Is There Truly A Shortage Of Ammunition?

Is There Truly A Shortage Of Ammunition? – -( shortage of ammunition is real and is caused by several factors including:

  • A significant spike in consumer demand.
  • Law Enforcement demand for training and readiness.
  • Department of Defense demand for training and readiness.
  • Higher prices from commodities

What calibers are in the highest demand?
The high demand for ammunition extends across caliber lines. The increase can be seen in most handgun, rifle and rimfire ammunition and on certain shot shell products such as buckshot.

What are manufacturers doing to keep up with demand?
In order to help keep up with demand for ammunition, manufacturers are working at full capacity (24/7). It is believed that any ammunition shortage is likely a temporary issue; however, it will take time for supply to catch up with demand.

Since there is no way for manufacturers to predict how long consumer demand will be sustained at its current, unprecedented level, it is impossible for manufacturers to forecast the timeline for when the current backlog will begin to improve.

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