LaRue to Hold First NRA-Sanctioned 3-Gun Match

LaRue to Hold First NRA-Sanctioned 3-Gun Match

LaRue Tactical
LaRue Tactical

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA – -(  The LaRue Tactical Three-Gun Match, NRA's first officially sanctioned three-gun competition, will be held March 28-29, 2009 in Waco, Texas at the famous Tiger Valley training facility.

The LaRue Tactical Three-Gun Match features a dynamic type of competitive shooting that involves tactical courses of fire utilizing multiple firearms and targets in each stage. Match Director Greg Coker of LaRue Tactical has designed the stages of fire with both competition and training in mind.

“My intent is to physically and mentally challenge all levels of shooters, inducing stress, in order to enhance and develop their shooting and [firearms] handling skills. We are utilizing the new NRA Tactical Police Competition targets and I have implemented a new scoring system that will reward the competitor with accuracy and speed while penalizing them heavily for making a poor [decision to shoot],” offered Coker.

Competitors will be required to negotiate obstacles, run to multiple positions, and engage targets from multiple positions through ports and around barricades. They will also engage rifle targets beyond 300 yards, conduct a transition to their pistol, and negotiate a course of fire with Shoot-No Shoot targets. Coker believes that this match appeals to competitors of all skill levels.

“It does not matter if you are a new shooter, serious three-gunner, law enforcement, or military, you will have fun, meet new people, and hopefully learn a thing or two about your skills and abilities,” said Coker.

Known for fast-paced and physically challenging stages of fire, three-gun competition is one of the fastest growing areas of competitive shooting. NRA will continue to support and promote three-gun competition by sanctioning other matches in 2009.

“The LaRue Tactical Three-Gun Competition is the first of many NRA-sanctioned three-gun matches to be held across the country. This match is an exciting addition to out family of competitions,” said Kayne Robinson, Executive Director of NRA General Operations.

For more information on the LaRue Tactical Three-Gun Match or future three-gun competitions, please contact Janet Raab with NRA's Competitive Shooting Division by calling (703) 267-1479 or via email at [email protected]. Visit for more information about NRA's Competitive Shooting Division or sponsorship of three-gun matches.

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