Oregon Judge Egan Calls 2nd Amendment Protection Laws Racist & Anti-Semitic

James Egan Chief Judge at Oregon Court of Appeal
James Egan Chief Judge at Oregon Court of Appeal

Oregon – The Oregon Court of Appeals [lead by Judge James Egan, Chief Judge at Oregon Court of Appeal] has struck down the Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance in Columbia County, an ordinance Oregon Firearms Federation has been defending with Gun Owners of America.

And while that is not a particular surprise, what is a surprise is the scathing, incendiary, and frightening “concurring opinion” from Judge Egan.

In his vicious attack, Judge Egan equated ordinances protecting the Second Amendment with white supremacists and anti-semites.

In the opening page of his opinion, Egan attacks the ordinance and the people who argued for it saying :

“In other words,Intervenors came before this court and referenced UN mandates,which as explained below is a well documented trope meant to invoke white supremacist, antisemitic fear of a takeover of our country by outsiders and minorities who are manipulated by an elite class of supervillians.

On occasion, however, individual members of the court must call out illegitimate quasi-legal arguments and theories for what they are-viz., antisemitic and racist tropes.”

On page 6 of his screed, he titles one section: “The Antisemitic and Racist Origins of the Ordinance.”

He claims that constitutional sheriffs “embrace racist and white nationalist ideologies.”

He states, referring to constitutional sheriffs:

“The premise of such writings is the antisemitic and racist conspiracy theory that Jews are at the heart of America’s problems, that people of color are unwitting pawns to be manipulated by one side or the other, and that zealots must prepare for a final battle in the last days. The proponents of these ideas claim that a cabal of elites or globalists (code words for Jews) in the UN, or the fictional New World Order or Zionist Occupational Government, manipulate our federal government and, by extension, state governments. These ideas are, of course, nothing new, unique, or intelligent: They are, instead, just a rehashing of the ancient trope of a secret Jewish government; they are the retelling of a lie that led to the murder of over six million Jews within living memory.”

But there’s more. He continues:

“Intervenor’s reference at oral argument about UN mandates in support of an absolute right to firearms threatens to give legal foundation to a world view that embraces religious, racial, and ethnic hatred. The arguments propounding unfettered access to guns, ammunitions, and implements of destruction give rise to waging of war on government because the proponents believe that our government is infected by those they hate. This hate is unquestionably embedded in the trope that the UN or some other nefarious entity is manipulating government behind the scenes and that the courts are simply tools of those manipulations. As a judge, sworn to uphold the Oregon constitution and the United States Constitution, I cannot stand by without identifying the origins of that argument, and the origins of the Ordinance.”

The Judge also attacked Oregon Firearms for its defense of the ordinance in the voters’ guide.

We have come to expect these kinds of mindless and false attacks from the left and their pawns in the media. But coming from the bench, this kind of blatantly false and hate-filled rhetoric is not only unsettling, but it is also dangerous. It inspires violence and retribution. It is, frankly, unhinged.

The Columbia County case was carefully and thoughtfully argued. To suggest that its motives were white supremacist or antisemitic is a lie and defamatory. But it also calls into question the legitimacy of the court and the likelihood of getting fair rulings from it.

Our lawsuits against Ballot Measure 114 continue in Federal Court. And while we have not had favorable rulings there so far, we are confident that eventually, we will win. But we are very dubious that the parallel case in State Court will be decided fairly if it gets to the Oregon Court of Appeals. These kinds of baseless and grossly unprofessional attacks are unconscionable.

We are extremely grateful for your support in this fight. And now more than ever, it’s clear that our Federal lawsuit is critical. Please help us protect our rights against these kinds of abuses.

This battle has never been more important or more dangerous.

To contribute to this fight please use this link and pick Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation for your donation.

James Egan, Chief Judge at Oregon Court of Appeal, Screed Attacking the Second Amendment

About Oregon Firearms Federation:

The Oregon Firearms Federation has proven itself to be Oregon’s only no-compromise lobbying group, OFF takes the same tough stands and serves as a vehicle for educating gun owners, promoting their rights, and, when necessary, fighting the freedom haters in court. Visit: www.oregonfirearms.org

Oregon Firearms Federation

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So this ‘Judge’ is a moron. He cannot read and listen to the plainly racist history of ‘gun control’ without getting it precisely bass-ackwards. Maybe we should start testing Judges on reading comprehension, history, civics and the Constitution before they are even considered for appointment or election.


Oh he can read and he can listen but it isn’t in his ideology which is progressive as can be and without the likes of real thinking people that know what our country stands for and what our Forefathers stood for. He hasn’t lost his freedom and until he does that moron will always stick it to the real thinking person or persons. In this case Persons. Freedom, life and liberty is what this country is all about and he doesn’t want you to have it. He is a dictating Prick just like the left side of Congress wanting to… Read more »


Gee, if it is good enough for presidents that are over 75 according to Nicky Hailey?


I have a long list of attorneys and judges themselves across the country that concur that MOST judges get their benches because it is the ONLY job they can do as they are no good at anything else. Looking back, I have a LOT of respect for a lot of judges, but this one? He falls through every crack possible.


He isn’t a judge. He’s a TYRANT.


Sounds like a disbarment is in order


You won’t find that happening in the state of Oregon. People are actually moving out of Oregon to get away from Turds like this so called judge. There are way to many progressives living in Oregon to make that happen.


They need to make those judges lives so miserable THEY are the ones that move.


It just goes to show you, some otherwise smart men don’t have a lick of common sense.


Calling this village idiot smart is an insult to smart people everywhere.


Rover – I’m sure you are well aware that there is ‘book smart’ and then there is common sense – usually the two are mutually exclusive.

Back in the day we used to call them ‘educated idiots’ – the military version was that they couldn’t pour water out of a boot with the instructions printed on the heel.


Yeah, but you’re talking about people with an education level higher than a rock. We’re talking about this particular judge.


he is exactly what he is railing against in his opinion. how can this “biased person” be serving on the bench of any court, much less the oregon court of appeals?
progs spew ideologic rhetoric without thought to sound erudite in an effort to convince the uneducated masses, their base.


Hey? You have to realize the extent of what it takes for some judges to sit on their butt and smack a piece of wood with a little hammer while a jury makes all the decisions!


Without responding to every trope this poor excuse for a judge spews (there are too many and space is limited), his allegation, gun rights advocates are some how in league with anti-Semites, just enforces the reality that gun controllers evince the arrogance of ignorance. Judge Egan, more than likely, never heard of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.


The terms “racist”, “fascist”, and “anti-semite” have completely lost their meaning, as for years now they have been intentionally misapplied by progressives whenever they start to lose the argument. You’d expect much more intelligent and objective and less emotional verbiage from a judge than from your standard, run-of-the-mill progressive internet troll, but here we are……

Last edited 1 month ago by CarlosDanger

The reason for all the interjection of feeling is because he is a Democrap. They feel, they have no idea of what common sense or logic is. There decisions are based on feeling.


Nor any idea as to what un-biased means.

Last edited 1 month ago by USMC0351Grunt

Yes, he obliviously proves that without question, doesn’t he. He should be pulled, retrained and then like the left wants, if he doesn’t see it our way which is the way of the constitution, he should be disbarred.


What a twisted sycophant for the Jews.


I don’t know who run a downer on you but you are right about Egan being a “twisted sycophant.


This ass is delusional. The “fictional NWO”. Hey judge FLeagun, your own best buddy Uncle joe kamalatoe obiden said “the NWO is coming and there is nothing you can do to stop it”. So what you said is a total lie and is the typical skewed view of the left. A democrat once again reversing the truth and saying that he is right while the truth is he is wrong. We don’t drink the Kool aid. Oregoneistan, more like China every day. Oh, incase America doesn’t know it, the news divulged last night that the new drug laws are a… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by musicman44mag

Hmm, I might be willing to travel to Orygone to watch this ‘judge’ have a discussion about this topic with Sheriff (retired) David Clark – or any number of Hispanic Sheriffs down here in Texas, even the ‘d’ ones.
Nah who am I kidding, there is no way he would deign to have such a discussion.


one of the reasons 11 Counties in Oregon are trying to move to Idaho.


Afraid of minority takeover? Hmm
60.4% of the population is white, followed by 18.7% Latinos then we have black Americans with 12.3% followed up by 6% Asian and ending with multiracial for the rest.


another judge that shouldn’t be in that position, WE THOUGHT JUDGES WERE SUPPOSE TO BE IMPARTIAL NOT ONE SIDED with an agenda


The bow tie that he’s wearing identifies his proclivity toward same sex indulgences. It is the uniform and signal to the like minded. FYI.


Jeez Louise – I am still trying to get the coffee out of my sinuses after reading that Rowboat….I gotta stop drinking this piping hot stuff early and reading your posts…by the way – thanks for that. Started my day off right!


This SOB is clearly insane. If Judicial Imbecilic Moronism like this continues, our rights will be morphed into “privileges.”


Don’t be including me in that statement. My 2nd Amendment rights are not going anywhere. All you handwringers and amateur philosophers need to perk up and realize – there comes a point that comments on comment boards, tweets, facebook postings etc..have zero effect. Time for words, arguments etc..is over. Guess what’s next?


I read this article and I read the comments, the question I have is what kind of nuts were giving testimony? Either the judge has comprehension issues or maybe the wrong people were chosen to argue for the second amendment. We all know that they are out there, but they don’t represent the majority of firearms owners.


Ammo up Oregonians. Know where your future designated HVTs live – know their habits. Your own survival and that of your family is going to depend on it. And for goodness sakes, when you go out of state, and you make that purchase and return home – do NOT brag, tell NO ONE. Not your wife, kids, bestest friend (even it that’s same as your wife as mine is). They do NOT need to know – until those items are needed. Inadvertently blurting it out, bragging, or, in the case of relationships gone sour is how most guys get hosed… Read more »


I live in rural oregon… we didn’t really expect anything other than that from this D bag. I think we all are WAY past playing nice. wink. ** If you look what Democrats did with their BLM protests in Portland, their anti police sentiment, legalizing hard drugs, no cash bail, no public defenders = dropped charges, sky high murder rates, car and retail theft. Everyone is leaving this state except utopia head up arse fools. . I could go on here… Oregon had record high overdose deaths in 2021 after passing “free drugs for all”. Just in case you think… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Jayson

So when are ya’ll going to ammo up, organize and go “Redress your Grievances”????