Arrest of Marine Corps Veteran Highlights Need for National CCW Reciprocity

GOA Files New Case Against New York's CCIA, iStock-697763642
Arrest of Marine Corps Veteran Highlights Need for National CCW Reciprocity, iStock-697763642

U.S.A.-( Firearms have been part of Lloyd Muldrow’s life since 1982 when he enlisted as an infantryman in the United States Marine Corp. After 15 years, he joined the Army, where he served an additional six years. Nowadays, Muldrow works as a private security officer for the Naval Security Forces in Norfolk, Virginia, where he is licensed to carry a concealed firearm.

To be clear, Muldrow, 58, is a highly trained, experienced armed professional.

Unfortunately, none of this mattered to Baltimore Police. Muldrow now faces up to a year in prison, thousands of dollars in fines and legal fees, and the loss of employment and his gun rights, all because he saved a friend’s life and quite possibly prevented a mass shooting.

Events began last Fourth of July when Muldrow joined friends and family at a private social club in Baltimore.

He knew something was wrong as he walked toward the club. People were screaming and running out the door. Once inside, he saw that one of his friends was being pistol-whipped. There was so much blood it looked as though his friend had been shot in the head.

“I immediately went into action,” Muldrow said Wednesday. “I struck the assailant and took him down, slid the gun out of his hand and held him on the floor until police arrived.”

“Where’s the gun?” an officer asked Muldrow, according to police bodycam footage of the incident.

“Mine is on my hip,” Muldrow said, twice, volunteering that he was armed. An officer took custody of his weapon and the assailant’s, which Muldrow recalls was possibly a Glock.

“Initially, the police thanked me because they didn’t have to shoot him,” Muldrow said. But a police supervisor arrived within minutes and was told Muldrow had a concealed-carry permit from Virginia, which is not recognized by Maryland, even though Virginia offers Maryland concealed carriers reciprocity and honors their permits.

“That don’t work,” he recalls the police sergeant saying. “Lock him up.”

Muldrow was charged with illegally carrying a concealed weapon in the state of Maryland within 100 feet of an establishment that serves alcohol. Though a misdemeanor, he faces up to a year in prison, a year of probation, a $1,000 fine and the loss of his gun rights for a year, which will likely lead to a loss of his licensed security job. The charges the real bad guy faces are not known. Baltimore Police did not respond to requests for comment for this story.

Muldrow pleaded not guilty to the charge. His case is pending. A Give Send Go account has been established to help with expenses. So far, it has raised $40,000 of its $100,000 goal.

After his arrest, Muldrow spent 18 hours in jail.

“It was the worst 18 hours of my life,” he said. “But the police were really grateful and thankful, and they laid out the red carpet all the way to the jailhouse.”

One of the medics at the scene was caught on the bodycam footage questioning police about Muldrow’s arrest. Officers told him to lobby lawmakers for “open carry,” even though reciprocity with other states’ CCW permits or constitutional carry would have been better options.


Nowadays, murders are commonplace in Baltimore.

The city has had 260 reported homicides so far this year, according to an online homicide tracker created by the Baltimore Sun.

Baltimore’s National Public Radio affiliate publishes the names of each murder victim, a list which is updated every single day.

The first half of 2022 was the deadliest in the city’s history, according to the Baltimore Banner. There were more than 41 killings just in June. Thirty-five of the victims were African-American.

Baltimore Police solved just four of the 41 murders – an abysmal clearance rate of 9 percent.

By comparison, according to the Murder Accountability Project, of the more than 980,000 murders that have occurred in the United States from 1965 to 2021, the clearance rate is 65 percent.


There are some who will say that all of this is Muldrow’s fault because he didn’t know or didn’t follow the limitations of his concealed-carry permit. But these are folks who have never been to Baltimore.

Baltimore Police don’t control the city’s streets. The drug crews do. Police in Baltimore are tourists. They patrol the neighborhoods as best they can, and they come when called. But the drug crews live there, and the residents know it.

Police and prosecutors have always had a hard time gaining the trust of the good folk in the city. Arresting a good guy with a gun – a real hero – certainly won’t help. Witnesses will be even more reluctant to come forward, and homicide clearance rates will plummet even lower.

Baltimore Police currently operates under a federal consent decree with the U.S. Department of Justice. Things got so bad that the feds took over and established an independent monitoring team, which sets deadlines for major reforms within the police department. Muldrow’s arrest proves they have a long way to go.

Of course, national concealed-carry reciprocity or constitutional carry would have prevented Muldrow’s arrest, but these civil rights reforms are unlikely to happen anytime soon, given the Biden-Harris Administration’s strong antipathy toward guns, gun owners, and gun rights.

In my humble opinion, Mr. Muldrow’s arrest should have been stopped before it ever started by the police officers who responded to the scene. While he may have violated the letter of the law, Muldrow certainly didn’t violate the spirit of the law. Patrol officers have discretion, and they should have exercised some of it in this case.

Lloyd Muldrow saved a least one life and quite possibly a few more. He deserves a medal, not criminal charges. Police and prosecutors need to admit that a mistake was made, drop all charges, and give his pistol back. Not only would the law-abiding residents of the beleaguered city cheer the decision. It’s the right thing to do.

This story is presented by the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project and wouldn’t be possible without you. Please click here to make a tax-deductible donation to support more pro-gun stories like this.

About Lee Williams

Lee Williams, who is also known as “The Gun Writer,” is the chief editor of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project. Until recently, he was also an editor for a daily newspaper in Florida. Before becoming an editor, Lee was an investigative reporter at newspapers in three states and a U.S. Territory. Before becoming a journalist, he worked as a police officer. Before becoming a cop, Lee served in the Army. He’s earned more than a dozen national journalism awards as a reporter, and three medals of valor as a cop. Lee is an avid tactical shooter.

Lee Williams

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Sounds like the responding cops had everything under control and wanted to cut him loose. Everything went south when they called in for that damn by the book, no common sense supervisor. This type of bullshit has to stop.


Almost agree. The by the book dude was just doing my job man. He is needed to keep things on an equal plane and on track showing no favoritism or leniency for anyone or anything. The problem is the people that allow laws like this to be in place and not change them to be what they should be and they are the real problem. If the shitty law didn’t exist, he would not have to enforce it and it is not his position to determine who it gets enforced against or not because he has no discretion. That is… Read more »


You ALWAYS have discretion.. It about doing what is right…. No one can say in their heart arresting this hero over a paperwork misdemeanor was the right thing….Clearly, he is a Good citizen that made a small mistake, you don’t throw him in jail..

Last edited 3 months ago by Cobia

Ok, it is obvious you haven’t worked in state or federal service. If the bad guy in your eyes used discretion he does not have and let this guy go he could have lost his job.

The discretion on this comes from the upper chain of command.


To those of you who are down voting me and not stepping up and saying something, tell me what state or federal service you worked for. I know you didn’t and if you did and they allowed someone like this officer to use discretion to break the laws or rules then it was a small-time outfit. Not the US military or a State agency but I could see a county or city agency doing so in a small town, not the big shitty. My point is that the supervisor did his job and that is why he is the supervisor.… Read more »


I knew when I wrote it, I would receive allot of backlash from the community. It’s ok, I have never been the popular guy, the well-liked guy or the important guy but I have always been the dependable guy and the person that others seek out when it comes to relationship information or money and promoted to the guy in charge because I always differentiated the difference between what is required and what has discretion based on rules and regulation, not feeling. I bet like me, the stupidvisor did his job and hated the fact that he had to do… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by musicman44mag

MM44…. Actually, the popular guy is exactly what you are. Everybody knows that.. I don’t know what I would do if I looked at the comment log one day and didn’t see mm44…. seems like you’re a pretty important guy to me then.. I understood what you’re saying… But the arresting officers mostly do have discretion..I most cases…it depends on what it is. One thing that a lot of people in state and federal service seem to forget about their time, either while in service; or in retrospect… “It all in how you write the report.” It’s one of the… Read more »


You Sir, missed the point of your Oath. Having served almost 30 years in military, mine was to the Constitution, not the book of rule and regulations and not to bureaucratical leaders. Period. Leaders have to make tough decision and oftentimes, they aren’t “by the book”; it’s called using discretion and that’s what that Baltimore bureaucratic supervisor failed to do. To serve and protect, not to arrest without thinking…


Wrong, they had discretion and decided against it. We need peacemakers not street lawyers. Stupid or bad laws aren’t an excuse to ignore using discretion. We need more Constitutional critical thinkers in law enforcement rather than by-the-book bureaucrats.

Watch um

I agree 100% it seems the police who work patrol have some brains but the supervisor is an asshole


Ok, it is obvious you haven’t worked in state or federal service. If the bad guy in your eyes used discretion he does not have and let this guy go he could have lost his job.

The discretion on this comes from the upper chain of command.


By the way, the supervisor that is an asshole at one time was a patrolman. He was selected out of a group of applicants for this position for a reason and the reason is that he would do his job without discretion and leave that to the upper echelon. You know management always needs to be in control. Management views him as a patrolman with just a little more power but not enough to be an equal or a threat.


Another takeaway. Unless the police ask you point blank about YOUR gun, keep your mouth shut about it.


100% agree. Out of sight, out of mind.


Don’t bet the farm on it. I’ve seen it first hand.


Maryland has been lost to communist and Balitmore is a shithole that no one should visit. FJB and all Democrats !


Never debate your 2A authorization with badge pushers. To them, you’ll NEVER be trained enough. You’ll NEVER be safe enough and you’ll certainly never be legal enough. Not even a US Marine in an infantry battalion. Because when it comes to guns, rights and laws, little johnny ticket book knows everything. Nobody else knows nothing.


As a retired cop, I will say try not to paint with a wide brush and judge us all based on a few..I always gave 2a supporters a break from traffic tickets to other potential violations because I KNEW they were good people and not part of the problem..


Same here, but for every one of those like us, sadly there is an increasing number of the other kind. They grow in number with each passing day.


The Baltimore DA is a radical Leftist that would love to hang this patriot out to dry !


My sister served in Baltimore, some place called Ft. Hollibird I think.
Anyway, she a some of the others called it “Spearchucker Neighborhood”. I gathered it wasn’t the nicest of places.


We don’t need CCW reciprocity. CCW permits shouldn’t even exist. What we need is government thugs to stop being thugs and honor their oath to the constitution. We need them to do the job they were intended to do which is safeguard the rights of the people. Instead, they’ve become nothing more than enforcers of the state.


Beyond the unlawfulness of the gun laws (criminalization of mere peaceful acts), and lack of reciprocity, it appears to me that no case such as this should make it to court for the simple reason that Muldrow had no “mens rea”; which should still be held as the prerequisite for any criminal charges.


As a 32 year retired beat cop that was just wrong of them to arrest a hero stepping up.. Very disappointed in that supervisor.. Sometimes doing the right thing ain’t always doing the right thing…This is one of those times..

Last edited 3 months ago by Cobia

What a crock of shit. This is the reason I don’t travel to states that don’t have reciprocity. I am embarrassed that Oregon doesn’t recognize other states and surprised that some states recognize ours. The wife and I renewed our Oregoneistan permits yesterday. Next year will be Utah and I still need to get one for Nevada or New Mexico so I have most of our country covered. It’s ridiculous that I have to jump through so many hoops and pay so much money to be approved for various states passing the same background check in each one. This poor… Read more »

Doug G.

Sadly, I think Baltimore City has a Soros backed Prosecutor. So you won’t find relief there. Probably another reason why the Supervisor did what he did. The misdemeanor charge may have been all the break the cops could give. What if they charged the guy under Federal gun laws? Automatic 5 yrs in prison, not jail, as we’ve seen out of NY. Dems run that city thru and thru and always have. It’s why it is in such ruin. The laws won’t change until the ruling Party changes and that requires the ppl. to vote them out. Which they haven’t… Read more »


A town/city/state can’t charge someone under federal laws. If they could they would have to try the case in federal court and the conflicts taking that off of the table never end. It’s similar to how states aren’t supposed to enforce federal immigration laws. Jurisdiction and all that stuff.


His first mistake…..was going to Baltimore.
Never visit sh*t-hole cities, for any reason.


Not to take pleasure in another’s suffering, this is a PERFECT case to rise straight to SCOTUS Re: national reciprocity.


I hope you are right. Another thing that would help is if people stand up and raise a stink about how unfair and unjust this is complaining to the proper people. Why isn’t fox news and others putting this on air so it gets the attention that it deserves is another big question. It blows me away that he didn’t even draw his gun yet he is in trouble for having one! He will challenge it in court if the DA decides to press charges. Let’s hope he gets common sense people as a jury if it does happen. Too… Read more »


OK, if you are intellectually handicapped by the possession of a law degree you might not grasp this concept. But I will press on. Our Founding generation anticipated this kind of local tyranny as they were drafting the Constitution. They wrote volumes about the power of the jury as the final arbiter in criminal and civil justice. The wisdom of the common citizen is the ultimate authority and not statute or case law. There is a concept called jury nullification that SHOULD come in to play in cases like this because obviously the application of this fundamentally unconstitutional law is… Read more »


In the 80s, I was Federal LEO working on the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force. In order to carry my weapon on the job, I had to sit for a state permit with the state police.


Oh, forget to mention that was in Baltimore


“they’re not going to go around with confiscation orders, they won’t abide those orders.”

Hahahahahahaha. Sure.

“Lock him up”, sounds a lot like…

“Blow the safe”….

Well it doesn’t matter, we’ve already opened Pandora’s box… HA!, You know it’s funny, the grandmother used to have a dress shop called Pandora’s box…


It’s a possibility just as much as the supervisor was just doing his job or an ass. We don’t know what their requirements are based on rules and regulations and to assume that the stupidvisor is an ass is wrong.

I hate it when people base their opinion on feeling not knowing the facts. We all know what is right and wrong but doing what is right is not always available or an option and to speculate that it is automatically without knowing is just plain wrong.


Never underestimate the stupidity of blue state DA’s.


I am so glad that President Trump was for Nationwide Reciprocity and pushed to make that happen while he was in office between his wh-re scandals. Oh, wait….


Agreed He was exercising his constitutional rights, Commie DA don’t care and yes they are that stupid; bought and paid for by the Nazi sympathizer soros. To your second point, probably not, he will be falsely indicted and incarcerated for doing the right. He will be sent to the internment gulag where the other Jan 6 “insurrectionists” are currently languishing. (US gubs version of the Hanoi Hilton). This marine committed “several wrongs”: acting in defense of others, openly carrying legally (guessing POS was not), not pulling his weapon and double tapping said POS in the head, and willing admitting to… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by macdog
Xaun Loc

Say, Mr 3%er, have I got a deal for you! I’ve got this really nice bridge back in my hometown of Brooklyn, it’s in great condition, and I can let you have it for a really good price. You’re obviously the kind of person who would appreciate a good deal on this excellent bridge.

AZ Lefty

since we do not have national reciprocity; perhaps it would be a good idea to not break the law like he did. Remember illegal is illegal


We do. It’s called the Second Amendment. Maybe some Maryland officials need to be impeached, removed from office, and possibly jailed since they can’t seem to follow the supreme law of the land. Illegal is indeed illegal.


The idiot lefty appears again from under the rock and gets it wrong again.


I think all of your suggestions should be applied.

Wild Bill

Yes, you are quite right. To put it another way, we already have national reciprocity … the Second Amendment.


If only it worked that way.

Dry gulched

When you’re getinng your melon stoved in by a felon in a gun free zone and I walk by, armed, I’ll just have to tell ya, “Nope. Remember illegal is illegal, Lefty.”


Gun free meaning target rich environment? Maybe lefty will get it with skateboard by a felon with similar beliefs while expressing his views during a “non riot”


I carry very concealed everywhere I go, with the exceptions of Govt buildings, schools, and anywhere with metal detectors and security searching you. I was a cop for 10 yrs and have seen all the evil that people do to each other. I am NOT going to be a victim. My goal when I leave my home is to return to my home. I’m never going to be the aggressor, but I will fight to the death to protect my wife, (beware of the quiet ones). Remember, illegal don’t mean sh*t if you’re dead. Like the old saying goes “Better… Read more »


Trussman like you, after 32 years as a beat cop , I have seen much evil. I am always armed and don’t blame ANY citizen for being armed… This man was not a felon and had no intent to commit any crime…ALL factors shoukd be considered before making an arrest..

Last edited 3 months ago by Cobia

Let me know when all those Democrats that break the law get prosecuted ? Tell that illegal is illegal crap to the ATF when it applies to Hunter Biden and his falsifying his 4473 application . You obviously live in an alternative reality thier delusional AZ lefty .


You sound just like the type that said “ lock him up “ or was he “ just following orders “ ?


Remember, unconstitutional is unconstitutional.