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Wisconsin Carry

Wisconsin Carry Funded Lawsuit Wins On Appeal

Wisconsin Carry is pleased to announce that a lawsuit we funded on behalf of a member who’s return of property (firearm) petition was unlawfully denied by Milwaukee Circuit Court, has been won an appeal…

Gun Buy Backs

Freakonomics and Gun ‘Buybacks’

“Freakonomics” agrees that gun “buybacks” are useless: ” both the theory and the data could not be clearer in showing that they don’t work. “

756th Bomber Squadron

Behind Enemy Lines

1LT. Cole was six feet and four inches and weight 240 pounds when he exited that crashing bomber and when he finally got back to Italy he weighed 160 pounds…

Grass Roots North Carolina

Restoration Of North Carolinan’s 2A Rights

Loose wording in North Carolina law has caused non-violent offenders who had already paid their debt to society, and legitimately restored their Second Amendment rights, to suddenly lose their rights once again…

King Obama

A Lame Duck Country?

Why do we have a Constitution of the United States if a president can ignore it without any consequences???

Liberty Counsel Action

The Top 8 Things To Think About

The enemy is enraged because his time is short. Yet through it all, and in His infinite mercy and grace, God gives us a taste of things to come…