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Prograde Match Grade .223 Remington Ammunition

What’s New at ProGrade Ammunition for April 2014

Call them two-two-threes or your two-twenty-threes, one thing is for sure they are hands-down favorite of sharpshooters. Now ProGrade ammunition features three different types of .223 Remington rounds…

Mini Radom-Sport semi-automatic pistol

ATF Bans More Ammo

My father, Neal Knox, was adamantly opposed to any legislation suggesting that some bullets are too dangerous for responsible Americans to possess…

Barnes Bullet Factory Tour

Barnes Bullet Factory Tour

I went to a POMA conference for gun writers. Barnes Bullet MFG is located on the way so I called ahead and a fantastic tour of their factory was arranged..

Hunting Shack Munitions

Who The Heck Is HSM Ammunition?

A long time major player in ultra-quality and specialized American made ammunition may be a company you have never heard of? So who are these guys anyway???