have seen this coming from as long as 50 years ago, and… Read more »

Last edited 7 months ago by Henry Bowman

it is close at hand ,learn to convert every thing you have to full auto it will be needed


Maybe yo have sufficient ammo stockpiled, but anyone who doesn’t will not be well served by using full auto in any but a desperate last stand. Plan better – gorilla … strike fast – disappear – live & repeat until ammo runs out.

Last edited 7 months ago by Finnky

that is all full auto ever is emergency backup , first is long range good aim , but if you need to back up a larger force full auto gives them pause and buys you time to escape while they regroup only battle hardened are not impressed with full auto


Gives you a chance to move to obtain a better position of fire too.


works best in pairs


Don’t forget to pick up the spoils of war and take their guns, food and ammo.

Henry Bowman

Not necessary. There’s a thing called a binary trigger, it is only bested by a forced reset trigger to achieve ‘volume fire’, which is the role that the machine gun serves in maneuver warfare.


I have a forced reset on an ar fun switch works better

Henry Bowman

Perhaps, but since I dont want F-troop violating my privacy on a class 3 inspection/inventory/etc., I prefer a legal alternative. I’ve seen how effective forced reset triggers are, more than bump stocks or binary triggers. I’ll get what I can as soon as I can, before the balloon goes up when the BATFaggots start trying door-to-door confiscations.


You have heard and learned the same lessons as me. My mother was direct from Germany after WW2 and married my dad. My American Grandfather was of German desent and fought in WW2 against the krauts. My mother said that if they take away your guns then you will never see freedom again. My father told me that one day their will be a racial war with the blacks and whites.

I think they are both right.


it wont be so clear cut as there are blacks that think in the same terms as we do. and what we call white trash that are gang members. It will be more a war of takers vs doers
a lot like depicted in mad max

Last edited 7 months ago by swmft
Henry Bowman

I think that what will happen will be a dirty civil war, with the Leftists being the loyalists to the current illegitimate regime masquerading as if it were a legit government. In other words, a combination counter-revolution and Civil War 2. #CW2


Trump’s 3 “conservative” Blue-Light Federalist Society “Justices” did this to themselves & to us all when they crapped on the oath, aided The Big Steal. As did every “Republican” who certified AZ or PA & voted down the Hawley-Cruz audit. Had they the courage & integrity to stop the coup, there’d be no Biden Junta, so murdering judges would’ve just yielded more unvetted Blue-Light Federalist Society “conservatives”.

The Babbling Narcissist didn’t help: A Trump-worship rally in DC without at least first discrediting Q-anon & other “pro-Trump” psyop provocateurs. Set the perfect stage for an enemy trap, bungled into it.

Last edited 7 months ago by Russn8r

Should SCOTUS release their decisions too early the majority legislative party has vowed to increase the number of S.C. jurists by four. This would secure a leftist government until the next (un) civil war. They have the numbers now, after Jan.1, 2023 it will be lost to them.


that would start a war for sure every person they proposed would get shot every liberal judge would have a target on them


Do I know what you don’t? I think the whole idea of the left is to kill the conservative justices so that way obiden can place new ones. That would be the quickest way to stack that court and get away with it, and they could, therefore we need a new law. Anytime a justice of the supreme court is murdered the last serving president of that political party will assign a new person to the court. So if they kill a justice that was put in place by a conservative president, in this case Trump, he will choose the… Read more »


That is a great idea, but I doubt there is any chance in hell that it could be passed. It seems to me that it would be a great idea to get our gas prices down by having a national election to override Biden’s executive orders. Of course, that probably would open two more cans of worms. Alas, we are doomed!


We are not doomed because we have only just begun to fight and the end is no where in site. Stay positive. There is more right than left in this country and most of the new left are kids and think life is like their video games. The first time they see their Bros head split open and their blood splat all over them, they will have a change of heart, fast. Our biggest concern should be all the terrorists and MS13 that will support the left thinking that they will have a bite of the pie and have a… Read more »


need to make sure enforcers in your neck of the woods are not liberals


Liberals get me. They support allot of conservative ideas but they seem like they are totally against the government from what I read and what I have listened to when they talk here locally. They definitely don’t like either the R or D party but their numbers are small but they are willing to do damage if necessary and my biggest concern is that allot of them seem prepared and organized. They know who their fellow Libs are.


What I meant was: we are doomed to fight another revolutionary war, not that we are doomed to lose it. We will be soon in a mode to be fighting for food and gas and basic necessities….Gas hit $6.29 this weekend in WA. Biden’s plan is working pretty well, right now. I expect that it will hit $7.00 by the 4th.


Oldman,we knew what you meant. The socialist scum seem to be riding high right now. But we will all be around when those son of a bitches crash and burn. Take care bro.


You know you are right. I can see it now. Have you ever noticed that before you go to see mom and dad that gas goes up about 4 or 5 cents and then on the third day when you are ready to come back home mysteriously it is 10 cents more? Obiden wants 10 bucks a gallon so we are paying what they pay in Europe. They electric car industry is crying to obiden for more cash to help them out because they have burnt up what they were given by obiden in the beginning. Always, more more more… Read more »


Unless our side retaliated in-kind for murders, the asymmetric intimidation would still be there. But Rs will just wring their hands, make concern faces & “deplore violence”. Advantage DemComs, aka the Nu Klux Klan, courtesy of the Nu Kux Klan (sissy Republicans).

Last edited 7 months ago by Russn8r

The first thing that needs to be done is, Schumer needs to be televised being taken into custody for threatening the justices of the Supreme Court.
Next, every last one of the protesters outside judges homes need to be arrested. If this does not take place then we have no law in the United States.


you think these bozos will be arrested by the crooked government they built get real fbi is so far left I call them stasi


It seems that obiden and obummer were able to politicize and weaponize all the agencies. They should all be dismissed and restarted. A clean house and a clean slate.

OreGONEISTAN needs the same thing.


Your half right. We have no law when it comes to the left but if you are from the right, they have allot of laws to enforce down your throat and up your !!!!!. I don’t see how the house can have an investigation that is so one sided and obviously illegal and get away with it. Why can’t the republicans stop it. The proof is there that it is not fair. Turning it into a show like it is should be illegal. Well, at least it had a low turn out so that says something right there. I didn’t… Read more »


Want to see the example of what America is becoming? Pick up and a read the book “The Turner Diaries” by Andrew Macdonald. It is a chilling look at what our beloved Repubic is morphing into!


I just read a great book on the Jacksonian era of American politics, “The Republic of Violence” by J.D. Dickey. This book details the long and violent war against the abolitionists and free blacks by the democrat party back in the 1830’s and 1840’s. Excellent work, documented and footnoted. If any person of African heritage wants to find the real democrat party, this is it.

Turner Diaries is also and excellent work. This is the real history progressives hate to hear.

Wild Bill

Yes, War Cycles, Peace Cycles, too.


peace is just a reduction in active violence ,more an illusion than a reality


demoncrats have not changed they are about power


Just bought Republic of Violence. Sounds interesting. Cheapest Turner Diaries on ebay is >$70 with shipping from the UK. It’s available to read free on, with a big caveat about how it’s racist propaganda that led to the OK City bombing.


No democrats charged Biden needs to be removed from office Impeached after the NOV midterms 2022 If this was private citizen you would be arrested and investigated for making terroristic threats. You might even be charged in a criminal act My guess the FBI and ATF would pay you a visit. The department of Homeland Security statement emphasizes the democrats capabilities inciting violence hate and murder. Schumer’s comments are public record he should step down resign immediately. Schumer walked back his statement the following day. Schumer’s team reiterated that the senator has “been clear that he supports peaceful protests. Back… Read more »


If any supreme court justice are harmed or their families the blame falls squarely on the President of the United States and the Democratic party. The comments by Bidens press secretary at the time was dangerous and ear responsible. , White House press secretary Jen Psaki was pressed on whether the president wants the protestors to influence the justices to uphold Roe v. Wade, as he pushes for Congress to codify the ruling into law.  “The President believes in peaceful protest. He believes that’s part of our democracy and part of the history of the United States and this country,” Psaki… Read more »

Last edited 7 months ago by john

What have they done to the USA?


what they promised to do at end of hostilities in the 1860s destroy the union