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Nuclear War

The Future of War

In the 21st century the United States must prepare for three kinds of warfare: Standoff war, Hands-on war, and Cyber war…

Venezuela Police

Where Open Carry is Dangerous

There are places in the world where the obvious, open carry of firearms is dangerous. This happens where incomes are low and the police are despised.


The Other Cause of Terrorism

A classic example is Afghanistan where both the Soviet Union and the U.S. ran into such ingrained corruption that it undermined their objectives…

Orrin Hatch

The GOP’s Orrin Hatch Problem

Far too many Americans are losing faith in our elected officials like Orrin Hatch, They’ve seen too many times politicians who say one thing and do another…

Warning Light

Test Quip, New System! Its Just Electronics!

The bright young aviator confidently looked at me with a slight smile, adjusted his shoulder-holster containing a large-frame S&W, and, as he delivered a gentle kick to the box…

Obama Foreign Policy

Terrorists and Our Idiot President

You know something is terribly wrong when three former Secretaries of State, tell a Senate Armed Services Committee that the President of the United States is an idiot…

Chuck Norris vs. Communism

Operation Digital Delta Force

If my action movies have the power to help liberate people, maybe it’s time for our amazing military to covertly airdrop & smuggle more of them into such countries as North Korea, Syria & Iran…