Knife-Wielding Burglar Run Off By Home Owners’ Warning Shots

Armed Citizen Shoots Armed Fugitive During Home Invasion, iStock-1354938183
Knife-Wielding Burglar Run Off By Home Owners’ Warning Shots, iStock-1354938183

Police in Roseburg, Oregon, have arrested Robert Nager after he allegedly attempted to break into a trailer and broke its windows with a large knife on Friday morning. The incident reportedly occurred in the 3400 block of Northwest Broad Street, where witnesses and the victims said Nager was their former neighbor.

According to the RPD report, the victim’s father chased Nager away by firing warning shots from a pistol. Sheriff’s deputies later found Nager’s vehicle in the area.

When police arrived at the scene, Nager refused to exit the house until a taser was deployed through a window. He then ran out the back and was later apprehended. Two knives were reportedly found in his possession.

Nager was charged with menacing, criminal mischief in the first degree, unlawful use of a weapon, and attempt to commit first-degree burglary. He was detained without bail.

The incident highlights the effectiveness of legal gun ownership and the display, or in this example, the discharge, of a legal weapon in deterring crimes. In this case, the victim’s father was able to stop the burglary in progress and protect his property and family with just a warning shot.

Legal gun owners have the right to defend themselves and their property, and the mere presence of a weapon can often diffuse a crime in progress.

Caution: Some states still consider brandishing a gun to be a crime, so know your state and local laws.

However, it is essential to remember that legal gun ownership also comes with responsibility. Gun owners must understand how to handle and store their weapons safely and how and when to use them appropriately.

The incident in Roseburg serves as a reminder that gun ownership can be an effective tool in protecting oneself and others, but it should also be used responsibly and with caution.

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Many lefty states will charge the homeowner with felonies for displaying the weapon, and additional felonies for warning shots. And why would you ever fire warning shots? If you need to discharge your weapon, the situation is serious enough that you need to end the threat. Heck, some states will charge a homeowner when a burglar injured himself breaking in! Clown world!


Bad practice, all shots should go in the perp. Too likely to hit an innocent by firing a warning shot.


There is no such thing as “warning shots” unless they are going into the criminal. In most states, so-called warning shots are illegal.


Absolutely right! For this, they invented starter pistols and prop guns.


Wass – those items have very specific purpose and defending yourself and/or family is NOT one of them.
Can you explain to St. Peter at the pearly gate why the perp with a knife didn’t stop carving on ya because your starter pistol didn’t stop him?


If you shoot at a perp , miss and the purp runs away , is that considered a “warning shot “ ?
My thoughts are to never say you fired a warning shot, you are just a bad shot !


For sure.


Boz – true for the most part, there are a ‘few’ limited exceptions though, such as firing a shot across the bow of a pirate vessel.
OTOH we ain’t talking about military situations in this discussion. Those are bound very strictly by rules of engagement and specific use of force policies.
As others have ‘hinted’ at – you are responsible for whatever your round(s) strike, preferably that would be the armed intruder.

Henry Bowman

Never waste ammo, and never waste your breath. Wise words from Tuco Ramirez…

When You Have To Shoot Don

Creepy Joe will be proud. As he said, just fire two shots in the air and that will settle the problem.


But but but – that only applies to shotguns fired off of balconies, doesn’t it?


I forgot he said that. He’s a moron through and through.


Lame. Never a warning shot.
If your life is being threatened you shoot center of mass twice and one to the head. No exceptions.
Warning shots get you killed.
Better to be judged by 12 then carried by 6.


What happens with this incident now could well be determined by what color everybody is.


Most states or localities frown on “warning shots” There are 2 disadvantages to doing so for the victim and a great advantage to the criminal. The disadvantages is not hitting a solid object may allow the projectile to impact something unintended and the criminal gets away to possibly return later or make someone else a victim. The advantage to the criminal is that he gets away uninjured. Also the victim may now face criminal charges around the shot as it may be considered “non-defensive”.


What a waste of good ammo.


The homeowner is VERY LUCKY. Firing a warning shot can be consideredassaukt with a deadly weapon. Despite the burglar armed with a knife was he in the house and doing more than breaking in. Was he within 8 yards? Chasing a brutal away if you are actually chasing can be legally an assault by you. As soon as the criminal runs they aren’t a threat to your life. IANAL so this is not legal advice, just a friendly suggestion. But if a person is in your home with weapon threatening you and your family don’t fire a warning shot. Shout… Read more »


In states where brandishing is a crime, do some/most/all have exceptions for self defense / necessity? Is it a crime if one is inside one’s home where no one outside can see? For example if I’m getting dressed in morning and pick up pistol to put in my holster, could that be brandishing since I’m “waving” the pistol around? Is brandishing reserved for displaying in a manner meant to threaten or inspire fear? If memory serves even Texas has a statute criminalizing such behavior – and as long as it is applied with discretion I’m OK with that (ie –… Read more »


Some states will, some states will not. It is best to know the law for your state is.

Warning shot or not that is the question.

Highly dependent on the area. Better then killing someone? highly situational.

Do they work Yes, no, maybe can they be problematic yes, no and maybe.

Would I totally discount them no. Would count on them no..

Under the right circumstances would I fire one yes.


If I pull my weapon I am going to ‘stop the threat’, repeatedly.


Not a good idea to broadcast it these days. Especially if the the need arises.


I bet you also think using handloads or self defense ammo is a bad idea as well. Here’s a thought: Man up.

Desert Rat

Hazcat, I think you misinterpreted Arny’s statement. He’s saying that posting things that can be interpreted as belligerence towards a perp can get you in trouble if you ever go to trial for a shooting. It happened here to the army sergeant who was moonlighting as an Uber driver in Austin and turned into a street full of BLM maggots. One raised an AK-47 towards him and he shot the guy. Clear case of self defense but they convicted him of murder because of his posts on social media about what he would do if confronted by BLM or Antifa.… Read more »


My reply stands.


I reload. But go ahead & leave a trail to your prosecution if you feel the need.