Why buy at Rock Island Auction Company?

Why buy at Rock Island Auction Company?

Rock Island Auction Company
Rock Island Auction Company

Moline, IL – -(AmmoLand.com)- Unlike some of our competitors where 20-25% of the items do not sell, at Rock Island Auction Company we routinely sell over 97% of the items at our sale. If you attend our competition’s auctions and are a successful bidder did you pay market price by bidding against fellow collectors? Did you pay the amount of the house reserve? Bid at Rock Island Auction Company where it is a real deal. It’s for sale!

Example: All four Colt Patersons in this sale are unreserved. They will sell to the highest bidder.

If you collect or shoot shotguns this has to be one of the buying opportunities of the decade. There are over 400 in this sale and over half (250 plus) are small bore shotguns! We are not talking cheap single barrels but quality, huge quality – Purdy, Browning, Winchester, Beretta, Churchill, Ithaca, Parker, Merkel, Wesley Richards and more.

Over 2,800 lots of which 2,717 are firearms – That is more firearms than Julia and some of our other competition will sell all year. Search Catalog

We are not trying to be elitist and sell only high end firearms. We certainly have proven we can sell high end items achieving world record prices however we try and service the collecting needs/ wants of all levels of collecting. Every auction we present a wide array of items. Heck there are 2800 lots and each day we typically finish no later than 5:00 pm. Our auctions are not marathon auctions rather fast paced, efficient and fun!

Our consignors know that all their items will not achieve the top dollar. However they do know “Auction Averaging” will work for them. Some items will sell below their expectations and others will sell well above those expectations. As buyers we all hope to achieve a “deal” at auction. That can’t happen if everything is reserved. At Rock Island Auction Company we live by auction averaging. Get your bids in and maybe you will get your deal and maybe you will get that one item you have wanted for years. Know one thing; it’s a real deal at Rock Island Auction Company.

We are nearly sold out on catalogs. Last chance to get one. Remember they are a valuable resource for your collection values.

Sign up for your own website account.
(All that is required to create a website account is a valid email address, your name, phone and mailing address, the website is secure and your information is not shared with any other person or company, period).

Why? It gives you a bidding edge.

How? Review the auction via your catalog or the online catalog and put items in your wish list. This allows you to quickly go through 2800 lots and mark the items you may be interested in.

With that done you can pare down the list to 3 times your budget.
Why three times? Because you won’t get them all!
Price your items to your thought on worth. With 3 days of auction your list will be broken into 3 days, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Because you are registered with us online you can submit your bids on line and manage those bids.

At the end of Saturday’s auction we will send you via email notifying you that winning bids are posted to your account, or inform you if you were not successful. This will allow you to place further bids if your budget permits. You can repeat this for Sunday and Monday. Using the full power of the Rock Island Auction Company online account can give you an additional edge.

After the auction on Monday you can view all items won with the hammer price of each item as a preliminary invoice. You can now fill out in your account the questions as to where to ship modern items, method of payment, shipping options, etc. By filling this online form out you will again have the edge. We will calculate and process the full invoice, figure shipping, etc…of customers that use the website account first. In the order payment is received. This online feature puts you to the front of the line as far as completing check-out, as the remaining customers must be called to get the payment method, etc…

There are other online advantages such as:
· You can send your wish list to a client or friend.
· You can use the compare feature.
· You can ask questions of our specialists online
· You can view prices realized
· The submission of bids via the Internet puts you in control thus fewer errors.

This is the best buying opportunity this year. Invest in what you know. Good luck at the auction.

Rock Island Auction Company
4507 49th Ave
Moline, IL. 61265
Phone: 800-238-8022
Fax: 309-797-1655
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i had excellent results with ria. i continue to read all about ria. their catologues are top. keep up the excellent work.