OR Anti-Gunners Deliver Petitions; OFF Says Measure Makes Compliance Impossible

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An anti-magazine initiative in Oregon could make it onto the November ballot. IMG Jim Grant

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- Oregon state workers in the Secretary of State’s office have until Aug. 7 to confirm whether a gun prohibition activist group gathered enough valid signatures to put gun control Initiative Petition 17 on the November ballot, which gun rights advocate Kevin Starrett says will make it impossible for people to comply.

Starrett, who heads the Oregon Firearms Federation (OFF), spoke with Ammoland News via telephone. He said local law enforcement agencies with which he has spoken or communicated with via email “have any plans to provide for the mandatory (safety) classes.”

The measure, sponsored by “Lift Every Voice Oregon,” reportedly gathered nearly 160,000 signatures. It would outlaw so-called “large capacity magazines” and require Oregon citizens to obtain a permit to purchase a firearm, but only after going through a restrictive process that includes safety training by an instructor certified by a law enforcement agency. The training includes an “In-person demonstration of the applicant’s ability to lock, load, unload, fire and store a firearm before an instructor certified by a law enforcement agency.”

IP17, according to Starrett, will put a financial and logistical burden on sheriffs and police departments they will not be able to meet because of the requirement that applicants for a permit to purchase a firearm complete the training and background checks.

Requiring a permit to purchase could run into a constitutional challenge, same as did New York’s now-nullified “good cause” requirement to get a concealed carry permit.

The other problem with requiring a permit to purchase is that police agencies can become lethargic about approving purchase permit applications. A few years ago in New Jersey, that cost a woman her life.

Carol Bowne, a resident of Berlin Township, had applied for a purchase permit because she feared an ex-boyfriend. The local police agency dragged its feet and Bowne was brutally murdered in her driveway by the former boyfriend, who subsequently hanged himself.

Starrett also argues in an OFF communique that IP17 is “an overtly racist ballot measure” because minorities, who are apprehensive to approach law enforcement, will be reflexively discouraged from exercising their rights. Combined with the costs of a purchase permit and the training, if the measure becomes law, minorities and low-income Oregon citizens would be the first to suffer.

“That’s clearly the intention,” Starrett asserted. “To make it impossible.”

In the OFF newsletter, Starrett wrote, “The measure does not address who must, or can, provide live fire shooting facilities or what they may charge for their use. The Multnomah County Sheriff has stated they areunable to speculate or comment on what MCSO will or will not be providing if this initiative becomes law.” 

He added this: “But urban minorities will not be the only people who will find the legal purchase of a firearm almost impossible.  Many smaller police departments and sheriffs do not have their own shooting facilities and rely on private gun clubs to train. Most rural sheriffs are grossly underfunded and undermanned. There is nothing in the measure that defines what is required to be “authorized” by law enforcement. But no matter who is approved, they will need access to a firing range to even begin this process.

“The personal information of anyone attempting to purchase a firearm will be collected in a publicly available database,” the OFF advisory said.

Starrett is also perturbed that Oregon media “are completely in the tank” with a bias favoring the initiative. One article, in Willamette Week by a reporter who rode in a school bus from Portland to Salem along with the gun control group, underscores Starrett’s media mistrust.

OFF on Friday issued a bulletin noting, “For each ballot measure to be voted on at the General Election, the explanatory statement committee is responsible for preparing an impartial, simple, and understandable statement explaining the measure, not to exceed 500 words. Upon completion of this task the statement is filed with the Secretary of State Elections Division, so that a public hearing on the statement may be scheduled. If a statement receives comments during the public hearing, the explanatory statement committee must meet to review comments and consider revisions to the statement.”

“For ballot measure 17, the gun ban ballot measure, the committee will include Elizabeth McKenna, Margaret Olny, and HK Kahng,” OFF said. “McKenna is one of largest donors and lenders to the measure. (The ACLU also donated $10,000.00.) Olny is a lawyer who regularly works for left wing causes.

“Kahng’s Linkedin page lists him as “Web developer and infrastructure wiz, eager to create, launch and nurture applications that help build organizations and communities by facilitating collaboration , streamlining processes and sharing knowledge,” OFF said.

Over the past several years, Oregon and neighboring Washington have become hotbeds of anti-gun political activity, at least along the I-5 corridors between Portland and Salem, and Seattle to Olympia. Gun owners, who have a history of lethargy when it comes to voting unless there is a ballot issue directly affecting them, will need to turn out big time south of the Columbia River if IP17 makes it onto the November ballot.

In Washington, there will not be any initiative measures on the ballot this fall, but that should not be taken as notice of surrender. Watch for a storm of activity in 2024 when the presidential election is bound to bring Northwest liberals out to vote.

About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at TheGunMag.com and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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As a former Oregonian and 34 year Texan, I feel for my former state. Oregon was invaded by California during the late 70s thru the ’90s and has become a Left Wing sewer. Such a sad end for a once great State. So sad.


Now Texas is being invaded by Californians & Oregonians. Oregon’s problem isn’t just Californians. It’s mass immigration & anchor babies.

Last edited 26 days ago by Russn8r

At least you’re in Texas now! “Texas,like a whole other country” !


Duh HUH! Remind me where this happened, TEX, and who brought ATFBI in.

ATFBI collage.png

Oregon used to be a nice, center-right place to live. Beautiful state and good people. Unfortunately, the spotted owl issue ruined a lot of middle-class workers. Housing collapsed and people from California cashed in their overpriced houses and moved to Oregon, bringing their warped progressive politics with them. It’s a shame.


So true


I haven’t been calling it OreGONEISTAN just to whine, it’s fact, this place has become a kommie state. Something not mentioned is that this bill covers semi auto shotguns because they hold more than 5 rounds and they want to make them illegal. What I don’t understand is what shooting took place where a shotgun like this was used. I never heard about it. It’s always AR no matter what it was and then later the mass media might clarify it. Well, I bought my 10mm the other day because of this, I guess now it is time to buy… Read more »


Music,I know that moving to another state can be a pain in the ass but you might consider getting out of Oregon.


I am way beyond it and I will probably buy property next year. I know it won’t be in OreGONE. Too bad, the land is beautiful, love the weather and the people around me but the people up north keep screwing it up for the rest of us. They are mostly, kommiefornia and other state transplants. Our own bysexual bitch governess isn’t even an orgoneian.


If we run, they win.


Yes, but if you hang with it you have allot of money spent that you can no longer use. No mags past 10, no AR anywhere but your house, if you can shoot there, and the shooting range but it will still be against the law to have a loaded mag in your truck. I have a CCW and the rules read as it will not matter. I wonder if law enforcement is going to be on the list of people that bought guns with the rest of us. I didn’t see an exemption. So, if you stay they still… Read more »


This one isn’t too hard to see through! First they want to defund or completely eliminate the police, and then they want to overload the police with a burden they don’t need!


I need to be trained by cops. So what makes them such officials on training. Who trained them? It’s bullshit. The gun associations can do this we don’t need law enforcement that will have to do the job and no mention of funding is in the bill. Probably because they plan on paying for it with your money obtained illegally trying to make it harder for you to obtain a gun.


Make sure it is not NYC police doing the training. A while ago several NYC officers shot at a fleeing criminal. They hit multiple bystanders but did not hit the criminal once. Police in general are not that proficient. My brother was in the Air Force military police. He we were home on leave at the same time. We did some shooting, I had a turn with his 9mm colt and shot better with it than he did. Look at many accounts where police fire dozens of rounds and very few hit their target.


I know what you mean. I watched footage at night of a police shooting with two cops. They dump the mags. You could see sparks off the cement the kid was standing on that were 2feet away. Out of 20 rounds I think they hit him 8 times.


The local police agency dragged its feet and Bowne was brutally murdered in her driveway. A right delayed is a right denied…

Rob J

Dean you hit the nail on the head! “Gun owners, who have a history of lethargy when it comes to voting unless there is a ballot issue directly affecting them” is the very definition of firearm owner apathy and will remain the biggest threat to firearm ownership. Turn out to the polls in WA and OR are historically anemic (71% of registered voters in WA accounted for the 3.09M votes out of a 7.8M population on the last firearms related ballot issue in WA with approximately 90% of eligible citizens registered). Washingtons public initiative programs are broken and purchased by… Read more »

Rob J

My sincerest apologies Dave! One of the rate occasions I failed to proof before and after posting.

That is the truth of it, too many are convinced their vote does not count. It is extremely distressing to hear this excuse being used, then seeing vote counts being decided by small margins at both county and statewide levels.

I often hear that a vote cast for a third party is a wasted vote, but I daresay that a vote not cast is the true waste.

Last edited 27 days ago by Rob J
Patriot Solutions

I get 7 mpg and there is no smog on my 351 Roller Block. Still today I put super in it. I am ungovernable.

Last edited 28 days ago by Patriot Solutions

That’s what I used to get in my 3/4 ton with the camper, horse trailer and horses. 1978. My dodge used to get 17mpg out on the freeway with a 318 before smog laws came into play. Now, kate shit stain brown governor has made us put corn oil in our fuel. Every vehicle I drive is now getting 4 mpg less than it did before she messed with the fuel and the gas does not keep as well either.



Good for you. Fine engineering is a wonderful thing and has brought us to where we are today.