Where Is Our ‘Freedom’ To Be Found If Not In The Armed Citizenry?


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New York – -(AmmoLand.com)-

“Within the last year — ever since President Joe Biden signed his four-year lease on the White House — the word ‘freedom’ has taken on an unsavory, sinister connotation.” See report in Newsmax.

Wherefore is our freedom now if not in the armed citizenry? The U.S. Supreme Court can provide a leg-up from the United States Supreme Court.

The current U.S. Supreme Court term ends on June 27, 2022, and reconvenes on October 3, 2022, the starting date of its next term. Two major opinions are due out momentarily: Dobbs and Bruen. Dobbs is a major abortion case. Bruen is a major Second Amendment case. A leaked version of Dobbs has unleashed a furor. And an opinion in Bruen, striking down the NYPD concealed handgun licensing procedures will cause its own furor, worsened by the recent elementary school shooting incident in Texas.

Only the High Court, the Third Branch of Government, retains, at present, a modicum of independence. The Globalist puppet masters have firm control over both the First & Second Branches, but not yet, over the Third. That we know…

The Country is in a precarious state: militarily, geopolitically, economically, and societally. This is no accident. It is by design.

The seditious Press tries to explain this away partly by denial. But, knowing this to have a doubtful impact, the Press resorts to something more sinister. It tells the public it must accept the fall of the United States from its stature of preeminence. It tells the public that Nations rise and fall, and so must the United States. That is not true. The rise and fall of civilizations and nations isn’t a law of nature. It isn’t written in stone. It may appear so out of empirical necessity, but it is not one of logical necessity.

Strong nations weather any storm. Weaker nations do not.

Weak nations are doomed to eventual ruin from any force whether that force manifests inside or outside it.

Strong nations cannot be destroyed by outside forces, but only from within. Thus, was the fate of the Roman Empire.

The stooge, Biden, controlled by powerful forces, malevolent and malignant, lurking in the shadows, sputters their dictates. He is the embodiment of corruption, feebleness, and decay: what better emblem to proclaim the dying of the Nation. And he sputters about the problems with the Nation, the problems the public must bear, the dying of the Nation, isn’t his fault.

Biden implements strategies to disrupt and destroy the Nation, and yet denounces the American people for the very thing this Government fabricates, asserting that “terrorism from white supremacy” is the most serious threat to the Nation. It is not. There is no such threat, there is no such thing; but in the saying of it, Biden, the ever-compliant tool of the puppet masters, the real Tyrant, uses the lie, uses the Government, the proxy, the obedient stand-in for the Tyrant, to direct action against the American people.

But the threat is a phantom. That is all it is. That is all it ever was. But it serves a purpose.

The lie is the pretext to cull the Federal Government of those Americans it deems to be a threat against it, against the tyranny that Government imposes on the American people.

The lie becomes the pretext to harass civilians. The Tyrant suppresses all dissent. It aims to quell all perceived threats to it. And threat rests in all that disagree with the Tyrant.

The Tyrant proclaims the virtue of its actions to brutally quash dissent. Asserting the necessity for that, the Tyrant posits its wish to promote safety and security, peace and harmony. It is all a bald-faced lied. But many citizens fall for it, comply with it; some there are who even rejoice in it. And the dutiful. foolish citizen dutifully lays down his arms. But most Americans are not foolish. They will not lay down their arms. And therein lies the Tyrant’s phantom, the menace. The phantom threat is tacitly attached to one-third or more of the Nation: acrimonious, noxious descriptors are applied to this group: “Domestic Terrorist,” the “White Supremacist,” “The Racist.”

By whatever name, this one-third or more of the Nation is deemed a dire threat to the “Open Society” a.k.a. “New World Order” that the stooge, Biden, humbles himself to. He has agreed to this. And so, he is but a titular Head of State. And the silent, secretive Tyrant has its submissive, pliant, compliant, empty shell of man through whom its edicts come to be reality—Joe Biden, the Tyrant’s present puppet.

And the purported threat? The Armed Citizenry. Yet, if the Republic is to survive, the American citizenry must always remain armed. Make no mistake about that. The citizenry’s sovereignty over the Nation and over the Federal Government, and over any would-be Tyrant, demands that. True freedom and liberty of the people can only exist by dint of arms. For, only through dint of force of arms can Government be kept in check. Only through dint of force of arms can true freedom and liberty be maintained.

And many Americans sacrificed their life to preserve a free Republic and a sovereign people. That is the reason for Memorial Day. It’s a day of remembrance to the supreme sacrifice they made.

“Originally called Decoration Day, Monday’s holiday honors all soldiers who died during service to the nation.

Memorial Day was declared a national holiday through an act of Congress in 1971, and its roots date back to the Civil War era, according to the U.S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Unlike Veterans Day, Memorial Day honors all military members who have died in while serving in U.S. forces.”

We must now ask: were their sacrifices in vain?

The Nation is in crisis. But the crisis today is unlike any other in history. For the enemy of a free people lies wholly within. Nothing in the past can compare to it. Even the American Civil War, the bloodiest in our history, cannot match the present threat this Biden Government poses to the American people.

Americans face the loss of a free Constitutional Republic, the loss of all unalienable rights and liberties. Such “rights” that remain are treated merely as privileges to bestowed on one or rescinded, at the whim of Government—Tyrant. Americans thus face the loss of their freedom, their sovereignty; their historical memory; their very Soul as a singular sovereign, independent Nation.

Only through the presence of the armed citizenry, can Freedom and liberty keep tyranny at bay.

Unlike the past American Civil War, this present conflict is insidious. It rots the Nation to its core. Americans witness this through the Tyrant’s attack on the exercise of all-natural law rights.

But the Tyrant says this is good, this is right. The Tyrant dares to say our Nation is evil; its traditions, heritage, culture—all reflected in its sacred Documents—are perverse. And many there are who accept the Tyrant’s words as true. They see the necessity of dismantling the whole of a free Republic, and the necessity of surrendering their sovereignty over Government.

Will this come to pass?

The Midterm elections are soon upon us. The Tyrant and its servants are worried. Congress may be lost to them. And the Tyrant and its servants are using the tool of propaganda to incense the public against itself, against its very Soul. They use raw emotion to convince the public that the murder of an unborn child is a good and proper thing if the mother so wishes it. And they use raw emotion to convince the public that disarming the public will serve to protect such of those children born if the Americans will but lay down their arms.

Thus, the Tyrant demonstrates his contempt for the common people.

And yet, the return of abortion matters to the States rightfully returns authority to the American people, who, through their States, make their own decisions concerning it. Some States will warrant, or have, like New York, already warranted it; other States will not.

And, in Bruen, the public might see sanity and reason returned to the Country if the High Court strikes down, as unconstitutional, NYPD procedures for the issuance of concealed handgun carry licenses. The Tyrant worries endlessly over the Bruen decision. It abhors the armed citizen.

The Tyrant cares not that the citizen might, with firearms, ably defend himself against predatory animal or predatory man, but cares much that the citizen may also defend himself quite ably with firearms against the Tyrant, itself. And it is the threat to its own security posed by the armed citizen that the Tyrant sees as reason enough to wage war against the American people—even a bloody one if it comes to that.

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Let me pause here to emphasize two things that are too easily forgotten. First, no one to this day has produced even a shred of evidence that fraud affected the results of the 2020 election. Sixty federal judges, along with Trump’s own departments of justice and homeland security, have concluded that Biden won fair and square.

Second, the lynchpin of democracy is the peaceful transition of power from those who lose elections to those who win them


Can’t stop lying, can you, glow job?

Wild Bill

I saw a MIT professor demonstrate, before a Congressional committee, the mathematical impossibility of Biden catching up and surpassing Trump from the time that the Wisconsin poll closed until the time that those polling places reopened. One of the critical townships in Wisconsin, had more votes cast for Biden than the total population of that township. The Secretaries of State of five contested states changed the election rules for their state during the voting, which makes the results in those five states unconstitutional. The news, at that time, was replete with anecdotal evidence of mail in ballot fraud. One need… Read more »


Repeat the same lie over and over till it becomes the truth. This how the communist party remains in power. Biden winning the election with the most votes of any president in the history of the United States while he remained in his basement was unrealistic. I find it amusing that the new leader in the Ukraine Zelinsky was elected the same way as Biden. One a actor the other a career politician who has been a complete failure for all his years in Washington. The one thing they sare is the destruction of their nations. The Ukraine by the… Read more »


We keep waiting for a leader to arise, but sadly,, I believe that’s part of our problem, and it’s one our so called government is depending on. There are many, ready to take up arms to defend the Republic from the insidious attack from within. We but wait for that leader(s) to put out the call to arms, and to quote AL, the Tyrant knows this. Perhaps waiting for a leader(s) to arise from within our corrupt government is a losing strategy. I, and others have long maintained that there’s a corruption within the very system of our government that… Read more »


Typical for AL, mucho opinion, no ACTION points for elections. Most chat commandos won’t even donate, volunteer, organize or sacrifice in any serious way to bounce RINOs & Commie-Dems peacefully let alone resist under arms.


When are we going to stop writing beautiful articles that get us nowhere?? When are we going to come together and take arms against the current oppression and those in charge of the oppression??
I am ready to give everything for our rights and freedoms even if I don’t see tomorrow.


Steady, “Keep your powder dry.” The I’ve been to war. You don’t want it to come to you, Just be ready when it does come.


I agree about you do not want it to come you,but that is what is happing like in Venezuela, government is slowly pushing and taking more and more, fbi robs safe deposit boxes after judge says they can not open them and people have to get lawyers to get their stuff back spending more someone should shoot dead the agents for not following judges order when the government does what it wants rules be dammed war is already underway, right now it is a war of attrition


and they are winning because they own the news


It seems to me there is one political party with two separate marketing campaigns. Unless I’m wrong.


Here in lays the problem of everything happening to us up to date. The Government knows there is no such thing as “WE THE PEOPLE” the government is laughing at us, and making fun of us right to our faces. we can’t even get along with our neighbors or each other, because of to much hate, greed, discontent, racism, jealousy, envy, and especially discrimination, etc. “WE THE PEOPLE” is nothing but a “Joke” to the government we cannot and will not stick together, even to defeat the common evil that is running our country. “WE THE PEOPLE” can’t even agree… Read more »


No offense taken….
Much progress could be made if people would vote country over party.


I agree with you on all you said. Keeps getting day by day and we need to put some clogs in the gears before it get any further. It’s gonna be hard enough as is with a lot of blood shed on both sides of the coin. THE LONGER THE WAIT THE HARDER IT’S GONNA BE. I know or think I know why it’s not taking place now. People want to wait to see how the election goes, it’s not but about 4 months. It may be a better choice to till after the election, but it is a long… Read more »


Stock pile everything food, ammo etc. Remember, you can’t eat gold, but you can buy food with ammo and ammo with food.

Last edited 6 days ago by Cruiser
American Cynic

For those of you who appreciate memes…


Are the American 2A group ready to pull the trigger and draw blood on those who are the problem and creating the issues of regulations….this country hasn’t had a civil war since the 1860’s


Trump tried to steal the election…
Had he succeeded, our country would have collapsed from within, easily.
Obedience to the constitution prevented the steal and saved our democracy.


LOL But it was ok to break election laws to get a win ? Denying poll watchers, stuffing ballots, adjudicating ballots, switching flash drives, etc And let’s not even get into the local & foreign interference. Control of machines. The most inclusive & exclusive voter fraud org ever pout together. Run out of Canada by a $5 trillion nonprofit, with ties to the Gates foundation. As the visibility of the “glitches” found in Dominion Voting Systems continues to spread across multiple states, and the longstanding issues surrounding Election Systems & Software start to re-surface, one critical question has yet to… Read more »

Last edited 7 days ago by Arny

Hell just look back at the midterms in 2018. And it started way before that. over 20 years in the making.


Most inclusive & exclusive voter fraud worth $5 trillion.


C’mon Man !

$5 Trillion info sharing.PNG

Check out the VP of IT-ISAC,


Hell they map it out for ya if you can use a little critical thinking skills. Do you believe they don’t know where there back doors are ?

IT=ISAC Roadmap to election.PNG

a company based in canada mostly owned by petroials de venezuela hugo chavez bought into the company changed the voting system in venezuela and he and his chosen successor have not lost an election even though country went down toilet from being richest in south America so no proof of fraud there needs to be a real audit of last election and people go to JAIL where irregularities are found anyone says there was not fraud did not receive mail in ballots for dead family members “I” received 2 bet I was not supposed to be at the mail box… Read more »

Last edited 6 days ago by swmft
American Cynic

I’m not quite sure of the purpose of the Jan 6th ceremony to certify the electoral college vote, other than to rubberstamp the results. I’m not convinced that the framers of the Constitution left this process as vague or in need of interpretation, yet it does. You may not agree with me, but Jan 6th is an opportunity for the VP to question the vote, and return it to the states for a recount. Either you agree with that, or the entire charade is just that, a charade. If you interpret the Congress’ Congressional responsibility (which includes the Vice President)… Read more »

Last edited 7 days ago by American Cynic

I still remember the debacle with Al Gore and “The Hanging Chads” in Florida! I guess it all depends on who’s Ox is being gored! No pun intended!


537 votes. That was the margin between President Al Gore, and former presidential candidate Al Gore.

Your average shop steward could rig 537 votes without breaking a sweat.

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” — John Adams


You have no clue.


Trumps closest advisers have confirmed his motives in sworn testimony given under oath….
Our founder’s foresaw leader’s like him… In their wisdom, our constitution, as written, saved our democracy.




Give any GlowJobs today, fed?


Democracy ? LMAO


Multiple thumbs up.


I thin perhaps that you might have ingested way too many controlled substances over the years. It seems to have rearranged your brain cells!


Next up, it’s running gear will be hacked off.


We are a republic and because the election was stolen from Trump, we are in the mess we are in and there is no other excuse other than our current bumbler, liar and thief joe kamalatoe obiden is trying to invoke and force us into a NWO to enrich himself and strengthen his demoncrap buddies like hitlary, soros and bloomturd..


Yes, we are a republic. That does not make us any less a democracy.
Officially, our government is classified as a democratic republic.

Wild Bill

Just out of curiosity, who is the official that made the classification?


Try a government class…

Wild Bill

Already have. I am not saying that your conclusion is incorrect, but it is your conclusion. Not some classifying official to which you allude.


That’s the problem in a nut shell!


Try one you didn’t take under Biden’s desk.




Trump won. You stole it. What’s the S in Sfed for? Subversive? Saw a nice limerick for you.

Director Christopher Wray
Is open-secretly gay
In his red-carpet gown
He likes chowing down
On Joe Xiden below the beltway!

Captn John

That tree is in dire need of watering. It needs to happen very soon.


The Tyrant at present has a complicit Marxist news media to spread lies.
The Tyrant has corrupt Federal LE Depts. to intimidate and pervert the law.
The Tyrant also has NWO $Billionaires to buy favors,votes and govt.
Founders would approve the citizens advise the Tyrant and his minions politely to leave . These wise Founders would also expect the citizens to set things right again.


Good article


all they have is lies, deceit and slander because if they told everyone their true intentions they would only get very limited support. there are always those that suck up to power because they also crave it. although they are purging the senior officer ranks in the military of members that support our freedoms, the vast majority of the junior officer and enlisted remain committed to defending and supporting our country. they enlisted when they didn’t have to to serve their country. if they didn’t want to support it they would have stayed at home and rioted with the rest… Read more »

Monkey Mouse

The path we are on directly leads to Civil War, probably in the next 12 months based on current trajectory. I find it mind blowing that the liberal elites all have armed security and gated communities to keep them safe – yet the inner city poor are sitting ducks and still vote for these shitbags. One interesting thing the last 2 years – typical low gun ownership states (like my state of NJ) have embraced the 2A and have added millions of new gun owners since 2019. NJ as an example went from 1.5M owners to 2.5M in that period… Read more »


The growth in gun ownership in NJ is very encouraging. I have heard Democrats refer to guns as being like a virus. As it turns out, the symptoms of this “infection” include that the patient starts to take responsibility for more aspects of their lives, they may start to associate with “gun people” and realize that they are not monsters, but are some of the nicest, most conscientious, and best people one could meet. Finally, sooner or later, they abandon their delusions and denial, and stop voting for Democrats. This is basically my journey, but I know others who have… Read more »


FJB and the press both have zero credibility. Dysfunctional clown Biden should be answering for what he did to his daughter in the shower . The imposter and pervert does not belong on the oval office denying Americans our rights or ammo . FJB


Pick a side. No sitting on the sidelines. You will lose it all if you try to hold on to your job, home and 401k.


I’m on the right side of the constitution and 2A because I feel we are going to war soon inside our own country, the elites just don’t think we have the balls to hunt them down and give them true justice

2A Gun Guy

Our biggest threat to our freedom is the Biden Administration but, also the WHO (world health Org) and the WEF (world economic forum). Both seek Power and Control over the Free World. Both Organizations have Diplomatic Immunity that Must Be Removed, so they can Never Take Control Over Us!


On paper yes. But the bigger threat, why we never take turf even when we’re apparently in the majority, is letting traitors in our own tent:

“Cheap Labor” RINOs
Deep State
Unlimited-immigration LoLibertarians

They’re far more destructive than the obvious enemy outside.

Treason - Cicero.png

Add: Big Tech Rent Boys (e.g. Mike Lee) & Military Industrial Complex whores (e.g. 3/4 of “Republicans” who voted for $60B to Ukraine).

Judas Kiss.png

You had one down vote, I fixed it.


Many thanks!


It punished you for that. I reversed one DV. It’s quite the vindictive coward. LOL.


You forgot an apathetic and complacent citizenry.


Sad but true.


Don’t forget the U.N. They play an important role too trying to convert us to a third world nation.

Patriot Solutions

Phuk them and their reptilian all seeing eye and thier stupid pyramids. They can eat shit and die.


The left is full of hypocrisy as if it were invented by them. When courts rule in their favor, they embrace the decision, they gush over the sanctity and flaunt the foundation of the institution that is the final say. However when those decisions counter their agendas, they use time proven strategies to undo our cornerstone of liberty.
The left is on record redefining what the judicial branch limits should be according to them. Using deceit to sway a mob to destroy the Constitution is not beyond how far they will go to spew their tyranny.


are you sure it was not invented by a leftist, laziness is part of the human condition and has been around as far back as we can trace

Rob J

Apathy is a better descriptor. The belief that one needs not worry about something because it does not directly affect them or because someone else will take up the mantle of responsibility. Apathy is what has led the people away from the polls; “I live in a blue state” when less than 50% of those registered cast a ballot, “It’s all rigged” even though a non-politician was voted to office of President putting lie to this hypothesis, “Vote with your feet” rather than focusing on effecting change in their own backyards and effectively stripping support from those who find this… Read more »

Last edited 7 days ago by Rob J

You are absolutley correct on all counts. Now we need the apathetic to grow a set of balls and openly step up to the plate with the rest of us.