Navy Arms Offering World War II No. 4 MK 1 Enfield Rifles

Navy Arms SMLE No4 Mk 1
World War II-dated Navy Arms SMLE No4 Mk 1. IMG Navy Arms

U.S.A. -( Navy Arms, a historical firearms importer, and replica manufacturer has secured World War II dated Enfield #4 Mark 1 rifles in .303 British!

Since it was founded in the 1950s, Navy Arms has imported millions of surplus firearms from around the world, including highly collectible military sniper rifles of the 20th Century.

The Enfield #4 Mark 1 rifles were provided to French resistance fighters and commandos and helped liberate Europe from Nazi occupation. These guns were dropped by parachute by the thousands into France by the Allies in large metal pods. These guns were purchased directly from the French Government, which had them stored in deep underground caves in Southern France.

Each rifle comes with the original World War II-issued sling still on the rifles! (This is how they were stored, having never taken them off). All rifles have the #4 Mk II style stamped rear sight, bores are excellent with little to no wear and no pitting, bright and shiny!

Wood is original walnut, with no cracks, with original finish and inspection marks/cartouches intact with both brass and zinc buttplate (examples are available). The guns had been stored with the bolts and magazines removed.  Navy Arms painstakingly matched up as many bolts to their original guns using the serial numbers on the bolts to do so and has guns with both matching serial number bolts and guns that do not have matching serial numbers.   The original magazines could not be located.

“The French government had stored these guns without the magazines over 75 years ago deep inside underground caves, and in that time had misplaced the magazines,” says Val Forgett, President of Navy Arms. “Each rifle comes with a Navy Arms Parker-Hale reproduction magazine made in the identical style as the originals. These are truly exceptional examples of World War II Enfield #4 Mk 1 rifles. There is a very limited supply, do not miss out on adding this unique example to your collection.”

There are several different options on these rifles to pick from, and all are available for sale through Old Western Scrounger online at, or contact your local dealer to arrange purchase through Navy Arms distribution network.

About Navy Arms

The Navy Arms story is very much the story of America — a big idea borne from humble beginnings, leading to great successes, then overcoming challenges through an enduring commitment to quality and service.

Since 1957 when my father began Navy Arms from an old, dilapidated bank building in Bogota, New Jersey, Navy Arms has changed the face of the firearms industry. While most famous for being the “Father of the Replica Firearms Industry,” his contributions to the field of firearms in his 72 years on this planet is genuinely extraordinary.

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A great example of normalcy bias. “I remember when these were $200!” not any more. The dollar is plummeting in value and your buying power is deteriorating more each day. We will never “get back to normal”, and we will be lucky if we can maintain our republic without a catastrophic civil war.


I dunno what the #1s went for. I paid $80/for my #2 in like ’01.
Stuff has been insane for a while. We were getting mosins for like $50,/now they’re $300. When I got my mak90 for $300 in 07 I could get 1k rounds for like $100. Hah. Good ole days, eh?

Wild Bill

Yes, our enemies world wide are planning to knock the dollar off of its status as the world’s reserve currency. Biden is helping them.
What we, as individuals, can do is make the dollar more scarce by bringing cash home from the bank. Fewer dollars the greater the demand for dollars.


reality check that happened when we went off gold standard, being able to print unlimited currency ,and not produce anything regulates it to trash .


Quite a premium for the story


Looks like anywhere from 1,000.00 to 1400.00


And the price is…..???? There may be a good reason the cost is not included in the article.