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Pat Buchanan

What Would Braveheart Do?

Hundreds of millions will be fleeing the third world to occupy the empty places left by the depopulating nations of Europe, none of whom has a fertility rate to ensure that its native people survive..

SOTG 083 Pt. 2 - Take Off

SOTG 083 Pt. 2 – Take Off

Despite the portrayal of our neighbor to the…have instituted a Possession and Acquisition Licence…You might even get a Day Pass to wander around…

SOTG 083 Pt. 1 - OC vs CCW - Changing the Language

OC vs CCW: Changing the Language

The Missouri House successfully overrode…the new law makes it legal to…Professor Paul has a suggestion that should bring everyone in the choir together…

Michelle Malkin

Post-9/11: Protect the ‘Freedom To Warn’

In 2003 the Transportation Security Administration abruptly called off air marshals from duty on nonstop, long-distance flights — just two days before the anticipated hijacking…

NRA the Rest of the Story: Getting Past the Perception

Gun Owner ‘Math’

The Gallup Poll and Pew Research statistics report that about 40% of today’s U.S. population of 316 million own a firearm or 126 million…

“Sobieski Sending Message of Victory to the Pope” by Jan Matejko, 1883. This painting depicts the victory of the Catholic forces at Vienna over the Ottoman Turks on September 12, 1683. It hangs in the Sobieski Room of the Vatican Museum.

Fight or Die: A September 11th Perspective

Islam’s self-stated purpose is to dominate and govern all men and their affairs through its religious teachings. Its followers are permitted to realize this goal by any means possible

Arms Trade Treaty

Arms Trade Treaty Update From Geneva

Tuesday September 9th Mexico City global arms control & disarmament diplomats and civil society groups finished up first-round talks on creating a road map to the United Nations Arms Trade…

Marijuana and Guns

Humphrey’s World No More – Marijuana and Guns

I’m just trying to lay-out what facts there are, so you can make informed & intelligent personal decisions. Smart people know how to be careful. THose who can look forward to short & unhappy lives…