Biden Vows Action on Guns; Washington Beats Him to It with CCW Spike

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While Joe Biden is threatening more gun control, Washington state residents are getting licenses to carry.

U.S.A.-( With the midterm elections just days away, the White House announced Joe Biden will take action to reduce so called “gun violence,” but 3,000 miles away in “the other Washington,” Northwest residents have beat him to it, posting another surge in gun buying and concealed carry, Ammoland News has learned.

In a statement released late Tuesday, according to Fox News, “White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Americans have been ‘scarred by the devastating impacts’” of recent gun related violent crime.

In the Evergreen State, they’re fighting fire with fire. Perhaps the growing number of armed citizens will have some kind of deterrent effect.

The state Department of Licensing revealed Washington now has 694,904 active CPLs, up more than 6,400 during the month of October. If the pace continues, Washington could easily top 700,000 active licenses by year’s end.

In the process, shifting attitudes about guns and the party devoted to restricting them just might play into the outcome of some key political races.

Two of Biden’s closest allies on Capitol Hill—Washington Democrat Sen. Patty Murray and Congresswoman Kim Schrier (D-8th District)—could be in trouble as Republican challengers are running very close campaigns. “Gun voters” may make the difference. The reason may be buried in a Seattle Times report on spiking violent crime in King County, which encompasses Seattle.

The newspaper described the suspect in the recent shooting of a woman identified as Amanda James, 30, a mother of three, as having “multiple felony convictions” and who “can’t legally possess firearms.” Yet here this guy was, out of jail on something called “community custody.” The shooting apparently stemmed from an argument over a stolen cellphone.

This guy should not have been out of jail. Some Evergreen Staters associate such violence with the soft-on-crime policies of Democrats in Congress and in the state legislature.

In the latest concealed carry data from the Licensing Department, the number of active CPLs in King County went up more than 1,700 during October, from 107,846 reported at the end of September to 109,561 disclosed to Ammoland News Nov. 1.

Already this year, the politically “blue” Evergreen State has seen the number of active CPLs soar by more than 55,600. How can so many people living in a state that sends Democrats to Congress and the governor’s office want to be packing hardware? Perhaps data from the Seattle Times report explains it.

According to the newspaper, there were 88 homicides in King County last year. This year the number is down a bit, but with almost two full months remaining in 2022, the situation could change and evidently citizens concerned with personal safety understand that.

Police manpower in Seattle and King County has suffered over the past two years, and with fewer police crime is on the rise. Seattle has already logged 52 murders this year and is on track to surpass the 2020 tally of 53 slayings within days. By year’s end, the number will likely be even higher.

According to the Crime Prevention Research Center, last year there were more than 21.5 million active carry licenses in the U.S., and that doesn’t cover all the bases since 25 states now allow permitless carry for personal protection. An updated report on concealed carry should be available in a couple of weeks, and if the surge in Washington is any indicator, the number could be eye-popping.

Average citizens remember how a gun in the right hands changed things dramatically earlier this year at the Greenwood Park Mall in Indiana. There, a 22-year-old legally-armed citizen named Elisjsha Dicken fatally shot a 20-year-old would-be mass shooter who opened fire in the mall food court. While two people were killed, many more lives were likely saved by the straight-shooting Dicken, who was hailed as a hero for his actions.

So, while Biden is determined to ban guns, people in “the other Washington” are stocking up. The Seattle Times story noted, “The King County Sheriff’s Office in 2019 ran 15,000 background checks for prospective gun buyers, a number that jumped to 28,000 in 2020 and neared 26,000 last year….”

King County is the state’s Democrat stronghold. Even people who traditionally vote for Democrats evidently want to protect their own skins.

Whether Biden’s announcement will add momentum to Democrats in tight races remains to be seen.

However, national issues survey by the Trafalgar Group offers a strong indication.

When asked if they believe Biden and the Democrats have made a strong enough case to justify voter support this year, 65.9 percent of respondents said “No.” Among Independents, the number rose to 75.4 percent.

When asked about the outcome of this month’s midterms, 50.2 percent of respondents predict Republicans will win both the House and Senate. Less than 20 percent believe Democrats will retain control, and just over 30 percent think Congress will be split with one party controlling the House and the other party controlling the Senate.

GOP control of Capitol Hill will mean Biden’s threat to push more gun control will hit a wall come January.

About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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The historic surge in gun sales and CCW’s issued around the country is a wonderful thing that the socialists won’t be able to lie themselves out of.


Ok, they might not be able to lie themselves out of the truth but that doesn’t stop them from telling the same lie over and over to the braindead left that believes their news turning the truth into the lie. That’s the problem.


Yes that’s true and sooner or later both sides are going to come face to face. If the republicans win and again in 2024 they had better get rid of the FBI because they are the worst threat to good citizens that want to own guns among other things. The CIA should be next.


If America could just turn their freaking TV sets off for a year or maybe even more you would be absolutely amazed at how people got along and how much crime would drop. TV sets and the news are the absolute largest crime makers in the country. More propaganda and lies come out of your TV set than any other source. Stop the lies and watch the violence drop. Everyone should learn to turn them off when the news comes on. I only listen to the weather. The rest is TRASH.


No such thing as ” gun violence ” just violent humans and lying politicians and media that promote lies and false narratives . Joe Biden is a complete clownshow with zero credibility. FJB

Rob J

“How can so many people living in a state that sends Democrats to Congress and the governor’s office want to be packing hardware?” Simply, because the firearm owners of our state are outnumbered. A more complex answer would be; Washington has a total population of over 7.7 million with 4,892,871 registered voters according to the 2021 (finalized) election stats (over 6 million voter aged residents according to the 2021 Census). Of these registered voters 2,879,271 reside in just 4 counties (3 of these are considered the Seattle-Metro area and the other is the east side population sink) out of the… Read more »


The old saying that liberalsare just conservatives who haven’t been mugged yet is a truism. Apparently, lots of Washingtonians are being mugged and/or learning by observation.




Given the Republicans’ track record, I fear that the “Wall” that Biden’s anti-gun legislation will hit will turn out to be made of tissue paper!

Green Mtn. Boy

The Bumbling Buffoon speaks even if there is no connection with reality, oh yeah FJB and the jackazz he rode in on.