California Firearm Purchase Delay Evokes MLK ‘Justice Denied’ Quote

Here’s a question AG Bonta can’t give anyone a straight answer on: “With all the harassment and prior restraints his enforcers have already imposed, how much ‘gun violence’ has his infringements prevented?” (Attorney General Rob Bonta/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -( “Your recent firearm purchase application is being delayed because the Department has identified state and/or federal records matching your identifying information or a stolen firearm record that if confirmed would prohibit the purchase,” a November 7 form letter from California Attorney General Rob Bonta to a gun buyer declared.

The determination was made it continued, based on information provided on the application. Of note is Bonta’s admission that the reasons for the delay had not been confirmed. “It is possible the prohibition record may not be yours,” the letter acknowledged, and the “stolen firearm record match” was only “possible,” and had not yet been investigated.

In any case, the statement would make its determination when “required,” that is, “within 30 calendar days,” and if the gun owner wished to challenge it, there was a form he had to submit, the Request for Live Scan Service. How much that would expedite matters is not immediately clear, but the form requires entry of personal information already submitted in the initial application, with additional legalese to include carve-outs on how that can be disclosed.

Noting how Bonta’s agency “wrongly made public the personal information of perhaps hundreds of thousands of gun owners in up to six state-operated databases,” California gun owners not trusting him to be a credible guardian for their data is understandable, especially since the state does not give them a choice if they wish to “legally” exercise their right. And there’s no reason to trust the reason given for delaying the purchase, either, as AmmoLand’s correspondence with the gun owner involved demonstrates.

We’ll refer to him here as “Ed”, because as he explains, “I’m a very private person. I don’t want everyone in the world to know my personal business.” Here’s what he experienced in his own words:

“Been purchasing guns since I was 21, over 50 years. No Criminal history, or drugs, etc. Have purchased about 12-15 hand and long guns over the last 10 or so years. Made a purchase of an H&K at (local) Sportsman’s Warehouse on 11/03/22, DROS form and all. I was called on 11/07 by shooting sports dept mgr. that I will NOT be able to pick up the F/A on the 13th as per 10-day wait time and he said may take up to 30 days more per notification he rcd from DOJ. He gave me their phone # and I called to get only a ditz that kept saying she can’t give me any information, neither can/will anyone else. On 11/12 I rcd letter from DOJ telling me nothing more than according to information I submitted on the idiot DROS form, my description appears to match criminal activity, firearm theft and is being submitted to law enforcement for further investigation, which could take up to 30 days. I couldn’t believe it!!! I took the letter to the SW store and showed it to the manager and he told me … he’s been seeing a lot of their customers come in telling that they’re receiving the same thing, and they’ve got SHELVES filled with guns that customers aren’t able to pick up!!!”

As part of investigating this story, I called the store and spoke to the manager in question for corroboration. As expected, policy precludes employees from disclosing company information to the media, and he agreed that corporate relations would not know the specifics of this case. That being the case, using their website contact form, I asked Sportsman’s Warehouse to comment about if they are seeing this happening with other customers and how often, and will include any response in this article if received in time.

As for gun owners being falsely rejected, an analysis from Gun Owners of America sheds some light:

The overwhelming majority of National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) denials are false positives. A 2016 “audit” of cherry-picked or “judgmentally selected” NICS checks was used by the Obama Administration’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to claim a denial “accuracy rate that ranges from 99.3 percent to 99.8 percent.” However, information obtained by Gun Owners of America pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request shows the FBI’s records undermine its own claim: “27.7 percent of [NICS] appeals received during the requested time period were overturned and the firearm purchase/transfer transactions were proceeded.” Research by Dr. John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center has compiled several government reports which reveal the overwhelming failure of NICS false-positive denials. In 2009, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) denied 71,010 individuals at the gun store, but only 6.6% (4,681 individuals) were referred for further investigation by ATF field offices. A Department of Justice report stated: “The remaining denials (66,329, or about 93%) did not meet referral guidelines or were overturned after review by Brady Operations or after the FBI received additional information.” Of those ATF field office investigations, 51% (2,390 individuals) were of delayed denial cases, not initial denials. 572 of these were admitted to “not [be] a prohibited person.” This leaves 4,154 legitimate FBI denials in 2009, resulting in a false-positive denial rate of roughly 94.2%.

This also presupposes a citizen has the wherewithal to fight a gun denial. In Ed’s case, he’s determined to seek justice not just as a matter of principle, but as a matter of legal protection. That’s because he’s not just a longtime owner of multiple guns.

“Also, for what it may matter, I am a CCW holder for the past 6 years that will be up for renewal in about 6 months,” he says. “I wonder if that’s on their radar as well.”

If the California DOJ won’t let Ed buy a gun, what’s to say they’ll let him keep the ones he already has if their misidentification persists? It’s not like they don’t know what he has and where he lives. That alone, along with the propensity of state disarmament enforcers to violently descend in the middle of the night, makes calling attention to his plight a matter of personal safety.

What Team Bonta is doing here may just be the result of bureaucratic incompetence, or it may be, as has been speculated, “in response to the SCOTUS verdict and/or intentionally slowing down processing their paperwork to slow down firearm sales.” It’s not like the boss hasn’t made his feelings about armed citizens known.

For whatever reason, the saying comes to mind that “a right delayed is a right denied,” derived from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in his “Letter from Birmingham Jail”:

“We must come to see with the distinguished jurist of yesterday that ‘justice too long delayed is justice denied.’ We must come to see with the distinguished jurist of yesterday [Gladstone et al.] that “justice too long delayed is justice denied.’”

30 days may not seem like too long of a delay to those who favor prior restraints on rights, but to the freedom-minded, it is an intolerable act. To others, any “waiting period” can literally turn into a death sentence:

“‘[T]here are very real cases where waiting periods have actually facilitated homicide,’ Erich Pratt, executive director of the rights organization Gun Owners of America, told CNN. He was referring to Carol Bowne, a New Jersey woman who was killed during the waiting to take home a gun she’d bought to protect her from the assailant.”

As for what more he can do, I have advised Ed to make the Firearms Policy Coalition and/or the California Rifle and Pistol Association aware of his situation. They’ll have the visibility to know if this is a growing concern, and also the legal acumen to advise him on what he needs to do beyond what is outlined here.

The Bonta letter, with Ed’s personal information redacted, follows:


Two related developments happened after the initial draft of this article was completed:

1.  Sportsman’s Warehouse replied. Not to the question, but they emailed a survey saying:

We’d love to hear how we did! Tell us about your recent experience… On a scale of 1-5, how courteous or uncourteous would you say our service team member was? (1 being extremely uncourteous 5 being extremely courteous)

What can I say but “Corporate”…?

2. Ed returned to the same store on Black Friday and bought 500 rounds of Fiocchi 9mm. California requires an “eligibility check” in order to complete ammunition purchases. That means the same group of bureaucrats who disallowed his gun transfer approved the ammo sale, all, evidently, in the name of “commonsense gun safety.”

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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Last edited 1 month ago by Jaque

I’ll bet even your pajamas have fringe on their sleeves.


You ever comment yourself liberal? Or just loiter in the background and squeal like a pig when somebody else does?


“‘[T]here are very real cases where waiting periods have actually facilitated homicide,’ Erich Pratt, executive director of the rights organization Gun Owners of America, told CNN. He was referring to Carol Bowne…

Philip Russell Coleman.
Bonnie Elmasri.
Catherine Latta (who survived only by buying illegal while “waiting”)


Not mentioned is that before Carol Bowne was stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend, she had already been waiting for more than the maximum time permitted for approval proscribed in NJ law.


Manufacturers could aid us by halting all sales to Commiefornia. By ‘all sales’ I mean ALL including (especially) police, and any state agencies.

Of course they won’t because they (with a few exceptions like Barrett) don’t give a damn about 2A only the bottom line.


Yep! He told California to FOAD! Good for him!


does the left not think that people will tire of their tyrannical activity suppressing citizens civil rights?

Monkey Mouse

Of course they do. Problem is that when you have 25,000+ armed people showing up to end you in your government funded location, your security is going to give you up. They are just too dumb to realize that is the end game if they keep pushing.


As witnessed in life, the pendulum will eventually swing back to the other side when the people tire of being abused by the left. We are now very close to that point because we now understand that people are catching on to the fact that the left will say anything and use any method to reach their objectives.


The Left owns the public school system coast to coast. Lenin once said “give me your children for six years and I will give you communism.” The teachers unions are more Soviet than the Soviets every were. They have your children and grandchildren. That is why the American public will not wake up.


they do not have MY childrenm nor will they ever. They have tipped their hand too plainly to fool me.

Truth be told, the only significant good to have come out of te covidiocy is the closure of the gummit skewlz The most locked down hellhole states have witnessed a massive exodos from their gummit skewl rackets. Home eduction and private schools have massively increased in those states, And the Teechurs Yewnyen are apopleptic that they can no longer control or indictrinate those children. I say a pox on them.. the yewnyens


and now some piece of work known as a congresscritter is stumping to grant full citizenship to ALL foreign invaders who have managed to maintain their physical prsence within our borders, in the flimsy claim that since we Yanks are not breeding fast enough to keep the supply of workers up, we must let the invaders stay and work and reproduce to fill that need.
Seems to me to be a thinly veiled plea to make we who have built this nation disappear, to be replaced by more manipulatable masses who will do their bidding more quietly.


AG Bonta, I won’t make fun of your Star Wars name, since mine is odd, too, but how about this novel idea? KEEP OFFENDERS LOCKED UP UNTIL THEY SECURE BAIL. WHEN CONVICTED, KEEP THEM IN PRISON.

Pardon the all caps, but with your shifty, beady, squinty eyes, I thought perhaps you could see it better, since even the obvious isn’t obvious to you.


any criminal who wants a gun can get one in California. Might come dear, but come it will if his whistle has enough green in it. Or powder.. the white kinds.


This is one more reason, I don’t regret leaving CA ten years ago.


I left 9 years ago but went to the wrong state, OreGONEistan. Should have moved to Montana like I have wanted to all my life. Family here and now they treat us like trash. I won’t become a demoncrat so they like me, I would rather they hate me more.


Believe me, I am working on it. A 1,500 sq foot home on 7,500 sq feet property is normal around here and you are looking at 450,000.00 and living in a subdivision. South Dakota: 325,000.00 gets you five acres, a 2,300 sq foot home with a shop 40×60 that has a music studio in the top of it with neighbors at a distance so they don’t see you get in the jacuzzi naked, and I don’t think the deer or the turkey in the pictures would care 20 miles from the big city too. Money, one elder and age is… Read more »


Thanks, it will be next year if things fall into place but dad is 98. He wants to make it to 100 after that he could care less.


Thats what I wanted to do with Montana at one time but with the way Canada is acting now? No way!!!


Michigan?? Burrrrrrrrr


Gun Control is a part of the original Jim Crow. Jim Crow was the means by which the once-democratic party suppressed vilified classes in the South post Civil War. The vilified classes may have changed, actually expanded to encompass the entire public but the means and intent have not changed. The means and intent are simply to direct law and policy at the object of suppressing the natural rights of the citizenry. This is the Progressive ideal: make people think they have rights and render those rights moot by overbearing infringements. This is your modern once-democratic party and a very… Read more »


Republican and Democrat…two sides of the same coin. Heads I win tails you lose.


I can answer that first question: Absolutely nothing.


He was referring to Carol Bowne, a New Jersey woman who was killed during the waiting to take home a gun she’d bought to protect her from the assailant.

If memory serves, this resulted in the landmark USSC ruling that the people have NO OBLIGATION TO PROTECT YOU. They simply have a duty “to society as a whole”. Feel free to look it up if you doubt me.