New XS Sights Paul Howe AR-15 Sight

XS Sights has New AR-15 Sight Designed by Paul Howe

XS Sights Systems
XS Sights Systems

Fort Worth, Texas – -( XS Sights has new AR-15 rear sight aperture from Paul Howe.

The offset between bore axis and the sights on the AR-platform has been the cause of issues in training and application.

Looking at the diagram below, you can see how the notch at the top of the small aperture leaf works with the 24/7 front sight up close:

Use the notch for the close range, 7 yard zero. Use the small aperture for 100 yard zero.

Paul Howe, developer of the CSAT sight is the owner of Combat Shooting and Tactics, is a 20-year veteran of the US Army with ten years in Special Operations as an Assault Team Leader, Sniper and Senior Instructor. He said that the sight ” . . . is a snap to zero, and train shooters. You start at seven yards and shoot it like a pistol sight to get a baseline zero and then confirm it at 100. It will cut your zero time in half. I believe in simple is best.”

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