Lawmaker’s ‘Common Sense Gun Reforms’ are Both Senseless and Deceptive

What could be more “common sense” than punishing people who didn’t do anything wrong for the violent criminal actions of a lawbreaking nutjob? (Re-Elect Kelly Breen for State Rep/Facebook)

“I am a mom to two children in elementary school, the wife and daughter of educators, and I am a Spartan,” Democrat State Rep. Kelly Breen declares in a Detroit Free Press citizen disarmament rant.  “And, as the chair of the Judiciary Committee in the Michigan House of Representatives, I am committed to honoring those killed by gun violence with action.”

She’s established up front she has power. She spends the rest of her screed demonstrating she does not have the wisdom or integrity to wield it responsibly.

“That’s why I’m working with my colleagues on a legislative package that will save lives by making common sense changes to our laws, including establishing universal background checks, extreme risk protection orders, and requiring safe storage of firearms,” Breen unoriginally threatens. She’s simply repeating the same stale narrative talking points we hear every time the demand du jour isn’t about banning “assault weapons.” (Michigan Democrats are trying for that, but for now, the focus is on the cited infringements.)

“Universal background checks” is just another way of saying “end private sales,” and the real intent goes beyond that. Per the National Institute of Justice:

 “Effectiveness depends on the ability to reduce straw purchasing, requiring gun registration…”

What does registration lead to?

“Extreme risk protection orders” are just another way of denying real due process and punishing gun owners who haven’t even been charged with anything, let alone convicted. As economist, author, and president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, John Lott demonstrates:

“Red-flag laws do nothing but put innocent people at risk and make it easier to disarm opponents for political purposes.”

There was a time when even children could see the tyrannical absurdity of “Sentence first. Verdict afterwards.”

As for “safe storage” diktats, responsible gun owners with knowledge of their own particular situations and needs also know there is no “one size fits all” approach,” and that being required to in effect lock up their safety as dictated by bureaucrats is not the answer – especially if it gives an aggressor an advantage as short as a few seconds.

It’s not like criminals, hardcore substance abusers, and the like who aren’t even legally “allowed” to have a gun are going to obey laws mandating firearms be locked up separately from ammunition, and the children in those households are the ones most at risk.

Breen’s “legislative package” is hardly “common sense,” and the promise that it will “save lives” is fraudulent, as evidenced by all the “gun violence” (and there’s a purposely crafted loaded term) racking up body counts every day in states where such “laws” have been in effect.

Disregard that none of what she’s proposing would have had any impact on the ability of a determined killer like the MSU murderer to get and use a gun. It shouldn’t need to be stated that only the law-abiding abide by laws, or that the lion’s share of shootings is done by “prohibited persons.”

But Breen sounds “reasonable” to those who can’t see through what she and her Moms Demand backers really want, which is pretty much everything. They’ll take what they can get today and be back demanding more tomorrow. The prohibitionists’ goal, in their own words, is citizen disarmament. What is surrendered to them in the name of “compromise” will never be “enough” for them.

But like the politician she is, Breen knows it’s all about weasel-wording and equivocation depending on who your target audience is. So when she’s asked her views on the Second Amendment, she comes across as willing to find common ground (and hoping no one notices her big “but”):

“I support the Second Amendment and responsible gun ownership. At the same time, I am also deeply committed to the safety of Michigan families and police officers, so I believe that we need to ensure a balance where law-abiding citizens are able to exercise their Second Amendment while also keeping guns away from those with criminal intent.”

When she’s playing to a different crowd, she takes the mask off:

“Again I will be very clear: Policy & change. F*** your thoughts and prayers.”

And by the time she and her gun-grabbing cronies are through with their legislative subversion,  f*** your rights.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

David Codrea
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Products of MSU like Rep. Breen are the reason I no longer give to my alma matter. Of course Breen being a “wife and daughter of educators” can also explain her lack of rational thinking and tyrannical attitude.


i guess being a spartan means progressive tyrant instead of a person of great courage and self-dicipline.
why don’t these demanding moms call for prosecutors in blue cities to prosecute firearms violations by felons instead of plea bargaining them down to misdemeanors.
if only these demanding moms would show, with scientific research, that erpo’s, ubc’s and safe storage requirements would stop the criminals violence people might listen.
you cannot legislate criminality or morality.
maybe she should demand more of herself before demanding others do what she wants.


Prosecutors don’t prosecute in order to keep the prison population down, ther’re doing us a favor keeping the taxes so low. /sarc

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I believe they don’t “DEMAND” anything from the prosecutors because they are most likely related to the perpetrators in one way or another? “Not, (ad any name) boy/daughter, he/she never does anything wrong.”

As for storage requirements, we need a detailed crime scene report of how many bodies were found trying to open their safes to save their lives?

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She’ll be lucky to find some “action”.


I’ll do her. Hell, we Marines aren’t picky about stuff like that. Shot of penicillin and I’ll be back in business.


double lol!


Just another Commie Rat Bastard Globalist supporting the New World Order. You see as long as we have a way to physically resist ( guns) those chicken crap SOBs don’t dare to try us. One of the problems I see is, anymore a lot of the so called conservatives have turned traitor. It’s because their god is their belly!


i see you’ve been drinking your lunch again. congratulations. (burp!)




Just another over fed, sloppy, Cant Understand Normal Thinker with an Axe to grind!


Often gun control advocates get defensive when you point out the failures of gun control.”It needs to be universal, so it’s applied to the whole country”, they often retort. Best reply: Point a finger southward to Mexico. Ask them, “how successful in battling gun violence is a country which is a gun controller’s dream, where civilian gun ownership is totally outlawed?”

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A face only another smug Karen could love…

The other Jim

Another Privileged Left Democrat born with a silver spoon; a lawyer who doesn’t want to work as a lawyer, another one who hates the constitution and the law. Foul and unprofessional, another Rashida Tlaib who said to her young child “we’re going in there and we’re gonna impeach the mother fu****”.


If a candidate is approved by moms looking for action they need to be purged from office.


Just isn’t your day…. AGAIN! WHY is this always happening to YOU?


Now 3%er got snagged?


We truly need to start a coalition of On The Street Reporting and videos asking Democrat voters how they actually feel after being played for the true dumbasses they really are? Only word it to where they MIGHT understand that the have been duped… I will never forget watching a Jesse Watters segment when he was on the pier in Oceanside, California taking signatures for a fake petition on the issue of, “Taking away all the guns from everybody except police and the criminals” and they flocked to sign-off on how damn stupid they are. We need a LOT more… Read more »

Texas Patriot

She sounds like the epitome of ‘double speak’ – not abnormal for a suck-butt
politician to think you can have your cake and eat it, too.


It’s only “common sense” for aspiring totalitarians to disarm their citizens. It’s only “common sense” for aspiring totalitarians to devise a scheme to build a gun registry to facilitate gun CONFISCATION. However there is no “common sense” in all the FOOLS who believe that once the government disarms all the good law abiding citizens who are LEGAL GUN OWNERS, criminals and crazed killers will disarm themselves of their ILLEGAL GUNS, become non-violent wonderful citizens, and peace love and harmony will break out in a flowery fantasy-like nirvana. Aspiring totalitarians require an all powerful POLICE STATE to rule over a disarmed… Read more »


“….she comes across as willing to find common ground….: In matters of style, swim with the current. In matters of principle, stand like a rock.” – Thomas Jefferson, as I recall. ( No, was not there to hear personally….out of town on business that day. Ben related to me that evening. 🙂 🙂 🙂 ) Our rights, liberties, freedoms, are not style. There is no common ground with anyone infringing thereon. Matter closed. On Guard!!! Just because someone is a Useful Idiot, maybe actually with good intent, does not make them less treacherous, a threat to you. Barry Goldwater credited with… Read more »

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Here ya go!


Someone please send this Cupid Stunt “Masturbation for Dummies.”


I hope Missed ‘kelly breen’ can call her Psychologist in time to help her when one of her WANTON abusers calls at her home in the middle of the night when the Police cannot come to her aid. When SECONDS COUNT, Police are only MILES AWAY”!