Biden Arms the World & Disarms Americans ~ VIDEO

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USA – -( Firearms are leverage. Often, they can be necessary defensive leverage when being attacked on the street, they can be leverage when someone breaks into your home, and they can be leverage when Governments become too powerful and abuse the citizens they represent. He who has the guns has the power. We often use the term “follow the money,” but in the case of politics, we may want to consider “following the power.”

Democrats in America admitted that they understand the “power” or “leverage” people have when they are in possession of firearms when Joe Biden and his Administration supplied Ukrainians with arms in their attempts to defend themselves against Russia.

Knowing that the Ukrainian Parliament approved an expansive law that would allow the military to arm local militias at Zelensky’s behest, the Biden Administration expedited the shipment of weapons to Ukraine.

The Biden Administration also conveniently left behind over $80b in equipment and arms after its disastrous retreat from Afghanistan. Arming the Ukrainians seemed to be a priority to this Administration, and “accidentally” arming the Taliban seemed almost intentional. Democrats understand the leverage firearms bring to the table, so why do you think they are hell-bent on criminalizing the possession of firearms by American Citizens? There is an outcry to remove AR-15s from the hands of Americans, but when it comes to giving the Taliban M-16s… not so much. When following the weapons, you must ask yourself what Democrats get from these two actions: Arming the enemy and disarming Americans.

Here is that infamous list of weapons left behind in Afghanistan after Joe Biden’s horrible retreat.

• 2,000 Armored Vehicles, Including Humvees and MRAPs
• 75,989 Total Vehicles: FMTV, M35, Ford Rangers, Ford F350, Ford Vans, Toyota Pickups, Armored Security Vehicles etc.
• 45 UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopters
• 50 MD530G Scout Attack Helicopters
• ScanEagle Military Drones
• 30 Military Version Cessnas
• 4 C-130s
• 29 Brazilian-made A-29 Super Tucano Ground Attack Aircraft
• Heavy Equipment, Including Bull Dozers, Backhoes, Dump Trucks, Excavators
• =208+ Aircraft Total
• At least 600,000+ Small arms M16, M249 SAWs, M24 Sniper Systems, 50 Calibers, 1,394 M203 Grenade Launchers, M134 Mini Gun, 20mm Gatling Guns and Ammunition
• 61,000 M203 Rounds
• 20,040 Grenades
• Howitzers
• Mortars +1,000’s of Rounds
• 162,000 pieces of Encrypted Military Communications Gear
• 16,000+ Night Vision Goggles
• Newest Technology Night Vision Scopes
• Thermal Scopes and Thermal Mono Googles
• 10,000 2.75 inch Air to Ground Rockets
• Reconnaissance Equipment (ISR)
• Laser Aiming Units
• Explosives Ordnance C-4, Semtex, Detonators, Shaped Charges, Thermite, Incendiaries, AP/API/APIT
• 2,520 Bombs
• Administration Encrypted Cell Phones and Laptops ALL operational
• Pallets with Millions of Dollars in US Currency
• Millions of Rounds of Ammunition including but not limited to 20,150,600 rounds of 7.62mm, 9,000,000 rounds of 50. caliber
• Large Stockpile of Plate Carriers and Body Armor
• US Military HIIDE, for Handheld Interagency Identity Detection Equipment Biometrics

So while Joe Biden is giving American taxpayer money to Ukraine for weaponry and leaving tens of billions of dollars in military gear to a terrorist organization, he recently signed into law the “Safer Communities Act,” which focuses on giving States $750m as an incentive for them to implement “Red Flag Laws.” Red Flag Laws allow for the confiscation of guns from American citizens without due process. Democrats seem clear about who they want to have guns and who they don’t.

The 2nd Amendment is not a privilege. It’s your right.
Dan Wos
Author – Good Gun Bad Guy
Host – The Loaded Mic

About Dan Wos, Author – Good Gun Bad Guy

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Dan Wos is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment advocate and Author of the “GOOD GUN BAD GUY” series. He speaks at events, is a contributing writer for many publications, and can be found on radio stations across the country. Dan has been a guest on the Sean Hannity Show, NRATV, and several others. Speaking on behalf of gun-rights, Dan exposes the strategies of the anti-gun crowd and explains their mission to disarm law-abiding American gun-owners.

Dan Wos
Dan Wos
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Is Joe Biden guilty of criminal conduct and treason ? He would have to charged & arrested some say yes others no So at this time Joe Biden is not guilty of anything because the legal process has not commenced.Joe Biden is just a pawn in this entire scenario. Absolutely YES. The definition of treason is “giving aid and comfort to the enemy.” Joe gave over a billion dollars of weapons plus around $100 million to the Taliban. He also allowed lists of US citizens and friendly Afghan people to fall into their hands. How much worse could it get?… Read more »


Why not? She will be even more ineffective than Biden, and we need him out of office so that the wheels of justice can move forward. The government keeps wasting our tax dollars talking about what to do in the event we are attacked by nuclear weapons. Sounds sorta like the fifties and sixties and we are in much worse condition than we were then. I say let’s get it done right after the midterms.


Oldvet… agreed, but at this time I would say it would be really neat to have the Dems 25th ammendment him. Then the Kameltoe gets impeached right after the elections! I figure it won’t happen, but I would enjoy going there, just for the sake of our Republic.

Wild Bill

I’d buy tickets to see that!


Lumber is too expensive.


I agree, but I don’t know how WE could do that. I guess we all can say NO!, and accept the consequences for our actions, which might be the match that lights the fuse. Either way, you are right.I pray that the People would say No! Not on our watch!


It’s our duty to say “NO! Not On OUR Watch!”


Just watch CONTAGION (2011) Lawrence Fishburn, Matt Damno, Gwenyth Paltrow, and others. If you haven’t already seen it, WATCH IT! If you don’t come away pissed off, or don’t see the masses across the globe as mindless idiots, then I feel for you.


Then Polosie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You cannot be a sitting President if you are an idiot. No, wait? An alcoholic. No, wait? A white collar criminal involved in insider-trading… No? Wait? What the hell?

Big George

…we need him out of office so that the wheels of justice can move forward…
You’re dreaming if you really think FJB is running the U.S.! It’s Susan Rice, Piglossi and Ron Klain, or Obummer’s 3rd. term rehashed who are pulling his strings!


I am not dreaming at all. We know it’s not Biden and it could be part and parcel of those people you name. I believe the CCP is doing it and they have enough on Obiden that even the Dems will not support him if it becomes completely obvious to the Morons on Capital Hill. The Administration is playing with the fuse on a big fat bomb, right now, and if they get caught that bomb might just go off. Now, who is Ray Epps?


Six day ago The Biden administration sold roughly one million barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to a Chinese state-controlled gas giant that continues to purchase Russian oil, a move the Energy Department said would “support American consumers” and combat “Putin’s price hike.” Biden’s Energy Department in April announced the sale of 950,000 Strategic Petroleum Reserve barrels to Unipec, the trading arm of the China Petrochemical Corporation. That company, which is commonly known as Sinopec, is wholly owned by the Chinese government. The Biden administration claimed the move would “address the pain Americans are feeling at the pump” and “help lower energy costs.” More than… Read more »


All of this is subject to impeachment for Biden. Too bad he doesn’t get it. His puppet masters figure we won’t, tho.


The den of rat controls the courts congress and now attacks the supreme court. The Biden administration has made a deal with Iran that all Republicans no nothing about. We sanctioned Russia for the Ukraine war I belive that was illegal as we as a country are not at war with Russia and they do not belong to Nato. Just think if was done to the United States !!! Today we supply middle eastern countries with weapons that go to Russia while Biden begs for oil. This after he sold the strategic reserve this month.,While americans hurt more each day… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by john

Realize, the Administration isn’t the problem. It’s the dumb asses that VOTE for those dumb asses that are the problem. WHEN are WE, The People going to wake up and realize that and put the blame where it truly belongs?


That ain’t gonna happen with so many Veterans still alive, locked and loaded. Even the apathetic ones would at least fart in the right direction.


Treason the question is how many & who as Joe Biden can no longer think for himself. The Biden family’s rampant self-dealing, bribery and influence-peddling around the world is as shameless as it is obvious. Nobody even disputes the evidence anymore. Instead, they simply claim that it is “old news.” Article 3 of the U.S. Constitution states that the legal standard for convicting a person of treason “shall consist only in levying war against [the U.S.], or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.” Joe Biden has crossed a line. He has taken oil from our nation’s strategic reserve… Read more »


Just as they blame the GUN and NOT the shooter, just WHO put this jackass in office?

Dogma Factor

What’s not stated in this article is a lot of high tech stuff has made it’s way across the border to China for reverse engineering. Encryption, targeting systems, night vision technology and more are now in Chinese hands.

Wild Bill

If Congress would ban Chinese produced products from interstate commerce this would all go away.


Bill? C’mon? Wut haff-wit thet wuz edakated in The United States wud hav the brian sells to devlup and produss ANY of the high tech items we want, need, enjoy? (Typos added for intellectual enjoyment) And yes, I am stating that common every day slave laborer in China is 10 times as smart as our average high school educated “persons” that are more concerned about if the should pee standing up, sitting down or while standing on their head or hide in a safe place because someone hurt their feelings.

Last edited 1 year ago by USMC0351Grunt

Now THERE is a spot for BOYCOTT!


“Politicians with laws never stop bad guys with guns.
They only control the good guys, which is their true agenda.” – StLPro2A

“That is why our masters in Washington are so anxious to disarm us. They are not afraid of criminals. They are afraid of a populace which cannot be subdued by tyrants. ” – late Col Jeff Cooper. 

Last edited 1 year ago by StLPro2A

Dementia-addled, corrupt, arrogant while almost always making the wrong decision or claim, and currently nothing but a diaper-wearing pants-messing puppet of the Left, Biden has committed treason, surrendered our sovereign borders, armed the terrorists, funded an invasion of America with US tax dollars, taken millions from China, the mayor of Moscow, and Ukraine, closed thousands of middle class businesses and responsible for unimaginable numbers of dead US citizens. He deserves the gallows, a hundred times over,


No, he deserves to be shot, publicly on the White House lawn along with any other enablers that took part in these treasonous acts.But, as you stated, he has mental issues which covers his actions under the HIPPA Act. HOWEVER, if WE, The People get up off our apathetic asses and surround the Whitehouse (WITHOUT dressing up in costume like you’re RAMBO or think your hoot-tooting after playing 20 years of video games give you ANY professional training) and JUST STAND THERE. EVERY liberty loving American. Show up and JUST STAND THERE! As well the news might report of the… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by USMC0351Grunt
Wild Bill

They are hoping that all the blame will go with him. They are pushing the line that he is the cause of the problems rather than his policies are the cause of the problems.


Yep. Of course, Democratic Communism had NOTHING to do with it. Or the fact that they chose him!


Then if THIS is the case, they need to back off of the persecution of everyone that worked with or supported President Trump!

Last edited 1 year ago by USMC0351Grunt
Yote Hunter

Pathetic act of TREASON.
Even more valuable: Biden sold out the blood of all our sons and daughters who gave their lives to free Afghanistan of the Taliban.
Yet Biden remains absolutely shameless.
Great Democrat!


We will probably be able to start recovering those weapons as they begin to filter across our southern border. The ATF’s “Back Door Fast and Furious” campaign.