Firearms Concealed Carry Is Coming

Firearms Concealed Carry Is Coming

Rockford, IL –-(’s our new slogan at – and we aim to be the #1 right-to-carry resource for our two beloved holdout states.

If you don’t already know, I live in Illinois. I’ve been staying active for over 4 years to try to get the right to carry. It’s been a long, tough battle. I’ve even gotten doubtful at times myself, as I see many gun owners in Illinois and Wisconsin are.

I wanted to take a second to assure you that we will get concealed carry. I have a feeling it won’t be very long either. I’m thinking at least one state if not both will get it next year. Pretty bold statement, right? I try not to blow smoke up skirts, and it’s only been recently that I realized we were so close.

Open Carry events in Wisconsin are becoming more and more frequent and successful The US Supreme Court has affirmed our right to own and use pistols for self-defense. This ruling mentions open carry and very strongly supports it. The US Supreme Court has agreed to hear the Chicago gun ban case and rule on it next year in a landmark case that will analyze whether or not, or to what extent, states may regulate the right to keep and bear arms!

Organizations like the Illinois Sheriff’s Association, Illinois Farm Bureau, and others are coming out supporting a concealed carry law. County advisory resolutions have swept the State of Illinois urging them to pass a concealed carry law. Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn recently signed HB182 and HB3714 to protect law-abiding gun owners from wrongful prosecution and the IL Supreme Court just ruled that you can carry an unloaded gun – even with loaded magazines – in the console and presumably other compartments of your car without having to use a second case! I could keep going, but it’s not necessary. More info is on our site.

The point I am making is the time has come for the right-to-carry in Illinois and Wisconsin. Watch as more and more politicians begin supporting it. Smart politicians will see their constituents pushing hard for it. Smart politicians will see the trend of everything moving towards more freedom to own and carry guns.

Women, minorities, and police are pushing for it. People with disabilities who tend to be prime targets of violent crime are pushing for it. We are all equal and we are all pushing for it. will be starting aggressive ad campaigns to make right-to-carry the top issue for this election and keep it the top issue until it is done. We wish to educate the public before AND after major victories for right-to-carry are won. We will bring many new people into awareness of this issue. This will allow concealed carry to be as effective as possible as a crime deterrent after it is passed.

I’d like to thank our friends at for helping to encourage the open carry of firearms up in Wisconsin. This is one of the most effective ways to effect change and educate the public at the same time! Keep up the great work open carriers – we’ll see you at events.

So next time you hear yourself start to say “It’ll never happen…” Please stop and pull your foot out of your mouth because it is happening. If you hear any other gun owners start to talk like that, then tell them to signup at for the free gun so we can take a quick second to educate them too.


Take care,
Shaun A Kranish Founder, 1817 18th Avenue, Rockford, IL 61104, USA

About:, a website devoted to to bringing concealed carry to Illinois and Wisconsin – the only two states without it.

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gene willis

conceal carry not connected to open carry is a dangerous mixture indeed.some police chiefs in this country shouldnt have the power to dictate who can and who can not carry a gun,unless the person is a convicted felon.policies and not public survence to protect should have full's we the people and not the chiefs of law enforcement.have conceal carry attached to open carry,or risk loosing you'r right to carry under any reason.


im getting ready to write to the supreme court and urge them to give us all the fair and equal right to carry.its unjust and criminal to leave us held hostage as victims in our own states.!!!