Gun Polls – The Fix is In

Gun Polls – The Fix is In

World Wide Web – -( We have all seen gun polls on the internet, including polls from well known pollsters like Gallop.

The disturbing thing about these polls is the number of times I have come across anti gun site groups or forums encouraging their fanatical members to vote and skew the polls in favor of their twisted agendas.

Lets put the fix on the same polls, especially the national ones.

We need you help!
While your out surfing the web if you find any polls not mentioned here, post a comment below with the link or Email Us with the link and we will post it here.  Alternately, if you find a poll has closed let us know that also and we will remove it

We will list all polls even on pro gun sites that are open to public participation.

Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

Here are a few active polls we found:

USA Today

Weatherby Nation Survey

Research Paper Survey on Gun Control Laws

Federal Gun Control Questionnaire

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I will not sit for this is a time to stand and fight. I cannot believe I have to justify my right to keep and bear arms when it is the law of the land, we the people. It is more than a privilege, but a sworn duty to protect our country and keep our government honest. Do you think restructuring our constitution to accommodate a sick part of our society is healthy? Please say no. Everything you have from the clothes on your back to the car you drive and the food you eat was given to you by… Read more »


This is a really cool site. I agree we have to go there and let them know what we feel about gun control.