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Tom Gresham: Sandy Hook Caused Many To Realize They Need To Be Armed

Ohio Newspaper Runs Pro-Gun Editorial

Why didn’t the Sandy Hook murders result in passage of new federal gun laws? That explanation came in an editorial written by noted firearms author and broadcaster, Tom Gresham…

CZ-USA Cz83 Pistol

What is a C183 Handgun?

What is a C183? I have never heard of a firearm by this model. It is a 14 megapixel camera. Did some uninformed journalist see C183 and just assume it was a gun?

Pills Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors

Making Little Murderers by Prescription

The killer at Sandy Hook elementary school allegedly was prescribed Fanapt, one of many such drugs that, instead of inhibiting psychosis and aggressive behavior, tends to initiate it…