Is A Vote For Health Care Reform A Vote Against Gun Rights?

Is A Vote For Health Care Reform A Vote Against Gun Rights?

Virginia Gun Owners Coalition
Virginia Gun Owners Coalition

Virginia – -( At first glance, the two issues might seem unrelated, which is why some VGOC supporters have been asking me, “Why are gun owners getting into the health care debate?”

My friend Paul Valone at the Charlotte Gun Rights Examiner gives one of the best answers I have seen.

He points out that the British Medical Association is working with police to “tag” medical records of gun licensees. The same thing will happen here in America if Obama Care in the form of HR 3200 becomes law.

You see, HR 2640, the latest NRA sellout that disarmed thousands of veterans in 2007, ”Created the mechanism for centralizing mental health records.” So, for Americans, the process has already begun.

The Obama Care Bill in the form of HR 3200 would enable the government to use medical data however it pleases, including barring from gun ownership tens of thousands of people treated for anger management, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, and other ailments.

Please read Paul Valone’s article at this link.

ACTION: Virginia residents please forward this article to all your family and friends asking them to email Senator Webb at [email protected] with a copy to [email protected]


Dear Senator Webb,

Please be advised that I will consider a vote for HR 3200 or any other form of Health Care that will give the government access to my health records as an anti-gun vote.

I don’t want the government disarming me, like it has our veterans, without even the due process of a contested court hearing, just because of a doctor’s diagnosis.



For Liberty,
Mike McHugh
President, VGOC

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