Smith and Wesson Classics: Model 40 Revolver – Back In Production!

Superb Concealed Carry Revolver – One of Two S and W “Centennial Models”

Smith and Wesson® Classics: Model 40 Hand Gun

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (October 1,- 2008) In 1952, when Smith and Wesson® debuted a pair of safety hammerless hand gun revolvers, it only made sense that they be called “Centennial Models” since they were introduced during the legendary gun maker’s centennial year. Now, the Model 40 – or Lemon Squeezer as it is often referred to for its grip safety – returns to production as part of the new Smith & Wesson Classics line.

This five-shot revolver chambered in .38 S&W Special +P is made of carbon steel and weighs an estimated 20.4 ounces. With an integral front sight and a fixed rear sight on a 1-7/8-inch barrel, the handgun has an overall length of 6-5/16 inches. Its small size, lightweight and hammerless configuration make it well-suited for concealed carry. Available in three finishes (nickel, blue and color case), the double-action-only Model 40 Revolver features the old-style thumbpiece, Altamont® Service Walnut grips and a grip safety.

The safety hammerless design that makes the Model 40 revolver so recognizable made its debut in 1887, but enjoyed its greatest popularity with the original Model 40s from 1952-1974. The new Smith & Wesson Classics Model 40 Revolver features the same round-butt frame and stays true to the original design while delivering performance and reliability that the modern shooter demands. The Smith & Wesson lifetime service policy is standard with each revolver.

For more information or the location of the nearest Smith and Wesson Authorized Dealer call 1-800-331-0852 or visit the web at

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Ammoland Inc. Posted on October 1, 2008 by Ammoland


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