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Detroit Open Carry

Detroit Open Carry, Hip and Cool

An open carry group in Michigan has done a remarkable thing. They have made the open carry of long guns in Detroit cool and hip on an MSNBC video.

Chuck Norris

11 Law Enforcement Officers Killed

While citizens have been rallying in Ferguson, Missouri, & NY, in just the past month, a dozen cops have been killed across our country by murderous thugs or unfortunate accidents in the line of duty.

Minnesota Gun Rights Seminar

Minnesota Gun Rights Seminar This Saturday

Meet with key Second Amendment leaders in the Minnesota House & Senate, & have a chance to listen to and question experts on constitutional rights, self defense law, the ammunition industry, & more…

Alan Caruba

Caruba: Protesting Law and Order

Having lived through the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s, I concluded that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 had “solved” the issues that had afflicted blacks in America. I was wrong…

Seal of Nevada

Nevada Gun Control Initiative Challenged

The Nevada initiative to ban private sales of firearms is being challenged by second amendment supporters. They say initiative promoters missed key deadlines…